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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Before Game vs Jets


NASHVILLE – Can the Titans make it three in a row this week?

Well, we're about to find out.

The Titans face the New York Jets on Sunday at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Let's dive into another mailbag to see what everyone is thinking …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Steve Vaughn from Jonesboro, Arkansas
Jim, I was one of the first to buy the PSL's in Nashville and have had a great time going to the games over the many years. My question is what's your opinion of the Titans habit of giving D. Henry the ball up the middle on first down the "vast" majority of the time and us ending up on 2nd down and 8 or 9? Now believe me I'm not questioning giving Derrick the ball, it just seems our new offensive coordinator is stuck on 1st down and Henry up the middle each and every time. If I notice this I have to imagine our opponents certainly notice too. I didn't go look up the numbers on this but can't fathom it's not 80 or so percent of the time thus far into the season. We're 2-1 so maybe I'm gripping about nothing but just curious if you've noticed this trend. Thanks for the great columns and go Titans!

Jim: Hey Steve. I hear ya, but I'm not going to poke a lot of holes in anything the team has done with Henry of late. Not sure if you saw this stat, but Henry's 3,276 rushing yards in his last 25 regular season games are the most in NFL history by any player over any stretch of 25 regular season games. As for the first down runs, I know some of them get stopped for short gains early in games, and they end up being bigger runs later in games. So some of it is about wearing down the defense, and also setting up play action for later.

Jonathan Hess from Roanoke, Virginia
Hey Jim I'm a huge fan. With the AFC South being a weaker division, how does the Titans stack up against stronger opponents in the NFC? And what's the word on A.J. Brown and Julio Jones getting back on the field?

Jim: Hey Jonathan. So far, the AFC South has been pretty shaky. The Titans are 2-1, the Texans are 1-2, the Colts are 0-3, and the Jaguars are 0-4. But I still think the AFC has some really good teams in the Bills, Ravens and Chiefs, and the Browns, Raiders and Broncos are worth keeping an eye on, too. And, how about those 3-1 Bengals? The NFC's best conference is the NFC West, and all those teams are looking good – the Rams (3-0) and Cardinals (3-0) are at the top, followed by the 49ers (2-1) and the Seahawks, who are slow out of the gate. But the Buccaneers may still be the best of this side when all is said and done, although the Packers have proven they're going to be a contender, too. The Panthers (3-0) and Saints (2-1) are in prove-it mode to me. Same for the Cowboys (2-1). Time will tell how some of this shakes out, and how the Titans compare. The Titans didn't fare well against the Cardinals, but flipped the script against the Seahawks. It's a long season. As for A.J. and Julio, they didn't practice all week, and they're out for Sunday's game against the Jets.

Colton Wolfe from Nashville, Tennessee
We are scarce at pass rusher! Is Jayon Brown ready to play next to David Long so Rashaan Evans can help on the edge?

Jim: Hey Colton, I do think David Long is earning more opportunities, that's for sure. Rashaan has played some on the edge in the past, and he could be in the mix there again. But I still expect guys like Harold Landry and Ola Adeniyi to get a lot of the snaps as the team waits for Bud Dupree to get healthier. Plus, the team called up outside linebacker Sharif Finch from the practice squad to help on Sunday as well.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Strange question for you---I noticed that we changed up our end of third quarter song during the Colts game and did a mash up of Folsom City Blues sung by various artists. Is this the new end of 3Q song or was this a one-time thing? I sure hope he can go back to the Pain Train followed by the real Johnny Cash version of Folsom City Blues. It's one of my favorite Nissan Stadium traditions. Several folks around me on Sunday were wondering also so I figured I'd ask.

Jim: Hey Joe. This is a new thing. I've heard from some folks who like it, and some – like my dad – who prefer the real Johnny Cash version. I must tell you, I think the new version is here to stay…

Anthony Gray from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Love the Oilers tribute this past week. It's a shame that the Titans weren't able to wear their throwback uniforms and have to wait until next year. This got me to wondering, what would the punishment have been, if the Titans had secretively had Oilers throwbacks made and rolled out at game time with them on? Would it have been as simple as a fine? Seems like it would have been worth it. I would have chipped in a little to pay off the fine!

