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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Following Win Over the Jaguars


NASHVILLE – The Titans got off the mat and pinned the Jaguars on Sunday.

Now, a big matchup with the Buffalo Bills awaits.

Let's see what's on your minds as the buildup begins for Monday Night Football.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Tyler Chappel from Fruitland, Idaho
First time asking you a question. I been an Oiler/ Titan fan since I first started watching football. People are always asking me if I am from Tennessee. My concern/question is about the offensive line. The Titans are one of the worse offensive lines in the league. I don't think Tannehill can keep up with the sacks, pressures, and hits all season long. Do you think it's the linemen that are not playing well or do you think it's the offensive line coach? I think we need to change our offensive line coach or find a new strategy to help the offensive line communicate better and improve their pass protection. Thanks Jim. TITAN UP

Jim: Hey Tyler. Good to hear from you. It's a fair question. Protection has been shaky this season, and it's caused reason for concern. The Cardinals game was alarmingly bad for the o-line in protection. Then, after the group calmed down a bit, things were bad again against the Jets. Those two games account for 13 of the 20 sacks allowed. It's a combination of things. I'm not going to place the blame on o-line coach Keith Carter. He's the same o-line coach from a year ago when Ryan Tannehill was sacked just 24 times in 16 games. But things need to get fixed, and it's his job to help do that, so he can't escape blame either. I think everyone up front shares in the blame. Guys need to settle in, get on the same page, and block better. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has said on numerous occasions Tannehill could help by getting rid of the ball sooner on some plays. But we can agree on this – if the Titans don't clean some things up, and Tannehill keeps getting rocked, he's not going to be available all 17 games.

Zach Barrett from Manitoba, Canada
HAROLD LANDRY, PAY THE MAN. If we don't sign him long term like Bud Dupree, someone else will and we deeply regret.

Jim: Hey Zach. Harold Landry has been really good. He's been relentless all season, and it was great to see him get rewarded with a pair of sacks on Sunday. But, I must say, the 'Pay the man' edict isn't that simple, and it's too early in my opinion. It's not happening during the season, and – just being realistic here – after paying big money to Bud, it's going to be hard to do the same with Landry. That's just my thinking, without asking anyone about the potential for contract talks. A lot can happen between now and the time contract talks could potentially start, assuming they do at the end of the season. But we can't ignore the fact the Titans have a lot of money invested in Dupree. And, this is the time to play football, not worry about contracts. There will be plenty of time for that after the season.

Kevin Panoc from Dublin, Ireland
Who is your offensive coordinator? I think he needs counseling or an IQ test.

Jim: The offensive coordinator is Todd Downing, and I don't get all the criticism he's taken so far. The offense hasn't been elite, but it also hasn't been as bad as a lot of folks have been making it out to be. Heck, the Titans are ranked 10th in the NFL on offense (yards), and 10th in points (scoring). The Titans are 3rd in the NFL in first downs per game. Considering the injuries at the receiver position, I think the offense has performed pretty well for the most part. Sure, protection needs to be cleaned up, and the team needs to be more consistent in the red zone. But the Titans are moving the ball, and doing some good pretty things.

Chris Wilson from Endwell, New York
Hello Jim, first time writing. I'm a diehard Titans fan, have been my entire life but I must say our fanbase really gets under my skin sometimes. We have a couple rough games and everyone is calling to clean the house, claiming we need to get rid of Vrabel and Jrob, aimlessly calling for everyone's job, all while doing no homework, or apparently having no football knowledge whatsoever. Was the loss to the Jets horrible and a kick in the nuts? By far, ruined my entire week. It's been a bumpy first 5 weeks but honestly, we have 23ish players on our injury report, have been starting and playing 3rd,4th, and 5th string receivers, injuries on the O Line causing horrible protection, giving up big plays on defense, and a little bit of luck working against us. In these 5 weeks we faced an extremely good Cardinals team, went on the road to Seattle, and played 2 division opponents and despite everything we were dealing with and playing through we came out 3-2. Call me crazy but I believe that's the grit and willpower in this team to overcome these obstacles and go to war for Vrabel. There is still a lot of football to play this year, we need to get healthy, clean up the dumb mistakes and fundamentals and play to the full ability this team is capable of. If falls in place we will be playing our best ball in oct/nov/dec, and this will be afterthought. Side note it's been amazing watching Derrick Henry run the ball this season and I love watching him rewrite history as I believe he will go down as one the absolute best to ever play. Sorry for the rant (P.s. I've also really enjoyed watching Kristian Fulton on Defense, I believe he we develop into a stud DB) TITANUP!

Jim: Hey Chris. Appreciate the take.

