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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans Share Their Thoughts After an Eventful Week


NASHVILLE – It's been an interesting week in Titans Land.

As everyone knows by now, Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk made the decision to part ways with General Manager Jon Robinson.

The move generated a lot of buzz locally and nationally, and it also resulted in plenty of emails to the mailbag, of course.

I decided to use this space this week to let you air out your feelings on this subject, since we went deep in the Tuesday mailbag on straight football and more.

The Titans return to the field on Sunday at Nissan Stadium to face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Until then, here's this weekend's mailbag with the reaction from Titans fans …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

David Clark from Washington, Michigan
Hey Jim. There are mixed feeling about the firing of JR. Personally, I liked the move and it shows that the leadership of this team wants more. JR did a lot of good for this franchise and the Win/Loss record shows that. But recently the trend and the decision making seemed to shift. High draft picks and free agency did him in and the AJ situation was the last straw. I love Amy Adams and the direction she is taking this team. She isn't going to tolerate mediocrity and for that I am grateful. Let's see how the rest of this season goes. If we get healthy anything can happen in the playoffs.

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
Well, that was fast Jon Robinson gone within 24 hours of me writing that the front office should be held accountable. I must say this was pretty fast. I expect more changes this off-season. With that being said, I wanna thank Jon for the good he has done with us in the past. The past 2 offseason moves just hurt the team too much. Even with being AFC South champions last season and most likely this season we've lost some key pieces. Next I'd like to see the staff responsible for keeping our players healthy. Or at least helping them lower the risk of injuries. Hope this move is a wake up call to the players. Titan up!!!

Todd Apple from New Braunfels, Texas
Like to give a shout-out to JRob and all that he did while he was here. From trading for DeMarco, to Tannehill. There is a lot more good than bad if you look at it overall. Wish him the best in whatever his next venture is. Having said that- we still got a game on Sunday. And for how we've played the past two weeks, no better way to get this bad taste out of our mouth. We need smart, physical, decisive football for 4 quarters in all three phases. When this team plays complimentary football we can beat anyone. And when we don't-well you see the results. Control what you can, and it all starts with the Jags on Sunday. 1-0 this week, that's all that matters.

Jesse Cano from Corpus Christi, Texas
Good morning Mr. Wyatt......Chuy here from South Texas. Well....something needed to be done. Dont like to see the man go (Jon)but c'mon man.....what did he expect. All other teams go out and get playmakers....whether it's defensive or offensive players. Chiefs got juju....Raiders got adams....bills got miller.....We don't have any big time, big name do we expect to make SB run or actually b a contender with guys we're getting off the practice squad. Reminds me of can I get the job done with just experience, no veterans......u cant.....u can.....but it'll b painful to watch. I feel bad Coach Vrabel....hes a damn good coach ....but like he said.....can only do so much with what he's got. We need big time players....get rid of injury prone lewan....who just eat up the salary and could use that money to go get legitimate....threatening players! I love my Titans....big time Derrick Henry fan!!! a diehard oilers/titans fan ...I just can't see us getting past 1st round

Julius Little from York, Pennsylvania
I've been a titan fan since I can remember and I feel as though our Super Bowl window is closed! I'm not a fan of taking money outta peoples mouth but the general manager needed fired after not giving AJ his money and everybody see wat AJ is out there doin smh! King Henry you still the king wish that offensive line would give you jus a lil push we know you can do the rest! I'm jus so tired of seeing this type of football our offense is trash too predictable 1st down play fake/run second down something third and seven the whole stadium kno you passing the ball! I hope our two picks we got for AJ turn into something cuz right now we lost that stupid trade.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
Hi Jim, Sure the mail bag is fuller then Santa's toy bags with the Jon Robinson news. I just wanted to thank Mr. Robinson for a great ride and having one , if not one of the best runs in franchise history, as the Titans possibly approach a seventh straight winning season. I won't get into the arguments of how he did as a GM . As any GM out there is far from perfect. He for sure was key element in the culture turnaround and making the Tites relevant again. For all his hard work and dedication this fan says thank you.!!!I I wish him and the New GM best of luck going forward.
Thanks for the platform Jim. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Michael Hendrick from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I don't have a question Jim but please thank Mrs.Strunk for me personally when you see her because the move (with Jon Robinson) was a much needed move and my friends no longer have to hear me complain week after week about all the terrible decisions and horrible draft misses Jon made over his tenure. We could have had a secondary of Marcus Lattimore and Jalen Ramsey with Patrick Mahomes at QB, very expensive yes but it could have happened. How coach Vrabel has been able to keep us winning with the roster assembled by Jon is a testament to the fact we should allow Mike Vrabel to remain our coach until he no longer wants to coach. We will no doubt win a Super Bowl in the near future, it was NEVER going to happen with Jon at the helm. Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Mrs. Strunk! The first time I ever voted was to bring the Titans to Nashville from Houston, from a die-hard fan from the beginning this is a glorious day for the Tennessee Titans (I'm on disability and make $1110 a month I'm not crying over a millionaire losing their job). To anyone who thinks was a bad move they truly do not know what they are talking about, thank you once again Mrs. Strunk!

