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TitansPay, is a new alternative payment method at Nissan Stadium, and is now accessible within the Titans App!

Use TitansPay to make payments and redeem virtual Titans Dollars at select concession stands during Titans home games! If you're a Season Ticket Member, use TitansPay to apply your membership discount at the Titans Pro Shop and select concession stands.

Setting Up Your Titans Pay Account

TitansPay can be accessed within the Titans App, available on iOS and Android devices via the App Store or Google Play.

  1. Open the Titans App
  2. Select Tickets on the home page
  3. Select TitansPay at the top of the Tickets page
  4. Create a Titans App account or sign in through an existing account.
  5. If you are a Titans Season Ticket Member, Premium Partner or existing ticket purchaser, we recommend you use the email address associated with your ticketing account.
  6. Connect your SeatGeek account to your TitansPay account.
  7. To access Season Ticket Membership discounts or Titans Dollars, you must sign in with the email address associated with your tickets.
  8. Select Done.
TitansPay - Connect Account
TitansPay - Account Connected

How to Add Payment

  1. Select Manage Payments
  2. Select Add Card
  3. Add your credit card details
  4. Select Save Card
  5. Begin using your TitansPay wallet!
TitansPay - Manage Payments

Enabling Titans Dollars

  1. Select Manage Payments
  2. Toggle On Titans Dollars at the top
  3. Select Close
  4. Redeem Titans Dollars during check out at applicable concession stands
TitansPay - Manage Payments
TitansPay - Enable Titans Dollars

How to Check Out Using TitansPay

  1. Select My QR Code
  2. Scan QR Code at the register during checkout at the Titans Pro Shop and select concession stands
  3. Titans Season Ticket Members will receive their membership discount automatically reflected at the register
TitansPay - My QR Code

How to Transfer Titans Dollars

  1. Select Send Titans Dollars
  2. Enter Amount and Recipient's Email Address. Add note if applicable.
  3. Select Send Now
  4. Select Close
  5. The recipient will receive a confirmation email once the Titans Dollars have been transferred.
TitansPay - Send Titans Dollars

How to Access Loaded Tickets

Please note that concessions credit can only be loaded to one account. Do not complete these steps if tickets have not yet been transferred to everyone in your group.

  1. Select Load Tickets
  2. Select Applicable Titans Tickets
  3. Select Load Ticket
  4. You will now see the value reflected as Titans Dollars
  5. Redeem Titans Dollars during check out at applicable concession stands
TitansPay - Send Titans Dollars
TitansPay - Load Tickets 2
TitansPay - Load Tickets 3