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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Reporting date for Titans training camp is now just a week away.

The start of this Tuesday's mailbag, well, it's here.

Let's dive right in, and then I'm going to jump over and continue banging out these position previews.

Here we go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Callum D from Bristol, England
Hi Jim. With AJ gone, Robert Woods coming off of an injury and Treylon Burks being a rookie, I'm thinking a big under the radar year could be on the cards for Nick Westbrook-Ikhine. Which other pass catchers do you think have flashed enough in camp to really give us more depth?

Jim: I think you're right, Callum. I'm anxious to see who steps up when camp starts. Woods, NWI and Burks are the top three, at least in my book. Josh Malone had a really nice offseason, and has a chance to stick. Kyle Philips is intriguing. Racey McMath and Dez Fitzpatrick are a year older, and now know more about what it's going to take. Throw in guys like Cody Hollister, Mason Kinsey and undrafted free agent Reggie Roberson and camp should be fun to watch. The team is better at tight end, with Austin Hooper and Chig Okonkwo. A lot TBD here, from health to performance. We'll begin getting some answers soon.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, I'm always hearing someone say "We'll see how so-and-so plays when the pads come on" and I would like to know what "when the pads come on" means? Also, how does having "the pads on" affect a player's play? I would also like to know if having pads on might make playing football even harder for Treylon Burks?

Jim: Hey Jimmy Dee. Well, the offseason practices are conducted in jerseys, shorts and helmets – no pads. I've seen a ton of guys stand out in the offseason. When someone says 'We'll see how so-and-so plays when the pads come on', it's just what it sounds like – physical practices tell the real story at just about every position, from guys in the trenches to the guys competing on the outside. Football is hard for everybody. It's not going to make it harder for Treylon Burks – he's known for his physicality. That's never been an issue with him.

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hello Jim!! Thanks for all the off-season updates.
First… thank goodness football is right around the corner. Hall of Fame game 8/4. "Are you ready for some football? It's a Monday night party". Sorry I could just hear that in my head. What's your thoughts on the Titans being overlooked this year? I realize we blew the #1 seed last year, but we have all of our starters coming back on D. We will be Top 10, wouldn't be surprised if we were #1. Second.. What the chance of resigning Julio to a friendly one year deal ? Thanks for all you do!! TitanUp

Jim: Don't get me started on the whole "overlooked" thing. It's silly, and a waste of breath/typing. I remember hearing from a lot of folks looking for respect heading into the playoffs last year because no one thought the Titans were getting enough credit as the No.1 seed. I don't think I need to remind anyone how that all turned out. … And, Julio is not coming back.

Nathan Gomez from San Angelo, Texas
Why are the Titans not moving on picking up a veteran wide receiver with a trade or free agency? Cause I think the sooner the better so they can know each other better before the season starts.

Jim: Hey Nathan. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's not going to happen. I suspect the GM and coaches want to see how guys compete at the camp before bringing somebody else in. If you bring in a veteran now, he'd take away reps from the guys who've been competing, guys you want to see more from. Receivers are still available on the market, and others will join them when roster cuts are made after training camps. There's still time

Andrew Badillo from Temple, Pennsylvania
Do you think the Titans can sweep their division, and do you think our O-Line could be a better pass block this year?

Jim: Easier said than done, and it's hard to say yes on your second question without knowing who is going to line up at left guard and right tackle.

Thomas Viser from Houston, Texas
Why did they trade AJ Brown instead of making a deal to keep him?

Jim: This is old news, Thomas. A.J. is not coming back. We're moving on.

Roger Blankstein from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I'd like your opinion of my criticism of Jon Robinson for the AJ Brown trade. It seems to me that we were in a good position to make a solid run in the AFC next year after last season. We needed a healthy Derrick Henry and pass protection from the right guard and left tackle. All other positions were looking solid. Robinson did not fill either of his two offensive line needs, instead he is settling for two backups. He could have picked a solid right guard with his number one draft choice. Instead, he decided to trade AJ Brown. A young superstar in the making and one of the best young receivers in the league. Apparently he traded him because of money. There was no need to trade AJ. We could have picked up his fifth year option and franchised him the next year. That would give Robinson more time to negotiate. His job is to put together a team that can contend. You need some stars in order to do this. You don't let young stars go. He did it with Conklin who became 1st string all-pro. I hope we do great next year, but there are not that many opportunities to make a strong run for it. We may have blown a real good chance.

Jim: Hi Roger. See previous answer. Not trying to be rude, but I dealt with this a ton after the draft, in May and even June. It's old news now. Have a great week.

Dee Palmer from Oakland, California
Do you think Ryan Tannehill will take a step back this year because he has less weapons around him? If he does what does that mean for his future?

Jim: Hard to predict, but I have not seen him walking backward around the facility...

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango México
Saludos Jim de parte de la afición de Titanes en México, muchos de nosotros desde los Petroleros..
Primero agradecerte por mantenernos siempre informados.
La pregunta quién puede hacer el equipo, quien va a la Escuadra de Prácticas.
Haskell Garrett, Jayden Peevy, Laurel Murchison y Kevin Strong.
Saludos desde México y Titan Up.

Jim: Hola Alberto. Creo que Peevy tiene una oportunidad real de formar parte del equipo, y creo que Murchison está repentinamente en el lugar correcto. Necesita un buen campamento. Necesito ver más de Garrett y Strong, pero son dos tipos talentosos.

Linnwood Kirkland from Killeen, Texas
Hello my name is Linnwood Kirkland Jr. Would you pass my highlight film to all of the coaching staff of the Tennessee Titans. I would like to join the team and compete for a position on the 53 man roster.

Jim: Hey Linnwood. I'll send an email, and I'm going to drop this in here and hopefully someone with scouting or coaching will see it. I've I included your email ( here as well if anyone wants to reach out. Can't make any promises, with a lot of guys here and competing since May. Good luck.

Jamie Holladay from Button, Georgia
Hi Jim. With the front sevens success last year plus byard and Fulton flashing they still gave up something like the 25 th most pass yards. A whopping 20+ yard pass plays over 60 times which in perspective only 5 qb passed for that many x plays . Only 8 or 9 total offenses rush and pass had over 60 plays to break 20+ yd.At times it appeared they submitted the mid field to just defend the red zone.
The action of drafting McCreary (highest natural pick again) adding a 5 th cb pick in 3 years screams they know this and it's been a priority in drafts.
My question is do you think this issue is more schematic or player oriented? This problem seems to transend players and seasons over the last 3 years. There individual stats out rank the units coverage as a whole.
Can you be on the look out on this in camp or give any insight if you noticed a change out of the coaches in coverage related areas.? Anthony Midgets time here hasn't been good and they flew under the radar with the tanny blaming this offseason despite thier failures in the Bengals game. 348 yds while kc, rams, raiders had no issue holding joe burrow to a respectful 250 ish yards. Thanks as always

Jim: Hey Jamie. I think it's been a combination of the two. Just look at all the changes the team has made in personnel of late, which shows someone hasn't been satisfied. But keep in mind a good pass rush helps, and I think the Titans will be a formidable foe in 2022. Will keep a look out, but we probably won't get real clues until games start, game plans are installed, and some new players get a chance to play.

Have a great week everyone!

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