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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – During past offseasons, the Titans and other clubs would have their rookie camp in the rear-view mirror, and they'd be in the middle of OTAs about now.

But this isn't a normal offseason, so instead things are in a holding pattern.

The Titans mailbag remains on track, however.

Let's dive into the latest batch of questions – and answers…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Neil Martindale from Rochdale, England
Long time Oilers/Titans fan here. With Cam Newton still available as a free agent, do you think he would make a great qb 2? Don't want to dis Marcus but Cam is just a better version of the pass/run qb,if he stays fit. Love the ask Jim. Stay safe.

Jim: Hey Neil. Good to hear from you. I haven't asked anyone about Cam specifically, so I'm just going with my gut here. And my answer is: I wouldn't bet on this happening. Not only do I question if Cam is a good fit, I also think Cam's probably thinking he could find a better opportunity elsewhere. My thinking on the Titans QB situation as it stands right now: Behind Tannehill, Logan Woodside and Cole McDonald will get a chance to win the No.2 job. If the season is creeping closer and neither has established himself, then the team could go looking for a veteran at the position to back up Tannehill.

Richard Jones from Jacksonville, Florida
Hey Jim hope you are doing well during this pandemic. My question is: How close do you think the league is to deciding whether or not the season will start at the planned time and if fans will be able to go to the games? Thanks for all you do.

Jim: Hey Richard. I don't think the league is close to making these decisions. At this point, everyone needs more time, and no one is sure exactly what the future holds, with the coronavirus, and how it might impact the NFL. Like everyone else, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want games to be played, and I want fans to be in the stands to see them. But I also want this virus to stop spreading, and I want people to stay safe. Chances are we're not going to know the answer to some of these questions until a few months from now.

Darin W from Bountiful, Utah
What's the realistic chance the Titans snag Clowney? I know they're in talks with his people, but do you know if it's looking good? Also do you know if they're looking to add any more WRs? Or are they going to roll with the current guys?

Jim: Hey Darin. I probably get a dozen Clowney questions a week. If only we could send questions to "Ask Jadeveon." This much we know: The Titans are interested in Clowney, and they'd like to sign him. But I've said this before: Clowney has to decide what he wants, and that includes money, and fit. From everything I've heard – which is based off what he's said—he's willing to be patient. As for receivers, four of the 14 undrafted free agents signed by the Titans play receiver.

Billy Holton from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey, Jim. Hope you and yours are well and safe. I have a couple of questions for you. First, do you see the team picking up another RB? 22, aka the Two-Toned Tonka, will continue to run roughshod over defenses. Evans replaces Lewis as the 3DRB. I see we signed the kid from Stanford, who is more of a returner, but neither of them would be able to carry an NFL load if something were to(gulp) you know, happen, to (gulp) you know who. I don't even want to type it, but a second-string RB that is big enough to step in and start if needed for an extended period isn't on the roster. Any word on plans to bring in a true RB2? Also, I noticed 3 UDFA from both Missouri and Arizona State. I know ASU has several former NFL coaches and players (Edwards, Lewis, Pierce, Mawae) on staff. I don't see that at Mizzou. Any reason or just kismet? Thanks for all you do, Jim. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hi Billy. The No.2 RB is Darrynton Evans, the team's third-round pick in the NFL Draft. Some other guys will be in camp battling it out behind him, but I expect to see a depth chart that has RB1: Henry; RB2: Evans; RB3: TBD. FB1: Khari Blasingame. If there's a third, right now the favorite is former Bills running back Senorice Perry, who was signed last week. He'll compete with Dalyn Dawkins and Shaun Wilson. Perry is a solid special teams player, so I give him the edge. And don't completely rule out David Fluellen re-entering the mix at some point. He's a solid pro, but he's had trouble staying healthy.

Greg Stauffer from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, avid reader, love your work! When I read some fans derogatory remarks about J-Rods draft picks, I get a little defensive. I think J-Rod, Coach Vrabel & staff do a great job on their due diligence on the draft picks.
My example is Isaiah Wilson.
But let me set the stage! Once I was on a flight and found myself sitting next the NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson NY Giants ILB. (BTW he looked like he could still play & he was huge) I was dying to ask him questions, without invading his privacy.
He graciously agreed to let me ask him questions. My first question was: Why do some can't miss draft picks fail. Physical capabilities, heart, drive? Why do they fail. Harry said: "Everyone who is drafted is physically capable of playing in the NFL. The one's who make it are smart, can play at the speed of the NFL and can learn the scheme. On every play each player has a job, if one player misses his assignment the play will probably fail. The one's who succeed can learn their job in scheme and play fast". He used Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage changing plays to describe the speed of the game. Wow, in matter of seconds your assignment changes! No wonder players would miss their assignments. From what I have read, Isaiah is smart and has played in the Titans offensive scheme at GA. He certainly has the physical tools. I bet J-Rob hit a home run on this pick! What is your take? Thanks

Jim: Hey Greg. Well, you gained some great wisdom from Harry. Thanks for sharing. I like the Isaiah Wilson pick. Part of the reason I like it is because I think he's a really good player with a lot of potential. That's based off what I have seen for myself. The biggest reason I like the pick is because of the faith I have in the GM, who is regularly the first guy in the building (when it's open) and the last guy to leave. And he's not in his office all day binge-watching Ozark and eating Nutter Butters -- he's watching film. In other words, if Jon Robinson likes him, then I trust his decision because he puts the work in, and his track record suggests he knows what he's doing.