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Jim I have to say I am not surprised at the firing of J.Robinson. I a little surprised at the timing of it ? But not surprised. I don't know but imo I know that the game against Philly and A.J Brown getting over a 100 yards and then Smith getting over a 100 yards also. But that's not entirely it that trade was done back in April or March and Ms Shrunk gave him a contract extension. So there's is a little more 🤔 than I guess we'll ever know? I kno what Ms Shrunk said in her press conference other than that is there anything else that you could add as to why J.Rob was fired ? The timing and the fact the team is on the hook for his contract extn says that there's definitely something other than rooster building etc etc??? Well Jim let go (beat the Jaguars) Sunday and as always prayers for you & yours and the entire Titans organization. God bless

Tim Wynn from Kodak, Tennessee
I have a theory. I believe the GM was let go mainly because he wasn't restocking the team with enough quality players. Some may wonder why the GM was let go for not doing his job to the standard that was expected, but the offensive coordinator is still there, and the offense is, well, let's be nice and say it's not what it was 2 years ago. I think I understand the reasoning behind this. I think the powers making the decisions believe the Titans offensive problems mostly come from the lack of talent in certain areas, which you could blame on the GM, but not the offensive coordinator, who''s pretty well stuck with what he's got. Todd Downing must be under enormous pressure, I don't envy him. I'm not saying they should keep him, I'm just saying I don't think he's anywhere near as bad as he's being made out to be. In the end I trust Coach Vrabel's judgement.

Sean Payton from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hey Jim, hope your hanging in there like the rest of us. Kind of seen JROB firing coming , i think the eagles game was just the final straw.

Bob Leonardi from Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Hooray hooray yes Virginia there is a Santa claus and the best gift he gave me this Christmas is getting rid of jrob. I'm a fan of the oilers/titans since the days of Billie white shoes Johnson and this is the most embarrased I have ever been of this time I thought nothing would be worse than the Warren moon years but this tops it. I just hope the new gm has the guts to fire the whole coaching staff especially the oc. And one that will not be afraid to sit Tannehill and tell him he's done.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Jim when I heard the news of the firing of JRob I was initially stunned. After thinking about it however there's one thing that's always been troubling in his tenure and that was the lack of success in first round picks. Nobody has signed a second contract from that group and when you look at the pucks of Wilson and Farley it's hard to be that wrong. In all fairness Farley has been injured but he was coming off back surgery as a collegiate athlete. I think he brought many competent good players here but in your opinion was it the misses in the top picks or was there something else?

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
JIM JIM we need a WIN WIN! Hey there buddy! Im not down about the loss to Philly as everyone else was. I mean lets face it - Philly is the team to beat in the entire NFL. We can move on from that. Not to be a downer but i wrote this game off as a loss a long time ago due to the team that Philly is this year. Not that big a deal. We ARE going win the AFC south this year! I have to say I fully believe if Burks wasnt injured from that TD pass he might have helped us put some more points up in that Philly game. I believe in Burks. I sure hope he feels better soon. We need him! Chig is the man too! NWA Nick was on the scene as well. I feel bad for Henry since the last two games he pretty much didnt even have to show up but i still have faith that coaches will go back and see whats holding him back. The King still sits on the Throne folks!!!!! And lets not forget that our D has been pretty solid all year long. We got some cleaning up to do for sure mostly in my opinion on O-Line which every one and their step brother has commented on. Vrables is the man! I believe in him. I have to say Im still wondering about Todd's play calling as everyone is too. Im giving my prediction as 10-7 team which runs circles around the rest of the division and i would love to see a more well rounded team but we can grow. I mean come on fans! Look at the Texans and the Colts this year. Im still hoping the Jags will not be a problem in this upcoming game either (knock on wood) because like Shania Twain says "they dont impressa me much!". I for one am proud we are on top in the division and Praying for a lot of cleaning up on all staff (coaching, O, D, Janitorial, etc) before the playoffs because no matter how many negative comments are made and all the nay-sayers out there shouting....PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!!! LETS GO TITANS!!!

