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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Two weeks from today we'll be kicking off the final day of the NFL Draft.

It'll be here before we know it.

So, get your draft questions in now.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

And, Happy Easter!

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! What are your thoughts on the safety position right now? We're obviously set for starters with Byard and Hooker, but I feel like we're going to miss someone in the Cruikshank "Tight end Eraser" type role. Do you feel like there's probably a good chance we'll target a player with that type of skillset in the draft?

Jim: Hey Joe. Well, I like the pairing of Kevin Byard and Amani Hooker. And, I think new acquisition, A.J. Moore from the Texans, will provide solid depth and help on special teams. But I do think more help is coming here, because the team has some question marks behind those guys. Could Matthias Farley still return? Maybe. But look for another addition or two, possibly in the draft and free agency.

John Grasso from North Sioux City, Iowa
The draft is approaching quickly, so most of the questions you're fielding are related to predicting who will be selected. I'd like to think the Titans roster doesn't need much, sure WR and OL, but after that I think it will be hard for other positions selected to even make this team. It feels like the Titans have a golden opportunity to trade out of the 2022 draft and stock pile for 2023, maybe gain a couple of 2nd or 3rd rounders in 2023. It could also be a good time to select a QB in the first round, instead of reaching for one out of desperation 2 years from now.

Jim: Hi John. I don't hate the thought of trading out of 26, but I'd do it for more picks in the 2022 draft.

Tim Blaufuss from Boston, Massachusetts
I'm wondering if you can pass this on to the defense and Mike Keith, I have an idea for the defense's name. They weren't the biggest fans of "tickle monsters" so this goes off of the "boys in blue" idea. Call them the "Blues Boys" or "The Jazz" BECAUSE anytime they get a sack, stop, or interception the other team is "feeling the blues" and hearing mike keith yell "They're feeling the blues!!" Would be amazing

Jim: Mike Keith's office is right next to mine. I can hear him practicing this line now while using Jazz hands

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Several of the draft "experts" are now forecasting that the Titans will select a quarterback with their # 1 pick. That would be a real stupid way to waste that choice. The T-Men are ready to win right now and the first round draft pick has to project to be a starter and also an impact player. The Packers were a team ready to win a couple of years ago when they used their first pick on Aaron Rodgers eventual successor. How's that working out for them?
The Titans' first pick has to be a sure bet this time, especially with no second pick. They should go with an offensive lineman or wide receiver, or maybe even a highly rated cornerback. And avoid any player with a serious injury history or off the field issues type of problem.
Selecting the top offensive lineman on the board when their turn comes would be my preference. What do you think?

Jim: Mostly agree here, but I like some of these receivers. I love the thought of taking a skill position guy early, but that's just me. But definitely help is needed on the o-line and it's coming.

Lucas Thomason from Rocky Mount, Virginia
Hey Jim. Thanks for taking the question. It's hard to get Titans news in VA so keeping up with you is always my best bet. I did however find a Nashville "news" outlet than brought up a very interesting question to fans. How much longer would Derrick Henry be around. My question to you Jim is this: Why in the world are we even talking about Derrick Henry and how possible departure? Seems a tad unnecessary

Jim: Appreciate it, Lucas. Great question. Pondering life after Derrick Henry isn't on my radar right now

Greg Swaw from Lyles, Tennessee
I'm concerned about having so many young inexperienced corners at the top of the depth chart so my question is what are the odds of bringing in a veteran corner with starting experience on a team friendly 1-2 year contract? Also I'm sure the chances of this is nearly zero percent but I would absolutely love to see the Honey Badger in two tone blue paired with Kevin Byard on the backend.

Jim: Hi Greg. I could see this happening. I think the team has some solid young corners in Kristian Fulton, Elijah Molden and Caleb Farley for sure. And Chris Jackson is underrated as well. But let's face it, despite some recent praise about Farley from the GM and HC, he enters the 2022 season with questions. Buster Skrine is back, and he was solid last year, but I think more help is coming at this position because it's such an important one. I'm kind of expecting more additions here as well, and it could very well be a veteran corner. Keep in mind DBs Greg Mabin, Chris Jones and Briean Boddy-Calhoun – all of them spent time with the Titans last year – remain available and are candidates to be added back as well.

Adam Finlan from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Hey Jim is Adam Down syndrome about draft Pick from Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave draft to Titans and Alontae Taylor from Tennessee

Jim: Hi Adam. Two good players there!

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim I'm thinking about giving up. I read an article that the Titans were watching Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis VERY closely. I feel if they are in serious consideration to draft a QB in any round higher than Rd4 than we should just go ahead in rebuild mode right now and trade both AJ, Henry, and Tannehill. Like can the front office make a decision are we in WIN NOW mode or Rebuild mode!? Anyway, I can only imagine the thoughts of JRob trying to figure out who to select in Rd1: scared to draft an OL because of Wilson, hesitant to draft an injured Williams because of Farley, TEs aren't good enough for Rd1.Let me make it easy for ya Jrob if you're reading this, simply move back and pick up a second round pick for a player and a 3rd rd pick or 2 third round picks. If you're not gonna get the OG we need in Rd1, here are the safest WRs to go for in the first round:
WR Jahan Dotson
WR Treylon Burks
WR Skyy Moore
Trust my words JRob, you can salvage this team by getting an OG Rd1 and WR Danny Gray in Round 3, he plays exactly like garrett wilson, his tape is phenomenal.

Jim: Hey Jordan. If you're getting emotionally torn up over rumors leading up to the draft, you're in for a tough two weeks... Hang in there. I do like your WRs

Antoine Julian from St. Louis, Missouri
Hey Jim, My entire life I have been a Titans fan it seems like always we never have an all pro corner like a Jalen Ramsey or a JC Jackson or just someone really good, so what I think we should do is maybe in next years draft, we can trade some picks like a 2nd a 5th and possibly even a next year first to get a good corner to help out are secondary, because you saw what a guy like cooper kupp, deandre Hopkins and Ja'Maar Chase can do to us when are 2nd best corner is Janoris Jenkins. If we don't do that I believe that we should in this years draft draft a guy like Kaiir Elam or Andrew Booth Jr to boost that secondary. TITAN UP! ⚡️⚔️

Jim: Hello Antoine. I touched on the CB position earlier. I can't endorse this move. The Titans drafted Caleb Farley in the first round a year ago to be that guy. I can't see the GM trading to go get someone in this year's draft class. As I mentioned, I believe more additions will be made at the position, but, in my opinion, the team has bigger needs at other positions.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

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