Joan Dutton from Cerritos, California
Hi Jim. Thanks so much for all you do to keep us informed on the happenings of the Titans. I believe we picked up some exceptional talent thru the draft. I see today that we have signed some unrestricted free agents from some colleges not always on the radar. Based on their numbers, especially size it would appear that we are attempting to beef the OL & DL lines. I would love to get your input on these free agents? Hope you and your family continue to stay healthy! TITAN UP!!!!!!

Jim: Hi Joan. You're right – three offensive linemen and a pair of defensive linemen were among the team's 14 undrafted free agents, and it came after the Titans added one on each side during the draft. I'm anxious to see them, especially DL Teair Tart from Florida International. He's an explosive big man. I've also heard some good things about NT Kobe Smith from South Carolina.

Douglas Sullins from Johnson City, Tennessee
Dear Jim, Thank you for your special insights and insider info. I hope all is going well for you & yours. Just a few questions. One question is concerning Panthers Luke Kuecly is there any chance the Titans will pick him up? Two, I believe that Carlos Hyde is still floating around out there. He would be a good backup to Henry and provide the Titans with a good 1, 2 punch. Is there any chance the Titans might pick him up? One last question. I believe that the Titans did not pickup C. Davis 5th yr. This being the case are there any WR's. out there that J Rob and Vrabel might be looking at or are they just waiting until the final cuts? I think Humphries was a great addition last yr. TITANUP! God bless you and yours.

Jim: Hey Douglas. Kuechly has retired, so you can rule him out. As for Hyde, see the RB convo with Billy from Chattanooga a few questions above. As for Corey Davis, he'll still be in the team for 2020, and just because the team didn't pick up his option for 2021 doesn't mean his days with the team will automatically be over after this year. There's nothing that says he can't earn a new contract. The team still likes him, but paying him $15 million for a year just wasn't the right business move.

Norbert Jimenez from Los Angeles, California
What up big Jim! Love reading these q and a through the good and astonishing haha. Big Titans fan from LA saw you wearing the LA hat on the OTP when the schedule was released and I thought that was pretty cool. My question to you is what are the chances of bringing back Woodyard? Huge Evans fan, Jayon made something for himself, and Long is killer but it's dangerous, Im rooting for that Mizzouri UR to take a spot but what if we could at least bring back one veteran, it was nice seeing Casey and Simmons. What about Woodyard tho, he can do special teams at the best, bring depth, and he could use a super bowl ring. Is he too expensive? Too old? Or?
Keep doing amazing stuff, stay safe, hopefully there's a season so I can go to my first Titans game on my Birthday Opening Day. I'm 24.

Jim: Hey Norbert. What can I say? I love my Dodgers. I'm also a big fan of Wesley Woodyard. Right now, I'm doubting he'll be back, though. Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans held down the ILB spots last year, and David Long stepped up and played well when called upon. The team has a few other guys scheduled to compete inside, and on special teams, including Nick Dzubnar, formerly of the Chargers. But you can't completely rule it out. I can promise you Wesley didn't burn any bridges on his way out the door following last season. So, you never know what could transpire, and injuries could change things as well. Wesley has said he'd like to keep playing, so we'll have to see how this one plays out.

William Merriweather from Guthrie, Kentucky
Hey Jim hope all is well. What do you think is our weakest position? Me I think it's Kicker, then pass rush. With Rivers being in the division now and KC still going to be a good offensive team, we still need help there. What you think?

Jim: Hey William. Right now, without seeing a single practice, I can't say which position is the weakest. I can tell you my opinion on which positions have the biggest question marks right now. It's fair to list kicker, simply because someone needs to emerge. Greg Joseph has done it in the league, and he could establish himself. I liked the way he finished last season. With some changes at cornerback, obviously some questions need to be answered there. QB2, which we touched on earlier, has some unknowns. I'm not as worried about the pass rush (edge rush) as others, because I expect Vic Beasley to step up, I expect Harold Landry to take another step, and I like the way Kamalei Correa finished last season. And D'Andre Walker and Derick Roberson have a chance to emerge. And what if, just what if, Clowney joined the squad? Hey, it's still early May. A whole lot of things are still in the TBD category.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!

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