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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're a week into free agency, and already the Titans have added at least seven new players.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson plans to keep the juggling act going leading up to the NFL Draft.

Meanwhile, we'll keep answering questions in here.

Let's dive into another Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Hello Jim, I'm super impressed with the front office. On paper our defense is better. Hopefully here in the next few weeks, they can add some offensive help. I'm interested in the area you feel the team could be a bit better. Stay healthy and Titan up!

Jim: Hi Terry. Well, there's still plenty of work to do across the board. The Titans are thin at receiver, and need more help on the edge despite the addition of Bud Dupree. The secondary remains in need of more additions. I'd like to see a big man added on the defensive line. There are depth issues across the roster. The good news is it's still early in the offseason, and the NFL Draft will provide plenty of options.

James Kaufmann from York, Pennsylvania
With the free agency season slowly wrapping up it seems that the Titans are not making any big free agent moves at receiver and on defensive end. With that in mind are we possibly going into rebuilding mode? There's a strong possibility that the Colts will win the division next year and Jacksonville will potentially be a much better team under Urban Meyer.

Jim: Rebuilding mode? Um, no.

Kurt Howell from Odessa, Florida
Explain one-year deals! Are one-year deals used because the belief is the players better years are behind them so long term or even short-term deal are just a short-term answer. Or as each team as a finite timeline to reach the Super Bowl to maximize talent, shorter deal is used to meet that finite timeline while developing younger talent. Or is the one year deal the only way to maximize talent / salary cap dollar equation.

Jim: Hey Kurt. It's a two-way street on these one-year deals. And during what's a difficult offseason because of cap constraints related to the pandemic, you're seeing a lot of them. A lot of times, teams would prefer to do one-year deals on guys, but it doesn't work all the time. With the one-year deals, teams can't prorate the bonuses and all the money hits the cap in one year. Some players prefer them, too, opting to bet on themselves for a bigger payday next offseason, with the hope teams might have more money to work with.

Dr. Julie Coyle from South Bend, Indiana
Not for sure what's happening in Nashville, but I hope the GM and Coach knows what they're doing. We've lost some great names- But the one name I want us to sign back is MyCole Pruitt- Do you see Titans trying to get a deal done with Pruitt? I remember reading a quote from the star Running Back, Derrick Henry, and it stated- "Make sure Pruitt is back, I can't do my job without him. Come on Titans, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Jim: Hi Dr. Coyle. I know you've written to me before about MyCole. I'm not ruling out a return, because I know how much the coaches and GM like him. But I suspect the team wants to see how things play out in the next few weeks, and the draft. As you've probably seen, the Titans said goodbye to tight end Jonnu Smith, and welcomed back Anthony Firkser and Geoff Swaim recently on new one-year deals. The Titans added former Vanderbilt tight end Jared Pinkney, who spent last season with the Falcons, earlier this offseason, and the team has a few other tight ends on the current roster that will get a chance to compete. I still think MyCole could return, but it might depend on what happens on the draft, and if the front office decides to kick the tires on other guys. Stay tuned.

Carlos Wever from Aruba - Carribean Island
Hi Jim. Very pleased with signings so far. Is it fair to say all offense will be looked at through the draft or do we still have money in the piggy bank?

Jim: Hey Carlos. I hope things are well in Aruba, which is where I spent my honeymoon many years ago. What a beautiful spot! I remember going on the other side of the island to see the natural bridge. I hear it's no longer intact. I have great memories from the 'Happy Island.' But you didn't write to hear me go down memory lane. ... I suspect the Titans will still make some additions on offense in free agency, and yes, the draft will provide many more options with nine picks. The team has some money to work with, and can create more space with restructures if needed.

Mike Brown from Columbia, Tennessee
It appears Mr Wilson has shot himself in the foot again. I saw where the Dolphins already are saying goodbye. Will this affect the draft pick the Titans got for the trade?

Jim: Hi Mike. I was sorry to hear that about Isaiah over the weekend. For those who missed it, he was waived by the Dolphins just a few days after the trade officially went through. But it didn't impact the trade – the Titans swapped a 7th round pick in the 2022 draft for Miami's 7th round pick in this year's draft, and that's still the case. Overall, it's pick No. 232 in the draft. Let's hope Isaiah can get things figured out in his life.

Fred Haling from Hope, Arkansas
I know we have some guys that can come off the edge now. Do we have a guy that is a run stopper in the middle to disrupt things on the other team like we had with Juerell Casey? Really hated to see him go. By the way Jim, I joined the Titans fan base when the team left Houston and moved to Nashville because I was in a college football betting pool and saw Eddie George running for The Ohio State Buckeyes and followed him to the Titans since Arkansas did not have a pro team. I have hung with them through the drought years until now and now they are a contender. Glad I made that choice and I am sticking to it! Love your blog sir!

Jim: Thanks for reading, Fred. Don't forget about big Jeffery Simmons. But yes, this remains an area the Titans need to address. I suspect we're going to see some beef added inside at some point.

Devin Douglas from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Where is the team Super Bowl party gonna be? I am so there. We have made some solid picks as of 22MAR 21.

Jim: I like the confidence in the Bluff City, Devin.

Eugene Ouellette from Hebron, Connecticut
Hi Jim. Any chance we can pair up one of the up-and-coming greats at WR with one of the all-time greats, Larry Fitzgerald? What are the odds that Derrick will do another 2K in 2021-2022 now that TL will likely play the whole season? Also, curious what you think we will do in the first couple rounds of the draft now that we have a better idea of what next year's championship caliber team looks like?

Jim: Haven't heard any buzz about Larry, Eugene.
I'm not ruling anything out with Derrick. Someone asked me last offseason if I thought he'd get to 2,000 yards, and I said I didn't think so, so he proved me wrong.
As for the draft, it could go in a number of directions. I'm still not ruling out an edge early, but I wouldn't be surprised with a corner, receiver, d-lineman, etc. Moving back and picking is in play, which opens up a lot of positions.

Mark Brown from Paris, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Who did we use the "franchise tag" on this year? Wouldn't Corey Davis have been a prime candidate in that spot?

Jim: Hey Mark. The Titans didn't use the tag. Corey was never a candidate, because his tag would've cost plus-$15 million against the cap. That was never happening.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Wow, this off season has been a roller coaster ride. Thought the Titans would add some players but didn't think they would lose a whole bunch of them and have more released, but I guess that's what happens in CoVid-19 crazy times. Would have liked to see the Titans retain Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis...really like the signing of Bud Dupree, and the DE/DT Denico Autry though! The Defense needed some starters with pop to go with the other gems we have! It was good to see the Titans sign Jayon Brown even if it was for 1 year. The Lamm signing was a good one I think. The release of Kelly and Jackson surprised me as did the Vaccaro and Butler releases. I guess that's where the Titans will draft I'm thinking...either a CB or WR with the 1st rounder if the Titans keep it or decide to move down and garner more picks which might be the better deal! I think our draft will be CB, WR, OLB, TE, S, OL and DL! I see multiple selections of DB's and WR's

Jim: Hey Andy. It's been a wild ride for sure. And we're just getting started. Buckle up.

Have a great week everyone!

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