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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – A win is a win is a win.

The Titans pulled out a 33-30 victory on Sunday against the Jaguars to get to 2-0, and that's a place only two other Titans teams have been in the past after two weeks.

Now it's on to Minnesota to face the Vikings.

And it's also on to another Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

James Nelson from Sparta, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim! I guess I have more of a statement than a question. I don't see a lot of fans stating the obvious about our new and improved Titans. One of the best moves ever made by the Titans organization was the hiring of Mike Vrabel. It is flat undeniable that the reason we are having so much success is that we have a REAL leader at the helm. Coach Vrabel has forgotten more about football than most people will ever know. When Coach was hired a couple years ago, I told my wife that Mike Vrabel will one day go down as the most successful head coach in NFL history and he's proving that statement to be true. He has brought this team together as one unit who is firing together on all cylinders and I just wanted to use this opportunity to let Coach Vrabel know that we love and appreciate him. In my opinion, without him, we would not be enjoying the success that we are. He brings the best out in everyone and I love that!

Jim: Hey James. Solid take here. I definitely think Coach Vrabel deserved a lot of credit. In his first year, so many folks wanted to question some of his in-game coaching decisions, his aggressiveness in going for it, etc. Like a lot of first-year coaches, he made a lot of decisions with his gut, and instincts. But he's settled in and I think he's much more comfortable now. I also believe being a good head coach has more to do with how the coach handles himself during the week, with preparation, coaching, making players better, showing leadership, getting guys to buy in, etc. And I think coach Vrabel checks all the boxes. I'm with you – the Titans have a good leader of men at head coach.

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida

Question: Hope all is well. Bud here in Jax, surrounded by unhappy fans. Longtime Oiler/Titan fan back to love you blue. Just question -- being a longtimer and watching all games: Why does it seem when the Titans get a 10 to 14 point lead they tend to feel like the game is won or fall asleep or get to conservative? Not just yesterday's Jags game many and they seem to play better when the game is close. What's your thought good to see 2-0 take care sir.

Jim: Hi Bud. Good to hear from you. There's no simple answer to this other than to say it's hard to win in the NFL. A lot of games come down to the final minutes, even the final possession, and you don't see a ton of blowouts. With that said, last year the Titans won by 30 at Cleveland, by 22 vs. Jacksonville, by 21 at Oakland at by two touchdowns at Atlanta and Indianapolis. So, there were some lopsided wins among some nail-biters as well. Sunday's game looked like it might be a blowout early, but I give the Jaguars credit – they battled back, and the Titans had to desperately hold on. And this is a Jacksonville team that beat Indy in the opener. Winning in the NFL is about winning close games, and fortunately the Titans have proven they can do that, too.

Mark McCullough from S Padre Island, Texas

Question: I wrote in last Monday night asking the question; "how are we going to fix the kicking game?" Bam, I would say kick a game winning field goal two weeks in row. My question this week has to do with Mr Jackson, the CB on ir. Do you think he will be back in week four? I love these nail biters. 2-0 first time since 2008 sounds good to me. I have been with this club since 1978 and this year is already better than the worst ones I have lived through. Titan UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: Hey Mark. It's TBD on Adoree'. With the new IR rules, he's eligible to return Week 4. But I haven't seen him since the Thursday practice before the Denver game, and Vrabel hasn't provided any updates on when he'll be back. Vrabel never puts a timetable on injuries. The Titans could definitely use Adoree', I think everyone would agree on that. The young guys are battling and getting better, but Adoree' is a veteran who provides experience and play-making ability.

Kate McClarnon from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: When I first heard about the Titans' plans for cardboard cutouts and images of fans around the stadium, I thought it was a little silly. But then on Sunday, I saw my giant 5 or 6 foot tall head on what looks to be a wall wrap in the end zone, holding my stuffed T-Rac, and I got so excited about it. Friends were texting me pictures of their TV screens, and I have to say it actually did build the excitement of game day. I didn't expect it to matter, but it did. I am even more hype to get back to Nissan Stadium in a few weeks! Thanks to the Titans organization for their creativity in a very abnormal season. (Also, 2-0?? I'll take it!!)

Jim: Hi Kate! I thought it was cool as well. Glad you were there, at least in some fashion. And I'm excited about the fans coming back. It's weird watching games in an empty stadium.

Jabari Jackson of Merced, California

Question: Hey Jim. I love the work you continue to do, the unbiased mailbag it's one of my favorite reads in sports. I agree that everyone's entitled to their opinion I can definitely appreciate you showing both sides and the ongoing argument between fans about the Titans social justice stances, so thanks again for your work. I just saw the Jeffrey Simmons one handed Odell Beckham-esque catch. Is there any chance we see big Jeff check in as an eligible receiver? I mean it wouldn't hurt. Arguably, the best set of hands on the team is sidelined. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Corey Davis and of Kalif Raymond but AJ Brown has the best hands on the. Your thoughts?

