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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to Sunday's Game vs Colts


NASHVILLE – And we're on to Week 3.

The Titans have turned the page from last weekend's win at Seattle, and now the focus is on the Indianapolis Colts, and a big game.

It's also Oilers Tribute Week, and we're just a day away from what will be a special day at Nissan Stadium on Sunday.

Let's dive into another Titans mailbag to discuss it all...

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Johnny Mentz from Marion, Wisconsin
Hey Jim!! The Titan Fan In Tundra Land (Yours Truly) is coming down from Wisconsin and will be back in Nashville this whole weekend!! Of course I'm pumped up for the game, I got front row tickets by the Titans tunnel!! Very excited about it! I think I'll bust out my signature Titans Cheesehead for you haha! I haven't been to Nashville for about 5 years now. What do I need to see before I leave that amazing city of our 2 tone blue Titans?! See you on Sunday when we take on those Colts!!

Jim: Hey Johnny. Hope you have a great trip down. Nashville has changed a lot over the past five years, especially on Broadway. You should check out the new entertainment complex Fifth + Broadway, which has food and shopping options galore. Centennial Park, home of the Parthenon, has been redone of late, and it's a great place for a stroll on a pretty day, although you might way to avoid that area until around 3 on Saturday, when the Vandy-Georgia game lets out. The weather is supposed to be magnificent in Nashville this weekend.

Cedric Anderson from Byhalia, Mississippi
Hey Jim, long time reader, first time asking a question... Will the Titans feature any of the sweet Oilers uniform alternates this Sunday?

Jim: Hey Cedric – no throwback Oilers jerseys and helmets this weekend. The Titans will be decked out in light blue jerseys, and navy britches. The earliest you'll see the Oilers throwbacks will be 2023. Believe me, the league knows the Titans want to break these duds out, but a lot of hurdles have to be cleared before it happens.

Tyler Ebert from Hanover, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim! I'd have to admit, I was pretty angry with our performance in Week 1 and by halftime this week I was worried that I was going to see the same result... But, we finally settled in and found our groove to the tune of a massive comeback and a HUGE win. With the rest of the division reeling, I can see the next 3 weeks being very important for us to pile up some wins before the rough Bills/Chiefs/Colts/Rams stretch. I believe getting wins in at least 2 of those games would go a long way for us down the stretch. I'll be heading to the game this week against the Colts (sitting 3 rows up from the Titans tunnel) and I was wondering what the pregame tailgating situation is? Last time I was there, Bussin With The Boys had a tailgate that turned out to be a blast. Do you know if this will take place this week? As always, we appreciate all the work you put in for our Titans. Thank you and TITAN-UP!!!

Jim: Hey Tyler. The tailgating situation is wide open. And here's the link for all the gameday information, to let you know what's going on before the game -- CLICK HERE. I don't know anything about a Bussin' With the Boys tailgate, but maybe you'll see Will Compton chuggin' beers in the parking lot. Safe travels!

Jae Jones from Southern, Maryland
Good Evening Jim. First, I want to say, as an out of town Titans Fan, Thank You For All The Titans Coverage You & Turron Davenport (please pass that message along to him for me). Again Thank You.
Here Is My Question: Why Do The Titans Keep Taking Derrick Henry Out Of The Game On 3& some 4th Downs (especially when they are manageable. I know he has had issues catching the ball in the past m, but he is our best player and he needs to be on the field as much as possible. For example during the Seahawks Game Derrick Henry Was Taking Out Of The Game On 3&5 as well as 4&2..WHY? In My Opinion It Gives The Defense The Advantage When The Best Player On The Team Is On The Sideline On Those Key Downs (especially on manageable downs). What's Your Thoughts?? Again Thank You For Everything You Do. #TitanUp

Jim: Hey Jae. I'll pass this along to Turron – he's a good one. As for Henry, hey, the guy needs some rest. He carried the ball 35 times last week, and he was on the field 67 of the game's 88 snaps. Running back Jeremy McNichols played the other 21. The team has some special packages for McNichols, and I thought he did a solid job when asked to step in.

Jerry Sartain from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Coach! I appreciate all you do for the Titans and like hearing you on the radio. I noticed Derrick had a bloody arm on Sunday during the Seahawks game. Later had just a gauze pad on it under a wrap. How bad was it and does it threaten or hinder his game for this week?

Jim: Hey Jerry. Derrick is good. He rubbed some dirt on it.

Kate McClarnon from Nashville
After the shaky start of this season, we fans have some hard hitting questions for the Titans leadership. Most critical, what is the source of these birthday cookies Vrabel keeps magically producing at the press conferences? Thanks!

Jim: Hi Kate! You're referring to the cookies Vrabel delivered to Teresa Walker of AP, Gentry Estes of The Tennessean, and Dwight Spradlin of the team's media relations department this week after learning of their birthdays. Vrabel hasn't divulged where these cookies are coming from, or if he's indulged in a few himself. My bet is they're either coming from the lunch box his wife Jen packs for him each day, or from the cafeteria. 😊 (I sure hope the HC doesn't read this).

Ernesto Santillano from Anthony, New Mexico
Hey, Jim. Who do you think throws a better spiral, Warren Moon or Ryan Tannehill? Personally, I think Warren Moon, but I have to say Tannehill's is not too shabby.
I just wanna give a shout out to the Titans organization on how they are handling all of the media outlets. It seems like the Titans are utilizing their Youtube channel more, which makes watching Titans videos more convenient if you ask me. Also, watching the tribute videos of the great Oiler players on Instagram has been a treat as well. Keep up the great work, Jim. TITANUP!!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Ernesto! Warren threw a pretty nice spiral during his playing days, I know that. He made a few tosses on Friday at practice, too, and I'll just say he's still got it!