Jim: Hey Anthony. A quick FYI: The Titans won't be wearing the throwbacks next year either. The earliest you'll see the old Oilers uniform – helmet and jersey – will be in 2023. Had the Titans worn them, the league might've made them watch tape of the Cardinals game on a loop for 24 hours straight.

Charles Stevens from Hixson, Tennessee
Where is Corey Levin?

Jim: Not sure where he is at this exact moment, but he's on the practice squad.

Jordan Bell from Tampa, Florida
Ok. I'm done with the Chester Rogers and the "other" receivers slander. I want to start this off by saying I always believed in the receiving core because they all are identical players. This is more about the impact of Julio & what he brings to the Titans. Being around one of the G.O.A.T.'s breeds players who will do their job. I am tired of the Bud Dupree slander tho. A fully healthy Bud makes us scary down the stretch. I hope Farley is okay. I want him to continue to work on getting healthy because the back half of the season he can make this secondary a force. Cruikshank may become the Swiss Army knife on defense we been hoping for. I am riding this David Long Jr. train all the way to the Super Bowl! Titan Up

Jim: Hey Jordan. Well, Chester is the team's starter in the slot. The other guys need to step it up this weekend. I do agree it's too early for any Bud Dupree slander. Dupree just tore his ACL in December, and he had surgery then. So, he's roughly nine months removed from the procedure, which isn't a lot of time. Farley has had some tough luck, and he's as frustrated as anyone.

Brent Goodrich from Brentwood, Tennessee
Is it possible to start something new with the Vrabel TV Show? Have him wear a shirt and tie after a win, and regular coaching clothes after a loss. It may become a newsmaker and he may not want the attention. However, to dress nicely shows respect for his players and the win.

Jim: Thanks for the suggestion, Brent, but I'm not about to tell Vrabel what to wear. I think I ticked him off on Friday, so I'm not going to push it

Keith Veltman from Springville, Tennessee
Suggestion that running backward at full speed for short 30 yard sprints will hinder hamstring damage I am sure trainers have training reps to handle that, but if you can get them to try that, it may help to solve the problem It doesn't cost anything to try, and I have found it to work well I really appreciate your information to keep us hidden fans up to date Keep up the good work !!

Jim: Hey Keith. What kind of backward thinking is this?

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hello Jim!!! Great win Sunday. We have a few things to clean up, but that was a great win for the Titans. Health should be #1 concern for our team, I said it all offseason. We need to be healthy and playing well in December. Hopefully Julio is healthy enough to carry the load while AJ nurses his hammy. But we have a real shot to have a great record thru 5 weeks (4-1) when MNF comes to town. Maybe then the Titans can get some hype. Thanks for all you do. TitanUp. One thing we need is.. when we get a first down, we need the clip for 300 on the Jumbotron. ah who!! Ah who!! ah who!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Franky. But start counting wins early gets you beat. Remember that Bengals game last year?

Henry Martin from Kingsville, Texas
Hello from Kingsville, TX. I just want to say that I am a little worried about this week and consider it a "TRAP" game for us. Obviously, no game is guaranteed a win but we're playing a young team that has not won a game yet. This kind of reminds me of last season when we traveled to play the Bengals with Joe Burrow at QB. The last 2 games we have fought and players have stepped up, I hope we can keep it going. On a further note, just want to know how Caleb is doing? I hope he is doing well, we need him to get some reps in. The way things are going it seems like he is a chess piece for down the stretch and for the future. As always keep the news coming!!! #GOTITANS, #TITANUP

Jim: I'm with ya, Henry. There are no gimmies in the NFL. As for Farley, he's out again this week with the shoulder. More patience is going to be needed with him. But in time, I still think he's going to be a good one.

Sean O'Connor from Nutley, New Jersey
Hi Jim. Hope all is well. I'm coming down to Nashville in a few weeks for the first time EVER to watch our Titans play the Chiefs. Can't wait!
I have more of a comment to the fans than a question you.
Any fan of this team knows the trap games we constantly fall into year after year. Fans on social media are already talking about these player resting strategies for the next couple of games. No game is easy to win in this league.
Maybe I'm just a bitter old man with trauma from ghosts of Titans teams past.
Ok end rant.

Jim: Hey Sean. Hope you have a great trip to Nashville. And while I've heard some of this chatter as well, it sounds like some other fans agree with you on this. If the Titans don't show up ready to play, they could take the L.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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