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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Six games in and the Titans aren't where anyone around here hoped they would be.

The team is sitting at 2-4, and now the Titans are contemplating a QB change after Ryan Tannehill replaced Marcus Mariota on Sunday.

As you can probably imagine, I've been flooded with questions and opinions, and I want to start off by saying I'm sorry I couldn't get to them all into this Tuesday's mailbag. Every time I opened my inbox there were a dozen more in there. I did my best to include as many as possible.

Keep firing away and I'll do my best to get to yours in the future.

But I also want to say this: I'm not going to let this turn into a firing squad of "Person A, Person B or Person C needs to be fired." I always welcome your opinions, and I'm happy to give everyone a chance to vent as long as you keep it classy and clean. But the "this guy needs to be fired" emails aren't going to fill this thing up every week.

Still, there's plenty to discuss, so let's get to it…

Lynne Richards from Ashland City, Tennessee
So do you think after benching Marcus and seeing no progress they might rethink their stupid reaction? I am so sick of everything being Marcus' fault. Our offense needs help but yanking Marcus is a far cry from a rational solution. You can't replace your way out of some situations. What a slap in the face of someone who has been sacked and roughed up and yet performed as well as possible thru several tough years here. For shame......Tannehill did his best out there but obviously the problem was not just the QB or he would have been able to score.

Jim: Hi Lynne. Well, I think Mike Vrabel was left with no choice but to make the move on Sunday. Marcus had a bad day – he was missing open receivers and throwing interceptions. Marcus said himself he didn't do a good enough job of allowing his receivers to make plays. His fate is now in the hands of Vrabel and GM Jon Robinson. We'll find soon which direction this thing goes moving forward.

Jake Voss from Fort Collins, Kentucky
Hey, Jim! Greetings from Colorado, I'm sorry you and the team's visit wasn't more enjoyable. It can be tough being one of about three Titans fans up here! Sunday's loss was a real bummer to watch. I think the obvious takeaway is Marcus' struggle, so I won't go into that too much. My question is in regard to the quarterback position though. If the team decides to move on from Marcus this offseason (BIG if, it's too early to speculate about that), where do you think we might look? Draft or free agency? Maybe trade? Are there any names you think we should keep an eye on? Say, Alex Smith coming back from injury, Eli Manning (if he doesn't hang up his cleats), or maybe we've got our eyes on an undisclosable-for-obvious-reasons college prospect? All this is assuming Marcus doesn't light it up for the next 10 games and take home the Super Bowl MVP award in February, which he probably will...

Jim: Hey Jake. Way too early to accurately speculate on what could happen in the offseason. If it ends up being Tannehill on Sunday, what happens in 2020 would hinge on how he plays in 2019. His contract is up, but maybe he'd be re-signed and the team could draft a QB? Maybe Marcus is back in the saddle and he plays well, and changes the conversation? Like I said, there's a whole lot to be determined. No matter what happens, I seriously doubt guys like Alex Smith or Eli Manning be the part of a solution here.

Martha S from Ocala, Florida
I Am From Nashville But Living In Florida 20 Years Still A Titan Fan! But It Is Becoming Embarrassing How They Are Playing When You Let The Jags Who Were Winless And Now Broncos Who Have Won 1 Beat You! Just Wondering If They Are Trying For 1st Round Draft Pick? Maybe Amy Should Start At The Top With Jon And Work Her Way Down And Clean House! It Might Help If You Had An Offensive Coach Instead of Vrabel Who Was A Defensive Coach. Somethings Gotta Give! All You Hear After The Games Are We Need To Get Better! No Kidding!

