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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans on the Eve of Free Agency


NASHVILLE – It's the eve of free agency, and the kickoff to another Titans mailbag.

That pretty much sums up where we are this Tuesday.

So, without further ado, let's get right into it…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Sorry to see Rodger Saffold go, but I imagine his fragility was starting to catch up to his heart and toughness. Thrilled to see Nick Westbrook-Ikhine back at secret weapon WR, but put me down for a freakin' parade to celebrate Harold Landry's signing. He is the Blaine Bishop of this era, a hard-nosed leader who is also a gem off the field. Oh, the question. How aggressive do you think our GM will be to win NOW given the current core's age, salary and performance? For example...will we bundle/trade 22/23 picks to grab a stud LG/LT or try to do that with FA? Thanks for all you do and stay warm and safe!

Jim: Hey Bill. I hate to see the word fragility used to describe Saffold. I get what you're saying, because he was banged up a lot last year. But the guy did play in 15 of 17 regular season games, and he played in 46 of 49 games in his three years in Tennessee. The reality is his high price tag, not his play or health, contributed most to his departure. And, the Bills have already pounced on him, signing him to a one-year deal on Monday. As for how aggressive the GM might be, I don't see the Titans being a big player in free agency. The Titans will make some moves, but the reality is the team doesn't have a lot of money to spend, and some big contracts will be needed with key players next offseason. I'm curious myself to see the approach in the draft, knowing the GM would probably love to recoup the second-round pick.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
As a Titan fan in central Pennsylvania surrounded by Eagles and Steelers fans the info you get to a Titans fan is truly appreciated. With no second-round pick do you see the team going for a quarterback of the future in the first round and then a playmaker at receiver and tight end later or vice Versa? Personally I'd like to see them draft somebody like Dotson first because I believe with another playmaking wide receiver and a healthy AJ and Julio and of course the King we'd be better able to weather the injury storms of last year and Tannehill would be just as good as anybody.

Jim: Hey Harry. I'd be surprised if the Titans picked a QB in the first round. That's just me, with no info from the front office or anyone else. As you mentioned, the team has no second-round pick. It's hard for me to envision the first pick being used on a player who wouldn't play right away, which would mean the Titans wouldn't get an impact player until the third round at the earliest. It's early, and we need to see what happens in free agency, but a receiver, tight end or an o-lineman makes the most sense to me with the first pick. As things stand right now, I'd love to see the team take a WR in the first round.

Danny Daniels from Victoria, Australia
Hi Jim. I have always admired Ryan Tannehill since watching him in his Dolphin says so I basically followed him to the Titans after he left. I admire the Titans as well and how they have been able to improve over the last few years (especially on defence).
My question to you is seeing as Ryan has taken a lot of flak this year will the Titans go after Cole Beasley to give Tannehill an option to check the ball down in tough situations. Hope to see the Titans play over the next few years.

Jim: Hey Danny. The Titans are going to get more playmakers on offense, there's no doubt about that. There will be additions at receiver, and tight end. I can't promise you Beasley will be among the newcomers, however. We'll start to get some answers soon

Leo C from Honolulu, Hawaii
Any chance the Titans take a stab at acquiring Deshaun Watson? As a QB he doesn't require the run game to make plays and would have a similar salary. He's persona non grata in Houston and might be available for cheaper than requested last year.

Jim: No.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Dear Jim, I just wanted to reiterate my belief that the Titans should not cut Julio Jones. Yes, they should get a paycut from him, but they should not cut him.

Jim: Appreciate it, Jimmy Dee. I'll let the GM know ... And maybe I should run this by Julio, too

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Do you know if the team is negotiating a new contract with Ben Jones? He has been a real leader and a rock on the offensive line. I know they can't keep everyone, but with Roger Saffold released, they can really use some stability up front. Is there any chance that Ben will stay?

