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General Questions

What is TitansPay?

TitansPay is a new alternative payment method at Nissan Stadium that is accessible through the Titans App. Use TitansPay to make payments and redeem virtual Titans Dollars at select concession stands during Titans home games! If you're a Season Ticket Member, use TitansPay to apply your STM discount at the Titans Pro Shop and select concession stands.

How do I use TitansPay?

View our TitansPay How-To-Guide for instructions on how to set up your TitansPay account and use it at checkout at the Titans Pro Shop and select concessions at Nissan Stadium.

Do I need to download another app?

No, TitansPay is seamlessly integrated into the Titans App.

Titans Dollars

What are Titans Dollars?

Titans Dollars are a virtual currency that can only be redeemed at Nissan Stadium in electronic form through TitansPay. Once Titans Dollars have been added to your account, that amount can be toggled on and off to automatically be deducted from your next purchase.

How do I see my Titans Dollars balance?

From the home screen of TitansPay, select My Badge. You will see your Titans Dollars Balance under your account information.

How do I track where I've utilized my Titans Dollars?

From the home screen of TitansPay, select My Activity. You will see a full history of all transactions made using your Titans Dollars.

Do my Titans Dollars expire?

Yes, all Titans Dollars awarded for the 2023 football season will expire once the Titans 2023 football season concludes.

Season Ticket Members

How do I apply my Season Ticket Membership discount on transactions?

Season Ticket Members can apply their STM discount at the register during checkout at the Titans Pro Shop and select concession stands. Through the Titans Mobile App, select TitansPay, followed by My QR Code. Scan your QR code at the register and your membership discount will be automatically applied. Please note that you must be logged in using the email address associated with your Season Ticket Membership SeatGeek account. Please note, TitansPay is required at the Titans Pro Shop and participating concession stands to receive your discount.

What concessions items are discounted?

Season Ticket Members receive a 25% discount on the following items: Domestic Beer (can only), Water, Pretzels, Hot Dogs, Soda, Candy, & Item of the Game.

Where can I use my STM discount?

Season Ticket Members can use their discount at all fixed concession stands throughout Nissan Stadium during Titans home games. The STM discount is not available at any portable concession stand locations. Please note, TitansPay is required at the Titans Pro Shop and participating concession stands to receive your discount. The fixed concession stands that TitansPay will be accepted include: 

  • 2nd Street Kitchen (Sections 303, 344)
  • Classic Hits (Sections 105, 113, 118, 128, 136, 142, 303, 313, 320, 327, 334, 343)
  • Cumberland River Grill (Sections 209, 238)
  • Daddy's Dogs (North End Zone)
  • Jack Daniels BBQ (Section 125)
  • Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint (North End Zone)
  • Nashgrille (Sections 108, 116, 131, 139, 319, 327)
  • Party Fowl (Sections 121, 228, 339)
  • Sideline Cantina (Sections 111, 134)
  • Slim + Husky's Pizza (Sections 117, 130, 214, 233, 316, 331)
  • Southern Smoke (Sections 212, 235)
  • Tennessee General Store (Sections 207, 217, 230, 240)
  • Titans Cantina (Sections 205, 242)
  • The Coop (Section 308)
  • Tri Star Chicken (Sections 112, 135, 211, 236)
Where do I find the concessions Item of the Game?

Concession Item of the Game will be displayed at fixed concession stand locations on the TV displays as well as in the Know Before You Go emails sent out for each Titans home game.

Can I transfer my discount?

Yes! When a Season Ticket Member transfers a ticket out of their account, their discount will transfer with the game ticket.

Can I use a screenshot of my TitansPay QR code?

No. Screenshots of your TitansPay QR code will not be accepted as the QR code will change with every use.

22nd Element Members

Where is my 22nd Element Concession Credit?

Your 22nd Element concession credit has been converted to Titans Dollars, and can be accessed through TitansPay within the Titans App. Like your STM discount, you will scan "MY QR CODE" during checkout at select concession stands to redeem your Titans Dollars.

Can I transfer my 22nd Element Concession Credit (Titans Dollars)?

No, 22nd Element concession credit is non-transferrable.

What can I use my 22nd Element Concession Credit on? (Titans Dollars)

22nd Element Members can use their concession credit at fixed concession stands throughout Nissan Stadium during Titans home games.

All-You-Can-Eat Flex Package

What items are included in the all-you-can-eat food & beverage package?

Fans who purchased the all-you-can-eat flex plan ticket package will receive unlimited hot dogs, pretzels and small sodas at the Classic Hits concession stands located in the 300 level. There is a limit of 4 items per transaction, however, the number of transactions allowed per game is unlimited.

How do I receive my all-you-can-eat food & beverage at Nissan Stadium?

In order to redeem your all-you-can-eat offer, you will be required to utilize TitansPay, a new payment method within the Titans App, during checkout at the Classic Hits concession stands. During that time, you will be asked to scan your personalized TitansPay QR code at the register during checkout.

Where can I get my all-you-can-eat food & beverage?

This offer is only valid at the Classic Hits concession stands, located at Sections 303, 313, 320, 327, 334 and 343.

Payment Methods

Do I have to upload a personal credit card to TitansPay?

No, Season Ticket Members and 22nd Element Members are not required to upload a credit card to utilize their discount or credit. Please note that adding a credit card to your TitansPay account will create a faster and more seamless checkout experience.

Is TitansPay safe and secure?

Yes. Mobile payments are one of the safest ways to make a payment.

What payment methods can I add to TitansPay?

TitansPay works with the debit or credit card you choose to add to your mobile wallet. These cards are listed as payment methods within the app, and you can choose which form of payment to be used at checkout, including Titans Dollars.

Can I still use my credit card at the register?

While TitansPay is an alternative payment method at Nissan Stadium, credit cards will still be accepted at all registers. Adding a credit card to TitansPay will not be required to access your TitansPay QR Code, which must be scanned during checkout to apply STM discounts.

Can I make a split transaction between my remaining Titans Dollars and a credit card?

Yes. If the value of your order is greater than you Titans Dollars amount, the system will automatically charge the remaining balance to the saved payment method on your TitansPay account. If you do not have a saved payment method in your TitansPay account, the cashier will ask for the remaining balance to be paid by card at the register.