Jim: Well, Jabari. It was a pretty smooth snag by the big man. I've included the video below from my Twitter feed. Could we see Simmons on offense at some point? Hey, I can't give away any secrets in here. 😎

Braulio Cardenas Cantú from Saltillo, México

Question: Hola Jim!! Greetings from Mexico!! I hope this email finds you and your family in good health. Our team don't have a defensive coordinator, and during the game in Denver I notice some lack of communication. In your opinion how much it's affecting not to have a defensive coordinator? Do you think someone will be defined for this position?

Jim: Hello Braulio. Like anything new, the Titans are adapting to the transition without Dean Pees, who retired, of course. I think communication has been good for the most part. The execution and play, though, clearly needs to be better. As for someone being "defined" for the position of DC, I am not expecting Vrabel to change his stance on this and reveal too many details.

Jesse Haynie from Kossuth, Mississippi

Question: What's up Jim? How about that win!! Tough game but they pulled it out. Just curious if you have any updates on the Titans 5k this year or if you could direct me to someone who would have information on it? TitanUp!!!!

Jim: Hey Jesse. The team should be announcing something on this next week, but here's the latest: It's moving to a virtual event. Those who signed up can remain in the mix and run a 5K course anywhere from November 1-November 15, and still be eligible for the awards. The team will also have refund options, or the ability to roll over the cost until next year's 5K. Look for an official announcement, and all the information, sometime next week.

Cesar Pineda from Mexico City, Mexico

Question: Salutes Jim: What´s going on with Vic Beasley? He will play for the Titans this season?

Jim: Hello Cesar. He's going to play for the Titans, it's just a matter of when. Vic just recently returned to practices, and he did more last week than he'd done previously. I think he's getting close, and the team could sure use him. Outside linebacker Harold Landry played 72 of 75 snaps vs. the Jaguars, and Jadeveon Clowney played 62 of 75 snaps. Those guys could use Beasley and Derick Roberson, who has also missed the last two weeks, in the rotation more, along with Kamalei Correa, who played just 12 of the game's 75 snaps.

Justin Tibbs from Dyersburg, Tennessee

Question: I'm a huge Titans fan been one since day one and seriously one of my happy moments in life was for Tennessee to finally get a pro team. I was around 14 at that time and I remember when we became the Titans in 1999 and marched to that last second defeat in The Super Bowl. But it felt great to get there and honestly I see a running and accurate QB like McNair a ground pounder like George and great TE play like Wycheck an also a very tough and stingy Defense like 99 also. Do you believe 99 and this year is similar? The only difference is that I see is that I believe this is our year to hoist that trophy GO TITANS #1

Jim: Hey Justin. Well, 1999 and 2020 are similar now because those are among just three teams to start a year 2-0. If you remember, the organization had a string of 8-8 regular seasons before getting to the big game in 1999. Now, the organization has produced a string of four straight 9-7s leading up to the 2020 season. So maybe this is a get-over-the-hump year? As for talent and personnel, I like the way these Titans are built. That 1999 team won a lot of close, ugly games, and these Titans are showing they're capable of doing that as well. Clearly, this year's bunch needs to keep improving, but it's definitely a team capable of doing something special as long as it stays healthy.

Micah Phillips from Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Question: With the Bucs' acquisition of Fournette, would there be any chance of trading for Ke'Shawn Vaughn to bring him home to Nashville and the Titans? Seems like we are still needing an upgrade to back up Henry and Evans' health concerns me.

Jim: Not unless the Bucs cut him, and I don't see that happening. The Titans just need Darrynton Evans to get healthy. He's getting close, and when you see him, I think you'll like him.

Ben Avery from Benton, Missouri

Question: Hey Jim. When we first hired Vrabel I wasn't sure. Man was I wrong. I love the attitude of this team. Being an Oilers/Titan fan all my life. 58 years old. I'm so proud of these current group of Titans. Where do you think our strengths and weaknesses are? Thanks sir

Jim: Hey Ben. We started off this mailbag with some praise for Vrabel, too. As for the strengths and weaknesses, it's a long season and some of these will reveal themselves more moving forward. Right now, I'd say QB play and the running game should be the strengths, along with the o-line, and the punting game. Defensively, the team has a lot of talent that needs to come together. I'm a little worried about the depth at some positions, but I think a lot of teams could say the same thing there. It should be an interesting year, seeing how these things play out. But the team is at least off to a good start at 2-0.

Have a great week everyone!

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