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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now a week into the long break from minicamp to training camp.

Yes, we still have a way to go to get to football season.

But we're going to keep things hopping in here to pass the time.

So, keep firing questions my way, and I'll keep answering them.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Charlie Pfohl from Iowa City, Iowa
This may be a bit of a dumb question but, have there been any new or existing players who are stepping up as locker room leaders since the start of training? Thanks for your time!

Jim: Hey Charlie. It's not a dumb question at all. I'm curious to see how things transpire here myself. The reality is it's too early to tell. I could make some stuff up, but I won't have a great gauge until we get closer to the season, and into training camp. I think Robert Woods is going to be a great new leader, but his work this offseason has been limited. As far as existing players, I think you're going to see guys like David Long Jr. and Amani Hooker take on even more of a leadership role moving forward, but that's a defense with a pretty good veteran presence.

Justin Sweat from Kalamazoo, Michigan
First time submitting and many more to come. I've been a die-hard Titans fan ever since I started watching football (1999). Going into last year I thought it was our year, now or never mentality. This year, I don't feel even close to that. Getting Henry back healthy is a big win which I feel people forget about since he was gone half of the year, but I'm worried, like most fans, about the O-Line. I won't trash talk about anyone since they are in the NFL for a reason, but are there any talks of adding a proven vet at all? I check in about 27492719 times a day, especially after the Julio money cleared but I haven't seen or have heard any rumors about adding anyone. I'm also in the same boat when it comes to our receivers. Do we need someone like OBJ, Fuller, or Beasley, or have you seen enough so far that your confident in the current group? Thanks!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Justin. I get where you're coming from. Hey, let's face it, this 2022 squad is going to have something to prove. I've said many times I'm not going to be surprised if a veteran receiver is added, but I think it's a little down the road.

Derek Hill from Tennessee
Yo Jimbo! (is that cool?) Last time I wrote you I completely whiffed. No radunz/jones battle, but this outcome is what I wanted from the start. Hopefully Jamarco Jones shines cause Aaron Brewer is just too small. Anyways, I know I'm beating a dead horse but the wide receiver position, is this really It? I know draft capital was invested but I think we're asking too much. I'm not being obtuse when suggesting this but is Julio really off the table? He still knows the offense, he needs to prove himself, why not? Even if the injuries flare up I can't see him being a liability. Idk just a thought. Thanks again jimmy!! (Italian inflection, this cool too?)

Jim: Hey Derek. I feel pretty safe in saying Julio is off the table, even though I haven't asked the GM about it. My thinking is the ship has sailed from a Titans standpoint. Plus, I think Julio has too much pride to come back and play for cheap.

Paul Johnson from Hendersonville, Tennessee
How good has Josh Malone looked?

Jim: Hey Paul. I've been impressed. He's been one of the team's top receivers this offseason. But he has to keep it up in training camp.

Jamie Holladay from Guyton, Georgia
Hi Jim, Thanks for a job well done educating out this roster-generating fandom. Its a nice change from the sea of bad takes in the modern National sports media landscape that seems obsessed with hatedom and negativity.
What do you think is best for Chig and his ability as a wide receiver vs the idea of becoming this Jonnu smith type h back? Do you think he should bulk up and focus on the later or does he possess more Receiving skills than anticipated? Obviously lighter is faster and with the depth in the back field it leaves room for some alternative visions.

Jim: Hi Jamie. I think you're going to see Chig do a lot of things, just like Jonnu did with the Titans. I envision him lining up in a number of spots. I wrote about Chig this week. Here's the story: CLICK HERE.

Randall James from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. The mistake of the league and media coverage is counting out the KING. I predict this to be his best year after a good rest on the body. Do you agree due to his limited play in early years, and last year's injury simply prolonged his reign as the best in the NFL?

Jim: Hi Randall James. I'm James Randall. I don't think there's any reason to believe Derrick is on the verge of running into a brick wall in his career, as some are predicting. Sure, he's getting older, but I think he's still plenty capable. I don't want to make any grand predictions for him. I'm just going to let him do his thing, and he's being doing it well. When I saw him last week at minicamp, he looked ready to roll.

Isaac Diffenderfer from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Do you think safety Theo Jackson will be able to find some starting place on the roster? Or at least make some defensive appearances? I watched him back when he was a Vol and really liked him. He has such a *Titans playing style.* He is really great at tackling and pursuit and was just curious. Of course, Byard will be safety 1, and Hooker will most likely be safety 2. But do you think he will be on the defensive field at all this year? Thanks in advanced

Jim: Hi Isaac. I think Theo's focus right now is to make the 53-man roster. I like what I've seen from him so far, but he's closer to the back end of the roster now than a starting spot. Ask me how he's doing a few weeks into training camp, when the pads come on and he's competing against the veterans, and in practices against the Buccaneers and Cardinals. If I had to project right now, I think he makes the team and helps on special teams as a rookie.

Clint Ritchie from Medford, Oregon
Hi, Jim! I have a medical question for you. Now, I'm not asking you to play doctor (well, maybe I am), but how is it that Treylon Burks was able to play years at Arkansas at a high level without asthma being an issue, but then 2 seconds (pardon the hyperbole) into his first practice with the Titans he can't breathe? I don't want to panic at this point but with Isaiah Wilson still fresh in my mind it's hard to not be suspicious. Your thoughts?

Jim: My thoughts? I thought it was unfair when folks compared Treylon to A.J. Brown the day he was drafted. I think it's even more unfair to compare Treylon to Isaiah Wilson less than two months after he was drafted.

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
I'm optimistic that the team will be in the hunt again this season but a little concerned about the fact that we have to play both Colts games by the end of October. With Woods coming off an ACL tear and Burks looking like it may take a little time to develop, we may not be at full strength yet for either of those critical games. Claiming a wildcard spot won't be easy in the AFC this season. We need to find a way to at least split with the Colts and win the division again. Every good team has that go to playmaker that steps up in those third down and eight scenarios and at crucial points in a game. **Who do you think will be that go to guy (pass catcher) for Tanny this year?**

Jim: Hey Charles. I imagine the Colts are a little concerned about having to play the Titans twice early, too, considering they went O-fer vs the Titans in 2021. All teams, including the Titans, have a lot of work to do to get ready for the season. … I think Woods and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine are going to catch a lot of passes, along with Austin Hooper and others. Treylon and Chig and others have to prove themselves between now and then.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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