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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to September.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

We made it through training camp, and now we're less than two weeks away from the regular season opener against the Broncos.

The clock is ticking, and the questions – and comments – keep rolling in.

Let's do this …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Michael Crevoiserat from Long Island, New York
Hi Jim. Long-time Titan fan from way up North. My question is: Does the signing of Will Compton officially put the nail in the coffin for Jadeveon Clowney or do we still have CAP space for him? I know there has been "rumors" about him about his work ethic and such forth, but I think he would be amazing for us. We need better edge rushing if we are to succeed in getting to the big show, and if you get a chance to tell King Henry to keep up the great work, he'll be better than C2J.

Jim: Hey Michael. The addition of Compton has zero impact on Clowney. They play different positions, and their contracts (no matter where Clowney ends up) won't end up being similar. Nothing has changed with Clowney. Where he lands in large part hinges on where he wants to be, and what he's willing to play for this fall.

Wynn Whitfield from Lake Country British Columbia
Hi from the Great White North More Titan fans here then you would think. My question is: Are they going to allow tickets to be sold to other than season ticket holders if they start allowing less than full seating. I have had the opportunity to see as few games live and loved the experience. Also I was glad to see the Titans give Will Compton a try out I like him in special teams and as player who can fill holes. I met him a few times and he was so nice to us he could have been a Canadian. Love your column. TITAN UP

Jim: Hey Wynn. If fans are allowed into Nissan Stadium starting in October, the tickets will be available to season ticket members. As for Compton, it's good to see him back. Now we'll see if he sticks on the 53. Roster cuts coming this weekend.

Jon Porter from Cedar Park, Texas
First a comment and then a question. I am proud of the men on this team for banding together as a team more than once this season to speak their minds, opinions and truths. I am loyal reader of the mailbag and have seen many letters bemoaning players "getting political" or the concern of kneeling. Why can I provide my opinion on football or politics or movies or whatever; but a player, a coach or even a team cannot not express their opinion? "But this is my time, I pay for this entertainment!" Yes, sports fan you do. You can "cancel" the Titans if you don't agree. But these players have a platform, a cause they believe in, and the ability to speak, to move and hopefully to make systemic changes. It appears based on the comments many people believe this is about the flag or the President. Or believe it only about Mr. Floyd or Mr. Blake or Ms. Taylor. It is not. The players appear to be educating themselves on historical and politics events over the past 400 years that have created structures and mindsets that still exist today. For sure things have improved, especially in the past fifty years. But they can and we can be better. So "Justice for All" truly means All. If you want to learn about this I encourage readers to study ABA 21 Day Equity Challenge. These are articles, podcasts and videos you can educate yourself about what the Titans are talking about. Be part of a change for all Americans – not Democrats or Republicans; Not Titan fans or Raven fans, but all of us, together as Americans.
To my question: I want to understand the new practice squad rules, especially the new rules relating to veteran players and the protected players. Thank Jim for answering my questions and permitting me to soapbox.

Jim: Appreciate your take, Jon. As for the practice squad rules, teams will be able to carry six players with no limits on their number of accrued seasons; other eligibility levels for the rest of the guys on the practice squad will be the same as last year.

James Costin from Cincinnati, Ohio
Why should we listen to $100 million 20-year-old athletes lecture on social justice? Just curious.

Jim: Hi James. Is this your way of saying "Shut up and dribble?" I don't subscribe to that line of thinking here.

Harry Daffer from Nashville, Tennessee
I have been a loyal Titans supporter since day one. Those days are over. After hearing what Ryan Tannehill said the other day about our great country ended my support forever. Thanks for reading.

Jim: Hi Harry. I agree: We do live in a great country. But I think we can strive to be better. Thanks for writing.

Greg Stauffer from Clarksville, Tennessee
Jim, avid reader, never miss a mailbag. I do not have a question but a request.
I heard Oprah Winfrey on CBS This Morning discussing her book of the month selection: "CASTE The Origins of Our Discontents", by Pulitzer Prize winning author Isabel Wilkerson.
It is a perfect book for our times as address the root of our social & racial injustice. I have never seen Oprah so passionate. I had had to get the book. To say I was blown away is an understatement.
My request is can you get Ryan Tannehill & Kevin Byard name of this book. I sincerely believe this will be a huge help in their quest search for how to address our discontent for racial & social injustice.
I am a 71-year old white guy and have stood for racial social justice since I was a freshman in college in 1968. Which was the big year in racial & social justice. But I was clueless for 52 years.
My son-in-law is black, we are reading it together.
I do not have platform to promote this book, but the Ryan & Kevin do.
Everyone in America should read this book. It should be taught in schools.
I hope the Titans can read this book. Thank, Jim

Jim: Thanks for the tip, Greg. And thanks for taking the time.

Pauly D from Port Saint Luci, Florida
I've been an Oilers / Titan fan since 1978. I've seen it all from LUV YA BLE TO TIAN UP! Anyhow, we were rolling pretty good there in the playoffs until we unfortunately came to our end at KC . Our defense looked tired and we all saw the lack of pass rush. Wow did Mahomes seem like he had all day to throw that ball. Tough to cover any Wide Receiver that long and then when you add the speed of their receivers ...a tough task at hand. Seeing this as a fan I was hoping our first priority in the offseason would be a solid proven pass rusher. Yes the loss of Conklin then Casey and Logan Ryan made for an interesting off season as well but still thought Pass Rusher looked like a Huge priority.. So far it doesn't look as if we have done enough to solidify this weakness even if Beasley wasn't a major disappointment. Just wondering your thoughts and insight on this issue. Thanks for your time and Always enjoy your work and dedication you have for the Titans. Take care, be safe, God Bless and TITAN UP !

Jim: Hi Pauly D. Appreciate you writing in. Beasley was supposed to change the look of the defense, but it hasn't worked out that way so far since we haven't seen him on the practice field. Titans coach Mike Vrabel makes it sound like the team is still holding out hope of getting him back on the field soon, and then the mission would be to get him ready to play in some packages as soon as possible. But he's going to need to get into football shape, and he's going to need to knock the rust off. It could take some time, of course. So how are the Titans without him? Well, Harold Landry has looked good in camp. And I think Kamalei Correa seems poised to pick up where he left off last season. After that, youngsters like D'Andre Walker and Derick Roberson will need to step up. I admit, it's a position group that still has some question marks heading into the season. But I think the Titans will also have other ways to hassle quarterbacks, with some disruptive defensive linemen, and blitz packages. I'm curious myself to see how this plays out.

Jason Vesely from Mosinee, Wisconsin
10-6 or better for a record this year I would really be proud of: 11-5, 12-4 that's bonus 13-3 or 14-2 that I'd really be ecstatic about that would guarantee home field advantage if the record is that good 9-7 that's already there on ability alone 1 game to improve to 10-6 that's capable.

Jim: 10-4, good buddy.

Gene Dunlap from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. My question is: Is Logan Woodside the backup to Ryan Tannehill now?

Jim: Hi Gene. Well, he started off camp as the No.2 QB, and based on what I've seen from him in practices, he's still holding onto that spot. Yes, Trevor Siemian was brought on board a few weeks back. He adds experience. But Woodside hasn't backed down from the competition. There are no guarantees in the NFL, and there will be shake-ups across the NFL when roster cuts are made this weekend. But Woodside continues to make a solid case for himself.

Have a great week everyone!

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