Jim: OK, Martha. You're not messing around…

Geoff Self from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I am from Oregon and now live in Chattanooga. I've watched Marcus his entire career and have seen him play live at Autzen and at Nissan stadium. Marcus is not the same quarterback today as he was in college under Chip Kelly. He has a lot of valid excuses with the constant changes each year. But it really doesn't account for his ability to just play football and win games. He is one of the nicest humans on the planet but I feel as though things have ran their course and he just isn't going to take the next step and become the NFL version of what he was in college. I don't think Tannehill is the long-term answer either but I think in the NFL he has better chance of winning games and managing the offense.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Geoff.

Chris Sherer from Simsbury, Connecticut
Hey Jim. Love the coverage you do for the team and appreciate the inside knowledge. You don't have to look far to find all sorts of criticism from fans about the offense and blame is being thrown around to pretty much everyone. Obviously, as the HC, Vrabel is getting a lot of fingers pointed at him but I've always wondered how involved he actually is with that side of the game. What is the extent of his involvement with the offense outside of what we're seeing as fans?

Jim: Hey Chris. Mike has said from Day One he's going to let his coaches on offense do their jobs. I know he's in on meetings and he offers input, but I don't get the sense he's involved in the offensive play-calling.

Bear Butler from Memphis, Tennessee
1st time writing in, I don't have any?'s just a few comments. I think benching Mariota was the wrong call. A while back Amy Adams Strunk said she wants Mariota to be the franchise qb, if she stands by that I think she should put her foot down and demand JRob address the offense by scouting an offensive coaching staff that can and will build an offense around Mariota's strengths and playstyle, and also use every pick in the 2020 draft to get an offensive line that will do their job. Hopefully there's enough high paid offensive linemen to be cut to keep all the great defensive guys on the team. I feel bad for Mariota he finally has a good receiving core but little chance of building chemistry with them with an o-line that's on a record pace for sacks allowed. Thanks for your time, and good luck Mariota.

Jim: Thanks Bear. Points taken.

Jason Knight from Cleveland, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I bet you are having a rough week. We are all pretty disgusted, as I'm sure you are as well. But you have to listen to us vent. We all appreciate the job you do, thank you. I think they should leave Tannehill in, 1st because he ran the offense better than MM8 even though he had a pick, 2nd, so we can find out if its Arthur Smith our OC's fault. I think they need a new offense line coach. Honestly I think this team needs some real football players, bring your lunchbox to work football players, like the ones the great Bill Parcells could find, cause these guys have no heart. If they do its weak and pumps cherry Kool Aid. They look like they just go thru the motions. Like they are defeated when they take the field. I also think the locker room has lost hope in MM8 and maybe the head coach what do you think?

Jim: Hey Jason. Well, it never gets dull in here. It's been a tough week of sports for me for sure. My Dodgers got eliminated, Vandy got embarrassed vs. UNLV, and the Titans, well, we know what happened there. As for Tannehill, I thought he did provide a spark on Sunday. Again, we'll have to see what decision is made moving forward. As for the heart of the team, I disagree with you on this. The offense has stunk, there's no getting around it. But the lack of success isn't because of a lack of heart from the team. You're telling me the guys on defense are going through the motions? You're telling me guys like Delanie Walker and Derrick Henry don't care? If you're basing this on a lack of enthusiasm, well, how excited can you be when you're getting shut out or scoring once a game? Just sayin'. And the players respect the head coach, I have no doubts about that.

Steven Tilton from Safford, Arizona
Hi Jim! Your dedication to the fans with these weekly 'Ask Jim' segments are great appreciated. Thanks for continuing these. I imagine your inbox is full of very heated and disappointed fans, and I can't blame them. I am as disheartened as anyone, but I will cheer for the two-tone blue regardless of wins and losses. My question is in regards to Jeffery Simmons. I read your article that he will be practicing for the first time this week, and that is fantastic news! I am excited for the day he can play. I am just curious though about what he has been allowed to do up to this point. Though he couldn't practice, was Simmons allowed to sit in on team meetings, position meetings, learn the playbook, watch practices, be in the building, etc? I guess in other words, how 'involved' has he been with the team without being able to practice since the season started? Thanks again for your patience and hard work!