Donnie Brown from Ashland City, Tennessee
Hey Jim, what a week or so of frustration, not just for me but the entire staff and organization "Titans". I love football and I love the Titans. They forever will be my team. As an avid football fan I watch every game I can and travel for the Titans when I can. My son and I just got back from Green Bay and I really enjoyed it, especially bringing home a win. I really thought we made some improvement and would handle the Bengals this year. Such a disappointment, did I expect to beat the Eagles? NO, but I expected a game plan that would keep us in the game. We were extremely out matched in every phase of the game. We may cripple into the playoffs as winner of the weakest division, but we will be underdogs to any wildcard team. My hope is we can pull off a miracle and go 4-1 to end the regular season. Then at 11-5 we might get some much needed respect. Get a round 1 win and who knows! Everyone knows we have undersized and injured players but we still have something left to play for this season. So let's stop the mouthing off and win some Titan games that we are capable of winning!!! Go Titans

John Cox from Camden, Arkansas
Hello Jim. I'm a loyal fan of this organization since the Thanksgiving Day game in 1979 between Earl Campbell's Houston Oilers and the Dallas Cowboys, then dubbed America's Team. This has been a wild ride with its' share of ups and downs. Lots of exciting wins and near misses and also lots of frustrating, and some very frustrating, losses. I'm more loyal to our players than the team itself. My all-time favorites are Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, Mike Barber, Robert Brazile, Warren Moon, Bruce Matthews, Ernest Givins, Steve McNair, Eddie George, Chris Johnson, and now, especially, Derrick Henry. I can see, usually, who the attention getters are and those players/people do not attract me. I was never a huge fan of A.J. Brown, even though he was a great playmaker for us.
I found his $100,000,000 asking price, when he still had a year to go in his legal binding contract, very selfish! I was not sad to see him go. I would have done exactly as Jon Robinson did. That would have crippled the team salary-wise. Then, the media treats the Eagles/Titans game like some sort of revenge game, even saying on air that Brown had this game circled since the Spring. Ridiculous! We wanted to keep him. It's not like the Titans let him go because he was washed up OR just didn't want to pay him a better salary after completion of his initial contract. I don't know how the Eagles are paying him that price, but I'm not their accountant.
I'm a high school math teacher in south Arkansas, not too far from where our man #16, Treylon Burks, is from. Can you imagine a teacher signing a contract to teach the school year, then during Spring Break, going to the administration and demanding big bucks or threatening to just sit out the 4th 9 week period all together? It doesn't happen. A contract should be fulfilled.
I'm not a big fan of Todd Downing either and I feel like his lack-of effective play calling has cost us some games this year. Also, I wanna add that if I got a DUI in my position as a high school teacher, I would have already been dismissed by the administration before the School Board could do it for them. I feel like Downing should be gone too. I am not thrilled with the decision the team made to keep him in his current position calling plays for us, making the salary that he makes, which is a lot more than a teacher makes, I'm sure. I'm not thrilled with the Titans right now, but as I said before, I'm loyal to our players. The admins of the team, though, not so much.
With all that being said, I surely hope Derrick gets back on track and retakes the rushing lead. I also hope we get the ball to Chig more because he's a football player with the toughness that we want to be known for. Simmons, Long, & Byard are giving it their all on the defensive side. I hope Burks is OK too......what a catch for his first NFL receiving TD! Better, I thought, than any that the WR for the Eagles had last Sunday.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
So, who saw this coming? Robinson taking a walk! Could it be the picks, those let go, etc.? We are on the verge of winning our division and need to see the urgency to win out! Go Titans!

Billy Scarberry from Myrtle Beach, North Carolina
This is mostly for Amy, But, It also applies to The front office , as well.
Having 60 plus years of watching football, I share my thoughts going forward concerning
The latest firing of GM J Robinson.
Regardless of him having authority to select Players, release them over contract issues,
The ultimate responsibility comes down to The owners final approval.
She in effect, writes the.checks.. No I was not voice my opinion,
But if in fact J Rob by passed Amy, without Her knowing , This was a breach of trust..
The first amendment to Any relationship!
Personally, I see this as a plus going forward Through the rest of the.season..
The Tennessee Titans needed a Moral booster.. Big time..
So, Yes, on that locker room, This is the spark That gives the players positive
To feed off of the rest of the.way.
Even though The Titans stats on the surface, Looks. gloomy, I feel the team collectively ,
Will respond with this news in a way, Only the Die harder fan could understand..
First, With the Jacksonville.Jaguars , They too Are looking to this game Sunday as a moral
Booster.. Yes, their.stats in some areas look Similar to the Titan's..
Finally, Tell Amy I feel looking closely to Jeff her new GM...No further comment,
He.can Finish the job , and bring a super bowl Trophy to Nashville.. My Opinions...
In concluding, The Tennessee Titans, The City of Nashville.are truly blessed to have an owner like Amy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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