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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It was another successful Sunday for the Titans.

Four wins in the past five games have certainly made things interesting, and following a big win over the Jaguars, the Colts are up next.

Before we dive into this mailbag, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for the questions I get in here, among other things.

Now, let's get to this week's edition …

Gene Robertson from Saluda, South Carolina

Question: I'm not going to ramble on about our team. All I wanna know is where do I get a Ryan Tannehill jersey? I've looked on Fanatics, NFL Shop etc. I cannot find one that is a game day jersey. Please find out for me or just tell Ryan to let me get his game-day jersey from last Sunday against the Jags -- he is a monster. Thanks.

Jim: Hey Gene. Well, I don't think you're going to be able to get his actually game uni. But I just picked up the phone and made a call -- you can get a Ryan Tannehill jersey at the Locker Room store at Nissan Stadium. They have the game issued navy jerseys. Also, I checked and they're also available at

Zain Hasan from Murfreesboro Tennessee

Question: What is the Titans plan regarding Derrick Henry's future?

Jim: Hey Zain. The plan is to keep giving him the football. Unless, of course, you're talking about his contract, and I'll say what I've said in here previously – that's up to the GM, Henry, and his agent. And contract talks are offseason issues.

Karen Gavin from Mill City, Oregon

Question: So, is Marcus Mariota just off the team? No one mentions him, no one even acts like he is there. He has some issues, but to not to even have him around is terrible. He is a wonderful person and he is a good player and has a heart for football. At least acknowledge him as part of the team.

Jim: Hi Karen. Marcus is on the team. He's the team's No.2 quarterback, behind starter Ryan Tannehill. I see him every day. And yes, he's a great guy. And he's working to be ready in case the team needs him. Not sure what kind of acknowledgement you're looking for here. I shot a picture of him on Sunday and tweeted it out before the game so here's a look ...

Steve Gates from Clive, Iowa

Question: How is Amani Hooker fitting in with the D-Backs this year?

Jim: Hey Steve. Amani is doing well. He played 39 of the 86 defensive snaps on Sunday, and he also played 23 snaps on special teams. Coach Mike Vrabel singled Amani out for his work on kick coverage at his presser on Monday. I've liked the looks of Amani from the day he first got here and think he's going to end up being a really good player.

Christopher Harris from College Station, Texas

Question: Howdy Jim. I'm excited about November and December Football, if our momentum continues to grow we'll be in a great position headed into the playoffs!! When will we see Cameron Wake on the field again? His pass rushing presence is greatly missed. Let's Go Titans!!!

Jim: Hey Christopher. Cameron left Sunday's game in the fourth quarter and didn't return. Coach Vrabel didn't give any clues on Wake's health after the game or on Monday, so we'll get a lot better idea on Wednesday when the injury report comes out.

June Bug Pomeroy from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: Derrick Henry is a beast. If for some reason, we don't want to resign him ... I have respect for that. My tickets will not be renewed either. He is our future on offense .... No disrespect to Tannehill!

Jim: Hi June Bug. Nice intro and then straight to the smoke! Point taken.

Bob Easley from Austin, Texas

Question: Jim, I almost wrote this 2 weeks ago, but it is even truer today. Ryan Tannehill reminds me of Drew Brees!! Now, stay with me:), what I mean is Brees went from San Diego to New Orleans after his first 5 years where he led San Diego to only 1 playoff appearance. Tannehill played his first 6 years at Miami leading them to only one playoff appearance. Then, Brees broke out in New Orleans and now Tannehill seems to be breaking out in Tennessee. Certainly, they are different players, but both required some time to actually come into their own. Tannehill coming into his own makes even more sense that Brees since he came to the NFL with very little QB experience at college. Finally, both players have outstanding character. Only time will tell, but I will ask you Jim - What say you about this comparison?

Jim: Hey Bob. Well, it's an interesting comparison and I'm sure Ryan probably wouldn't hate it with the way Drew's career has panned out. Time will tell where things go from here, but Year 1 for Tannehill in Tennessee is definitely off to a nice start. And the way things are going, I can't help but think there will be a Year 2 and maybe beyond? Again, we'll see...

Rashard Magness from Lincolnton, North Carolina

Question: Hello Jim. At this point in the Titans season it's about getting the "W". That being said, the OC needs to incorporate every weapon at his disposal to accomplish that goal. What is the likelihood of putting Marcus in purely as a runner or receiver in space? No one can deny Marcus's ability to make plays with legs. TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Rashard. Well, Dennis Kelly caught a touchdown pass on Sunday, David Quessenberry caught one earlier in the season, and Derrick Henry threw a pass on Sunday. The OC has proven he's not afraid to try different things, so we'll just have to wait and see. Doubting it's as a receiver, though.

Mark Hankins from Madison, Alabama

Question: One of our 2019 draft picks, D'Andre Walker, was a hopeful addition for our pass rush. I know he's on IR, but just curious how his rehab is going, and what the outlook is for him. Thanks, Jim!

Jim: Hey Mark. All indications are he's recovering well. I saw him in the locker room last week. I heard some positive things about D'Andre before he was injured, and I expect him to help the team in the future. And even though he's been on IR, I do think he'll benefit from being around the NFL this season. He'll have a chance to get stronger this offseason and be a contender in camp in 2020.

Have a great week everyone!

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