Jim: Hey Steven. Appreciate it. Jeffery's return is positive news for sure. He's been busting it in rehab, inside and on a side field with trainers. He's looked good. And he has been sitting in on meetings and learning the playbook. He's been picking the brain of his teammates and coaches. I'm not sure what his snap count is going to look like at the start, but what he's been doing should have him in a position to have some early success, aside from the fact he's a mountain of a man with great athletic ability.

Kevin D from Honolulu, Hawaii
Ok, I'm a huge Mariota supporter and admit that he stunk it up against the Broncos on Sunday. I think the QB change and the lack of success by Tannehill proved that the QB is not the real problem with the offense. Tannehill was most successful once the offense went hurry-up, something we've seen Marcus have success with. So for those who are going to look at stats and say to stick with Tannehill the rest of the way, I have to disagree.
My question ... when will the real problem be addressed? The play calling is predictable and boring. There is no deception or creativity that defenses need to be concerned with. The formula of run, run, pass, punt (granted, not literally, but mostly) is not effective and really puts a lot of pressure on the QB to deliver on 3rd and long too often. I think this is an OC problem.

Jim: Hey Kevin. I'm not going to blame it all on the play-calling, just like I'm not going to blame it all on Mariota. The play-calling looked great against the Browns and Falcons. No so much in the losses. Time will tell what the problem is. And we'll find out soon enough if a QB change is a part of equation.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
I just looked up (Sunday) and Tannehill is playing. I hate to see this happen to Mariota and I'm just one fan but I do understand the decision. I feel terrible but it had to be done. Hopefully we find a solid QB in Tannehill.

Jim: Thanks, Jimmy Dee, and we'll see. Hey, that rhymes…. Sorry, I know no one is in the mood for my #dadjokes.

Peggy Mieras from Nashville, Tennessee
Do you think this QB decision 'thing' is a knee jerk reaction? Is it a raw emotional reaction? A decision in 24 hours? We all know the entire offense has performed poorly, but to say it's the QB after one showing of Tannehill? We haven't seen any of the offensive linemen benched. Why not.? Whoa! Slow down!

Jim: Hi Peggy. The reason for the quick decision is because the coaches put the game plan in on Monday night and Tuesdays, and then the practice week starts in full force on Wednesday. Coach Vrabel wants to make sure the QB who starts gets the vast majority of the first team reps. I'm sure that's why he's not wanting to wait until late in the week to decide.

Jonathan Wright from Bishop Auckland, England
Hi Jim. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, this year will be my fist miss of a trip over to watch my Titans live in action for over ten years - but I'll be back next year for sure. Maybe though with the way we're playing at the moment, not a totally bad thing. Not really a question more some comments on the state of things at the moment. It seems to me, much as I am a Mariota fan and believe in him, he needs to be taken out of the firing line. His confidence appears cut to ribbons, but then again whose wouldn't be behind our ultra-porous o-line. We don't help him by being so predictable in our play calling. We inevitably go run up the middle, run up the middle, long 3rd down - need to pass. It's an invitation for defensive coordinators to stack the box to stop the run then let the dogs loose to get to the QB. Even my wife, who has to suffer my addiction to the Titans, can predict our play-calling. We have to open up the playbook, get away from trying to pound the ball up the middle on first and second down - it's not working. We've put a lot of money into some, at the moment, very poor signings, players who aren't earning their salaries. They need to step up and start making plays. Much as our D is fantastic and I love to watch them at work, they can't win us games by themselves. Anyway glad to get that off my chest and here's hoping to better things starting Sunday.

Jim: Hi Jonathan. Thanks for taking the time and good luck with your health. Take care of yourself.

