The Best of Dick LeBeau's Thursday Media Session


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Titans assistant head coach/defense Dick LeBeau talked with reporters after practice on Thursday.

A look at the highlights from his session:

Dick LeBeau


On Buccaneers quarterback QB line Jameis Winston**: "There is no question this guy is not a rookie throwing the ball. He has thrown the ball all his life, and he is a proven winner. I don't know how many times he's brought his football team back from behind. He is a proven winner and he is not a rookie throwing the ball. It is his first year in the NFL, and he'll get better as he goes along. But I don't look at this guy as a rookie passer at all. He can throw the ball any place and get it in there....He has as much arm strength as I have seen, and I know he is going to have confidence because he has an established track record as a winner."

On the start of a new season: "I think there's 32 cities around the league, and everybody is very anxious and eager to get into the championship season. If you can't get excited at this time of year, you are in the wrong business. So I am very excited about this game and getting to know these guys even better when we're playing in the championship season."


Titans Online looks at the career of NFL coaching legend Dick LeBeau. (AP Photos)

On his defense's mindset:** "That's the reason we do this, we like to compete. These guys have really worked hard and I'm really proud of their attitude and their work ethic. Sixteen games, we have a long season, but I know we are going to play hard. We are going to try and give the people of this area a hustling defense that will hit you, and play with spirit."

On his 78th birthday on Wednesday: "I had a great birthday. It's just I am subtracting now, not adding."

His plan vs. Jameis Winston: "We are going to go down there and run our defense. He is going to try and make us miserable, and we are going to try and make him miserable. One of us will win out at the end of the game. We'll see who that is."


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