Jim: Hey Jim. I'm sure you probably saw where NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported on Monday the team has agreed to a two-year deal with Ben. The team hasn't announced it yet, but I'm expecting that to happen soon. It's safe to say this is a nice development. Ben is a great leader, and a tough player. UPDATED: The Titans announced on Tuesday morning that Jones has been re-signed to a multi-year deal. STORY LINK:

Jack Rosamond from Jackson, Mississippi
Look, how could the Logan Woodside resigning be a good thing? He is not that large of an asset and he can't hold down a win. How can I look at this from a good angle, Jim? Thanks, Jim and Titan Up.

Jim: Hey Jack. I'm going to flip this around on you. How could Logan Woodside re-signing be a bad thing? He's a back-up quarterback who coaches love, along with the GM. He's respected by his teammates. He's a hard-working guy who leads offseason workouts in Nashville, and he's consistently been good in practices. And, the fact he re-signed doesn't mean the team still can't draft a QB if it chooses to do so. Woodside signed a one-year deal that comes with no guarantees. Plus, how do you know he can't hold down a win? He didn't throw a single pass in a regular season game last year, and his playing time has come at the end of games when he's, well, technically held down wins.

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Hi Jim. Bud In Jag country. Sorry for your loss. Well past season didnt turn out like we liked it. All I'll say is Ryan Tannehill lost the Bengals game no 2 ways about it. On to next season. Glad Titans resigned a few players but sorry to see Saffold gone. My prediction for the upcoming season Marcus Mariota signs with the Colts and comes back to haunt the Titans and give them fits twice a year. Imagine Marcus and Taylor in the backfield I was always a big Marcus supporter Said it then say it now the Titans never gave him a fair shake. They used him in old fashioned ways. Can't excuse the injuries but still. Hope my prediction comes to be. Mariota deserves a shot to be a starter Have a good off season. Respectfully, Bud

Jim: Hey Bud. Always good to hear from you, and I appreciate the condolences. As for the Bengals game, the Titans lost it, not Tannehill. It's a team sport. Sure, Ryan didn't play well, and his three INTs were bad. But he's not the only reason the team lost. As for Mariota, he got a fair shake with the Titans, and he failed to take advantage of it for one reason or another. Heck, everyone wanted him to be great. But his poor play at the start of the 2019 season earned him a spot on the bench, and he's been trying to get off it ever since. We'll see what happens with him from here on out. I wish him well because he's a great guy.

Adrián Lopez from Caracas Venezuela
Hola Jim, saludos espero la lleves bien, gracias por mantenernos al día sobre nuestros TITANS... Gran semana con las firmas de nuestros agentes libres incluyendo a Landry y agradecido con los que fueron liberados... Mi pregunta para ti son dos:
Crees que Tennessee abordará en la agencia libre su necesidad de receptores o la de línea ofensiva basado en su cap space?
Honestamente crees que los Titans estén en su último año de ventana de Super Bowl?

Jim: Hola Adrián. Los Titans definitivamente abordarán su necesidad de receptor en algún momento. El armario está lejos de estar vacío en el puesto, pero definitivamente se necesita más ayuda. Y, no creo que los Titans estén en su último año de una ventana de Super Bowl.

David Gornto from Maryville, Tennessee
My condolences Jim and God Bless you. Last time the Titans played on Thanksgiving was 2008 if I am not mistaken. With no game this year or next with Detroit or Dallas, what are the odds of the Titans either hosting or playing in the primetime Thanksgiving Day game? Thank you for all you do keeping us up to date!

Jim: Hey David. Thank you. ... I'd say the odds of the Titans hosting or playing in a primetime game are very slim, for some of the reasons you mentioned.

Brett Heard from Antioch, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Excited for free agency. Can you please make sure we don't sign Gronk. Like really pleeeaassee. Titans have proven the ex-elite players in the twilight of their career usually don't work here. Thanks, please see what you can do. Hayden Hurst or Evan Engram would be great.

Jim: If Gronk plays in 2022, I'd be surprised if it's not with the Buccaneers.

Have a great week everyone!

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