Dee Mo from Pensacola, Florida
I can't take this no longer I have been a Titans fan for over 20 years and this team for the last few years have been fools gold at best I think the franchise is losing fans daily sometimes needs to chance a culture change the team is content wilts being sub-par and coming in middle of the pack at best. I'm a MM8 fan but I love seeing the Titans win more. Let Marcus go keep Tannehill for one year and draft Trevor Lawrence from Clemson. But knowing the franchise they will blow the draft again and keep being the laughing stock of the AFC South.

Jim: Gotcha Dee. Still 10 games left in the season, and a lot of questions about who the best QB in the 2020 NFL Draft will be as well…

Bobby Sinsabaugh from Eugene, Oregon
First, I would like to say thanks for answering one of my questions in the past I'm sure it's not an easy thing to do. I have more of a statement than a question. I really don't think Marcus Mariota should take ALL of the blame for the way his career and this year is working out so far for him with the Titans. Had Marcus Mariota played on teams like the Seahawks or Chiefs I think we would all see him as an All-Star right now. The truth is that this team has never let Marcus Mariots free to play the way he plays best and has always played as a running QB and the Titans system isn't the best team for a QB like Mariota. Marcus has had to adjust every year to a new coach or offensive coach and if you look at watching teams like the Chiefs or Patriots you always see lots of open targets for their QB's to throw to unlike with the Titans it seems everyone is always well covered. Pat Mahomes is thriving with the chiefs because he is never pressured to make tough passes. I am always amazed at how many of his passes are to wide-open receivers and how many of Mariota passes are into tight windows. On top of all this the sacks still, keep coming and even Tannehill had 4 on him on the short time he was in the game against Denver and this isn't Okay !! I think they should let Mariota play out the season but let him play his game and run plays and schemes that Mariots feels that would work best for him. Mariota should be allowed to use his legs and run as he did with Oregon and like Lamar Jackson is doing with the Ravens because that will open up so many holes not only for his receivers but for his RB's as well !! It's funny how both the number 1 and number 2 players selected in the 2015 draft in Mariota and Winston are both on the hot seat to lose their jobs and both are tied for first with being sacked 25 times in 6 games. They're on pace to have 67 sacks and that's scary bad, The fact that Mariota has only thrown 2 ints compared to Winstons 10 ints says a lot of how good Mariota really is playing in a bad system for the type of QB that he is. Thanks for your time.

Jim: Appreciate it Bobby. Trying to get as many voices/opinions in here as I can.

Peter Sloan from Camdenton, Missouri
Hey, Jim, hope all is well with you and yours. First time writer here. Since the beginning I have been a Titans fan. I will always root for them. So that being said, I'm a PSL owner since the beginning too. My seats are in the club section. I can't get to Nashville very often any more so I put my tickets up for sale. Ticketmaster is the reseller. So I have no say in who buys my tickets. And I assume most other people who sell their tickets when they can't be there do the same thing. If the Titans aren't bringing in the fans and the opposing teams fans gobble up the tickets that are for sale it's not my fault. I know it's not fun when the opposing fan base out does ours. But $6000.00+ is a lot for me to swallow on a fixed income. So I try and recoup some of my PSL costs by selling my tickets. I resent what the person said a while back about just don't sell our tickets to the opposing fans. I need the money and I can't control who the tickets are sold to. I am a loyal Titans fan who pays for all 10 games in the club section every year since the team came to Nashville and I don't even get to go to the games anymore. Our fans need to Titan Up. Come on people. Thanks for letting me vent Jim.

Jim: Hey Peter. I appreciate you sharing your story. I get where you are coming from. And the team appreciates your support. And hearing you explain things, I can't fault you for doing what you have to do. I get it. Hang in there and hopefully our paths will cross at some point at Nissan Stadium.

Ed Reynolds from Grand Junction, Colorado
Hello Jim. That was hard to watch. Our offense as a whole was just out of sorts, sitting Marcus was good (not favoring) at that point of the game. I do believe that he should remain our QB. Ryan had to wait for guys to get open, which brought on 4 sacks. By just replacing MM8, there are other issues underlying that this team needs to address, OFFENSE as a whole. I hope the decision from above is well thought out about this. Probably won't see this on your day release, but for all the TITAN fans, it's not all Marcus issues, and Ryan may not be the answer as well, just look at all that is happening within the offense.