Mike Myles from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim, hope all is well with you and your family. Comment first and a few questions to follow. The game Sunday kept us on the edge of the sofa or chair. Keep us there Titans. First question, if King Henry is to set a record of back to back 2000 yards rushing season does he need to do that in 16 games or does the first year of 17 RS games matter? Also why do we give up 7-8-9 yard per pass on third down? Thanks for what you do and love to read your comments. TITAN UP PEOPLE

Jim: Hey Mike. Well, 2,000 is 2,000, whether it comes in 16 or 17 games. Hey, things have changed. I remember when O.J. Simpson rushed for 2,003 yards in 14 games in 1973. As for giving up 7-8-9 yards per pass play on third down, that's OK if it's third and 10, I guess.

E.M. McFarland from Chula Vista, California
Any thoughts or comments on our return game? I would like to see more runs North and South by Chester Rogers on punt returns. After improving on that we can work on some other moves. We can not afford to be satisfied with what we have seen so far. Our kickoff return game also needs help or just stay in the end zone next time. I saw some poor decisions this past week.

Jim: Hey E.M. The return game hasn't been very good if you ask me, which you did. It's not all on Chester Rogers, though – guys have to block better. Titans special teams coach Craig Aukerman said this week it's a point of emphasis.

Cody Willoughby from Nashville, Tennessee
What's up Jim!? Hope you're having a good week. Couple things for you today…I was excited about the addition of Josh Reynolds in free agency and watched some of his highlights from the past couple of years. Thought he would have some chances to make some big plays for us. I know it's early and he has been dealing with a foot injury but wanted to get your thoughts on him. How has he looked in practices? Does he make a bunch of plays? Do you think that he will be a contributor on offense this year. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us Titans fans plugged in. Talk to you next week!

Jim: Hey Cody. I'd be lying if I said Josh Reynolds hasn't been a disappointment so far. But keep in mind he's been dealing with an Achilles/foot injury since training camp, and that's slowed him down. In time, I think he's going to help.

Billy Muller from Stockton, New Jersey
Hey Jim. I asked a question last year, maybe this year you'll feature this one also! Anyway, my first question is the Titans long line of kickers over the past years. I like Bullock and think he could be our next guy, but forgive me for asking, but what was the deal when Succop was let go? He was good (I thought) and now has a SB ring. Like, why can't we find any consistency! I think most of us Titans fans sweat bullets when the kicker comes out now. My next question is do the guys listen to some sort of music in the locker room prior to coming out to pump them up? Tell them to listen to Bring Me the Horizon's "Itch for the Cure" that leads into "Kingslayer". It might take two-three listens to feel it, but every time I hear those songs, it pumps me up. A little change could help them explode. I have no doubt if they play like they did at the end of the Seattle game, that KC, TB, will be shaking.

Jim: Hey Billy. The Succop deal was complicated. His time here ended because he wasn't healthy, and he ended up signing with the Buccaneers when he was in a better place physically. I'm happy for Ryan – he's one of the classiest guys I've ever dealt with. And sure, I wish things could've worked out where he finished his career here, but it just didn't work out that way. As for the music, guys usually listen to their own thing, on their headphones. I'll check out "Itch for the Cure."

Adrián Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Hola Jim espero estés bien, es hora de revisar mi seguro médico en especial la cobertura del cardiólogo... Que juego y que gran victoria en Seattle... luego de disfrutar ese triunfo los Titanes tienen que limpiar el juego no se pueden permitir esas recepciones de 60 yardas para anotación y menos cometer penalidades cuando la defensa había logrado detener...le doy un poco de crédito a Bowen pero debe limpiarlo... Mi pregunta esta semana se incorporan jugadores de la lista IR? Quienes? Necesitamos contratar OL hay poca profundidad en este momento? Gracias por tu trabajo

Jim: Hola Alberto. Todo el mundo sabe que el equipo necesita arreglar algunas cosas en la secundaria. Las coberturas rotas eran malas. Además, no se agregó a nadie a la Reserva de Lesionados esta semana. De hecho, el equipo debería tener a algunos muchachos de regreso para el partido del domingo.

Kevin Klix from Santa Fe, New Mexico
Just watching the tribute video to Coach Philips and enjoying a small tear in my eye recalling the Luv Ya Blue rally. Late at night beginning at the airport with a crowd so big they moved to the Astrodome in the middle of the night while radio went exclusive….a hard loss and a big love. With another blue collar coach, a back who can run over people as well as running shooting receivers I am enjoying Titan football so very much. Nice to see the bandwagon growing with all the attention on the "Fab Four" as Mike and Jon build a juggernaut that finally gets us to the promised land, Titan Up

Jim: Good to hear from you. Kevin.

Ryan Williams from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I am a Titans fan who will forever bleed two-tones blue! I was very impressed with the fight and perseverance I saw from both the players and the coordinators in sticking with their game plan to set our offense up for success later in that game. On to my question…due to Sambrailo's success at left tackle, do you think it could ever be a real possibility to switch Lewan to right tackle so his injury will no longer be on his plant leg, thus maybe making his recovery and on-field play a bit better and faster? Thanks for taking the time to read my question! Have a good week. Go Titans!!

Jim: Hey Ryan. I can't see a switch. The Titans drafted, and re-signed Lewan, to be this team's starting left tackle. He had a solid week of practice this week. He was actually a full participant all week, while Sambrailo was limited. The plan is for Lewan to play left tackle, and to play it better than he did in Week 1.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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