Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – The NFL Combine is in the rear-view mirror.

Next up is the start of free agency.

But first, there's this Titans mailbag.

Let's do this…

Romeo Ford from Columbia, South Carolina

Question: Hey Jim! How do you feel about Bradley Chubb? I feel as if he fits the Titans needs. (The team) needs an edge rusher "badly", we need someone to pressure the QB as well as get to the QB to create an impact on the game. Jim, do me a favor slide this kid's name to the Titans front office, he's someone to think about.

Jim: Hey Romeo. I love Bradley Chubb, and his potential. I think he's going to be a great pro. But he's a top five pick, and the Titans currently hold the 25th pick. And believe me, everyone knows this guy's name. He was a disruptive force at N.C. State, and he impressed at the NFL Combine as well. He'd be a great get for a team in need of a pass rusher. But picking at 25, he's probably not gettable.

Alex Mohammed from Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Question: Marcus … is a really nice guy but sometimes I think he doesn't want to be rude and tell his offensive coordinators that he doesn't like this play. If Mariota gets comfortable with our new offense coordinator I think we can bring a trophy home!!

Jim: Hey Alex. Marcus is a nice guy, but he's also a competitor. One thing new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur said is he wants Mariota to shoot him straight. In Los Angeles, LaFleur and head coach Sean McVay both said quarterback Jared Goff got comfortable letting them know when he wanted to discard something from the playbook he didn't like. The expectation is Mariota will do the same, and I think he will.

Nicholas Rand from Syracuse, New York

Question: Out of the few major needs the Titans have -- Edge Rusher, Secondary help, and some Offensive line -- I'd still like to see a true number one (WR). Do you think they will snag a wideout in free agency or keep trying to develop the two young talents they have? I want immediate help for Mariota with the offensive line and a true go to Wide Out other than their Tight End Walker. Who do you think would be a good grab in free agency? It looks like they could get an edge rusher or offensive line late in the first round that could compete.

Jim: Hey Nicholas. I'm not ruling anything out here, but I believe the Titans drafted Corey Davis to be a No.1 receiver, and I think he's capable of producing in a big way. Davis will be a different player in 2018, with a full offseason, and regular season, under his belt. Rishard Matthews has proven he can produce, and the team has some good young receivers under contract in Tajae Sharpe and Taywan Taylor. Is there room for more? Yes. But the cupboard isn't bare either. As for edge rushers and o-linemen, the team definitely could explore in both free agency and/or the draft.

Nancy Hall from Lebanon, TN

Question: I am interested in the function of the quarterback coach (I know - it should be obvious!).  It seems Marcus arrived 3 years ago with a ton of talent and yes, he has progressed.  But I'm wondering how much of that progression is a result of just playing games in this league and his huge talent or is there much work in the way of molding, correcting, etc. being done by the quarterback coach?

Jim: Hi Nancy. Good question. Well, for starters, the Titans have a new quarterbacks coach in Pat O'Hara, formerly of the Houston Texans. I asked Texans coach Bill O'Brien about O'Hara last week at the NFL Combine, and this is what he said: "He's very knowledgeable about the mechanics of a quarterback. I thought that was one of the things he brought to the table for us. He was really knowledgeable about footwork and throwing motion and all those different things, and he's a great friend. Pat's a great friend and he's a really good guy." What O'Brien said about O'Hara is really what a QB coach is supposed to do. He does work on the QBs mechanics, and teaches them different aspects of the game. He's also a guy who not only critiques, but he can be a calming influence as well. You want the QB coach to build a good relationship with the QB. They'll spend a lot of time together obviously. Just from meeting O'Hara a few times, and knowing Mariota from my time around him, I think they'll be a good match.

Byron Dunnaway from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Question: What are your thoughts of the Titans drafting Richie James from MTSU in the 2nd or 3rd round see he is another local, productive player, and he plays fast. He and Taywan could really do some damage in the slot or line them up outside for a play or two switch it up play Corey in the inside with Matthews and go 4 wide second round may be high but I don't see him on the board for too long he could be something special.

Jim: *Hey Byron. I like Richie James. I've been impressed with his play, and I enjoyed meeting him at the NFL Combine. Would be surprised if he went that high, though. Would he be a great addition? Yes. But I think others are eyeing him as well.  *

Haider Naqvj from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim thanks for keeping us updated! So my question is: Can I meet Marcus Mariota?

Jim: Well, Haider, your best bet is at training camp or at one of the open practices. There's an open practice at Nissan Stadium on August 4. Try and get down low in the stands, and maybe you could meet him then? Just a thought.

Bobby French from Camden, Tennessee

Question: Will the Titans go for Andrew Norwell? And how about Richard Sherman? I think we need pass the word to Jon, and cut our $10 million dollar guy from last year and focus on a linebacker first and then a pass rusher. Does this sound right to you?

Jim: Hey Bobby. Lots of rumors out there about potential landing spots for guys. Get ready to hear some more – the negotiating period starts on Monday, and free agency begins on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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