Jim: Thanks Ed. A vote for Mariota …

Mike Lucas from Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Another coulda, woulda, shoulda game. Get rid of Smith, Carter and trade Marcus for a tunafish sandwich. Dion Lewis is a joke. Smith and Marcus are worthless and Carter is worse than useless.

Jim: Next time, tell me how you really feel Mike.

Daryl Stanger from Hamilton, Ontario
Hey Jim ... still hanging in here and love what you do. thank you. continue your great work and God bless all Titans fans. Maybe we need the blessing of the pope lol to help our offense, # saints... we're all along for the ride. Much love from Canada and as always enjoy.

Jim: Much appreciated Daryl. We could all use a blessing about now…

Jackie Pash from Bowling Green, Kentucky
We are so frustrated. The game with Denver was a disaster! And I acknowledge it is not all the quarterback's fault. Marcus had a bad day again, but Tannehill got sacked too. I blame the offensive line. It has got to change and fast!

Jim: Hey Jackie. I've said this before – no matter who is at quarterback, protection has to be better – 29 sacks in six games is going to make it impossible for anyone to do well.

Justin Miller from McKinney, Texas
Hey Jim I've been following the Titans since I was 3 and I love this team with all I've got. I know there has been a lot of negativity and frustration with our organization. However I feel like they should let Mariota do what he does best. Personally, I feel like he's never been a true pocket passer and he should be able to move more and sling the rock. Is there any chance of Arthur letting this happen?

Jim: Well, Justin, first we need to find out who will be behind center on Sunday…

Gregg Lee from Nashville, Tennessee
When is everyone gonna stop throwing Mariota under the bus, and instead, buy a ticket to Oregon, one way, and put him ON a bus?

Jim: You do realize he gave up his final year of eligibility, and he's from Hawaii don't you?

Jerome Lhurriec from Nantes (France)
Hi Jim. When we all think that our team touched the bottom last week, we can see they continue to dig deeper and deeper... I started to support the Titans in 2002. It was kind of an accident. I was with a group of friends who wanted to play madden online. I discover american football, all the rules, all the strategy with the game. I was the last one to pick my team because I was here just to have the good number of players. I had a choice between the Titans and the Colts. I remember I chose the Titans for their helmet and for the face of the franchise. Manning had a hard look and Eddie George, I was a real fan of his look. And became a real fan of his plays when seing the matchs.
Good old days. Today, I'm hesitant to switch my support to another team.
I won't stay awaken from noon to 3 AM to see such an offensive void...
So Marcus was benched and Tannehill made some good throws. But I don't think we would have win with Tannehill starting (we would probably have had some points...). What was blatant => Tannehill has been sacked 4 times in 3 drives. More than Mariota... that's not Mariota or Tannehill that are keeping the ball too long. That's still our O-Line which is not able to block anything... First 4 games, our right side was a mess. Now the complete line from left to right is a joke which does not block, does not push and if something good happens will give a holding penalty or a false start. Since his return, Taylor Lewan has surrendered more sacks and penalties than any other on the line... And he is a pro bowler ? the highest paid ? really ? We are set to hit the 80 sacks in the season with this line and with no backup plan ! What a purge to see that. My hat to Derrick Henry able to gain yards behind these guys...
What is more blatant: These guys were here last year and I still think that Saffold and Davis are upgrades from last year guys. And when the defense (with the same guys) is going from good to great, this line is going from bad to hilarious. And that's on the coaching staff! If your line can't block anything, you have to fire your line coach and, as an offensive coordinator to find a way to be able to play...
I hope to hear a big news from Robinson or Vrabel this week (not just Tannehill being the new starter, the news has to concern the line AND the coaches...). If not, I will seek a new team... Even when we were a
2-14 team, the offense was not as boring than now.

Jim: A lot to take in here Jerome, but I appreciate the passion from France.

João Gabriel Schutze from Campinas, Brazil
Oi Jim. How are you? First, I feel sorry for Cairo. I was expecting more from him. Before I'm a Brazilian guy, I'm a Titan. Second, Vrabel yesterday during the half-time looked so bored with what the team was doing. I can't imagine what he said after the game. I thought we would win this game easily. I can't believe how easy our opponents can reach MM. I'm worried this row of defeats can keep our boys down. What are you expecting from the rest of season? Take care.

Jim: Hello Joao. I enjoyed being around Cairo, but not many kickers can survive an 0-for-4 day. What am I expecting the rest of the season? I expect the defense to keep playing well, and hopefully the offense can step up and carry their share of the load.

Bradley Wolfe from Aberdeen, South Dakota
Hey Jim. I've had some time to sleep on this loss. A lot of podcasts and local media are looking ahead to the draft this morning. I however want to look at some positives. Our defense is one of the best in the league, we have offensive weapons, we are just struggling to click. Is there something I'm missing? On paper this team is solid. I refuse to believe Amy and everyone under her has given up this season. Thanks for taking the time Jim.

Jim: Hey Bradley. I can assure you no one is giving up on the season. And you hit the nail on the head – the defense is one of the best in the league, and the offense has been struggling.

Peter Yamaguchi from San Pedro, California
Hi Jim! Where is the quarterback that was drafted #2 in the 2015 draft?? No confidence and indecision were not the qualities of the Marcus Mariota that we drafted!! I hope that Marcus tests the waters of Free Agency and plays for a team that knows how to use his talents as an NFL Quarterback, the current Offensive Staff NEVER WILL!! The games have become not fun to watch and unless our Defense can score the Titans season is over! I wish you the best and hope that you can survive the rest of the season! My Titans season is done! It's too painful to watch!!! Take Care and Good Luck!

Jim: Well, Peter, take care and good luck to you as well. Hope you see you down the road…

Larry Wilson from Greensburg Kentucky
Hey Jim. WOW... Is Kap still available? Why has 77 become nothing but a penalty machine since his suspension? And why won't Vrabel suspend him for now being a detriment to the team? Oh thats right, he's only two games back now. Just like the rest if the team, two games back. I'm not being negative, but more realistic. Coach made a good call to put in Ryan, but he also should have benched a few offensive line dudes as well. We did well during the preseason with the third line, would you agree that a couple guys should get called up from the practice squad, and relegated to as such? Kudos to Tannehill on his debut, the line just failed him. (by him I mean The Team). Thanks Jim, Crush 'Em Titans !

Jim: You lost me early here Larry. Conduct detrimental to the team for a few penalties? A lot of guys would be in trouble with that criteria. As for benching guys, the team doesn't have an o-lineman currently on the practice squad. The only serious option to shake things up at this point would be to play Dennis Kelly in place of someone.

Benny Peterson from Erwin, Tennessee
lol, nothing left to say or ask jim, NOTHING

Jim: I hear ya…

Emmanuel Gijón from Madrid, Spain
Hola Jim esto no es una pregunta simplemente es decir lo que siento por este equipo.Los peores dos juegos q he visto en mis 23 años de ser Titan
La defensa es muy buena pero nunca ganarán defendiendo, la ofensiva no establece nada no saben si correr o lanzar, en ocasiones parece que quieren ganar dando lástima.
En verdad que estoy muy molesto es la peor ofensiva e insisto el coordinador ofensivo no sirve el coordinador defensivo está haciendo su trabajo. La línea ofensiva no sirve .
Creen que cambiando el QB todo cambiará ?? No es cierto, si nadie te protege así pongas a Tom Brady no podrá hacer nada.
En verdad que me siento defraudado y así quieren tener un estadio lleno y contentos a los fanáticos, están muy equivocados y tenía intenciones de ir a un partido a Nashville pero nunca pagaría para ir a ver esto y perder mi tiempo y dinero

Jim: Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos, Emmanuel. Sin duda, las cosas deben arreglarse en muchos lugares. Con suerte, las cosas mejorarán y cambiarás de opinión acerca de venir al Estadio Nissan y a Nashville. Es un lugar maravilloso.

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Hi Jim, after reading the mailbag for some years I finally thought it was time to write. I have been a fan of the Oilers/ Titans since the head coach in Houston was a guy named Ed Biles (one whom I rather forget). Watching this team I can't help but wonder if the problem is not just the players but the entire coaching staff. Two tears ago the OL was considered one of the best in football. We add a Pro Bowl guard and the entire OL is now one of the worst. They can't block for the pass or run. Our OC is a great guy but not as an OC. Our head coach is also a great guy but I don't see him doing very well at leading the team. The team as a whole from the head coach down are not performing as professionals. This year reminds me of the 70/71 Oilers the laughing stock of the NFL . The Miami at least are trying to lose. Tell me how does a team that is one of the worst beat the Titans who have a very good if not great running back? Thanks for letting me rant, Tom

Jim: That's what I'm here for Tom. Hope you feel better. I don't agree Vrabel is a poor leader, however. He needs to figure out why the team's offensive line is having so much trouble protecting the quarterback, but he can't be blamed for all of the team's shortcomings, just like it's not all on Mariota. Heck, if the Titans kicking game didn't let the team down in a few games the team could be sitting at 4-2 right now. So again, it's not all on a lack of leadership.

Ray Coons from Saugerties, New York
Hello Jim, long time Oilers/Titans fan here. I read the mailbag weekly and would like to thank you for your great work. This is my first time writing in. I must say this is a pathetic, going back to the second half VS. Atlanta 7 offensive points in 10 quarters of football. That's just not going to get it done. Every week we here the same excuses. We didn't get it done, we hurt ourselves, our kicker missed 4 field goals, we didn't make enough plays, etc. etc. etc. This is unacceptable. This team moved on from Mike Mularkey because the offensive side of the ball couldn't compete with the big boys after the demoralizing playoff loss to New England. It was said that he refused to go in a different direction with offensive coaching and scheme. Well I must say that at least back then the offensive scheme seemed to be more tailored for the talent we had. Back then offensively the team had some grit, some heart, some fight. Our offense now can't compete with the average teams let alone the big boys. They seem out of sorts, confused, and lethargic more times than not. They don't seem to have the passion or confidence right now to win. These guys need to take a long hard look at themselves and get it fixed and fast. I guess we will see what kind of character they have with their backs against the wall. The defense is playing fairly well good enough to win. I mean in today's NFL you should be able to score more than 16 points per game. When you give up 14 points and lose, then give up 16 points and lose there is a huge problem. Our kicker didn't miss 4 field goals this week in Denver but again the same results a big fat LOSS. What will this week's excuse be? I pay for DirecTv Sunday ticket and watch every game every week. This game against the Broncos was by far the hardest to watch in a long time other than last week's loss to Buffalo. I don't see the problems getting fixed on offense this season. The players we have keep making the same mistakes week in week out. I can't figure out if it is poor coaching, lack of discipline by the players, poor practice habits, or is it that at this point right now in the season they just feel beaten both mentally and physically and are kinda giving up. I will always be a fan of the team no matter how frustrating it is to be one, just would like some in house insight on the offensive abyss this team is in and if you feel it can or will be fixed this season. What's your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Ray. If I had the answers, I'd be on the coaching staff and not writing for the team's web site. The problems have been across the board on offense, from the quarterback play to protection problems on the offensive line to too many drops. Now it's up to football folks a lot smarter than me to fix it.

Have a great week everyone!

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