Brad Sawicki from Camden, Delaware
What is going on with Sam Ficken? I thought he was eligible to come off IR after week 3. Are the Titans planning to stick with Randy Bullock or is Ficken coming back? Thank you.

Jim: Hey Brad. Ficken is eligible to come back, but he hasn't been healthy enough to come back at this point. So, he remains on IR. For now, it's Bullock. When Ficken is healthy, we'll see…

Hank Warren from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Who do you think is the most under-appreciated player on offense and defense? My picks are Ben Jones and Breon Borders.

Jim: Ben Jones is a good one on offense. He's one of the toughest guys I've ever been around. I'll go with Harold Landry on defense right now. A lot of guys get more attention than Landry does, but he's consistently been one of the team's best defensive players each week.

Robert Conlon from Baltimore, Maryland
Hey Jim, haven't heard much about Dez Fitzpatrick lately, how is he looking on the practice squad? Any standouts of late on there that may get a possible imminent promotion? Go Titans 🏈

Jim: Hey Robert. Dez has been practicing with the team, and he's made some plays in practice. With A.J. Brown and Marcus Johnson now back, and Julio Jones getting closer, I can't see Dez being promoted any time soon. As far as other potential promotions, the Titans have been calling a lot of guys up for games, and to fill the spots of injured guys. I expect that to continue all season.

Freddie Kimball from David, Panama
I was born and raised in TN. Jim I would like for you to tell me how many games do you think the Titans will win this season? They should be better than last season with the new players they have now

Jim: Hey Freddie. Hard to say. It really depends on which Titans team shows up from week to week. The past two weeks haven't been pretty – one resulted in a loss, the other a scrappy win. The team still hasn't played its best football yet. If the Titans get it together, I still think this could be a really good year. If the Titans play like they have the past two weeks, they'll get smoked by the Bills, and fans are going to be frustrated with the ups and downs all season.

Phillip Organ from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hey Jim, long-time reader, first-time writer. I moved to Nashville in 1999 and have been a two-tone blue super fan ever since. One thing continues to perplex me with the Titans, even though we win more than we lose: Why don't we put the ball in the hands of our best playmakers more often? We force feed King Henry, but week after week our best receivers, who this year are elite level, only get 4-5 touches per game it seems. Am I wrong?

Jim: Hey Phillip. If you're talking about Sunday, yes, that was the case, certainly as it relates to A.J. Brown. But A.J. on Sunday said himself he's not 100 percent, and the Titans limited his snaps against the Jaguars. I do think when he gets healthy, he'll be back in the mix more, and he'll get plenty of opportunities. Same for Julio.

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
I'm glad that we won the game and once again it wasn't pretty, but our Titans found a way to pull it off. I still can't feed into the hype right now because they're still inconsistent and honestly speaking our rushing defense is almost as bad as our pass defense. Why do they continue to play almost 10-15 yards off the ball Head coach Vrabel needs to talk to his defense coordinator and DB coaches about that. Our offense line is still getting beat off the edges and in the middle. Tannehill is proven he can win games with his arm but why is he holding on to the ball for so long instead of getting positive yards. I do want to apologize for being so hard on our Titans prior to today's game I had no clue we had so many injuries our team is really short on players I might have to suit up. Lol! Congratulations to King Henry and Jim please let Henry and all the TITANS ORGANIZATION I COINED the phrase for KING HENRY he is now referred to as THE NFL BOOGEYMAN! Head coaches, defense coordinators and defense players are scared to see Henry on game day! Go Titans! Consistency

Jim: Hey John. Appreciate the email. As for Henry's nickname, that's not bad for Halloween. But I think King Henry fits him pretty well, though.

Henry Martin from Kingsville, Texas
Helloooo! What a GREAT bounce back game!!! I never give up on this team. I've been cheering since the Oiler days up until now, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Moving forward, this is a next man up league. Even though we are only through 5 games , the health and availability of our players is going to be key down the stretch. The defense played well, but we need to clean up some things. Very happy to see Marcus Johnson get in mix. Oh, did we see a Caleb Farley sighting today? How about the big play early by Molden to set the tone? Harold is a "BEAST"!!! Question I got for you is about Derrick Henry. He will always be counted on to set the tone, my concern is how many touches he gets. I know he is tough dude and is extremely in shape, do they monitor his snap counts? As always keep us informed!!! #TITANUP

Jim: Hey Henry. It seems like Mike Vrabel gets asked a question about Derrick's workload every week now. The team is giving Derrick some time off, and rest, during the week, but he's been a workhorse as you mentioned in games. Ask Derrick about his workload, and he laughs it off. He wants to play, and he wants to run it as many times as they'll let him.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Hi Jim. It was good to see the Titans win the game against the Jags but now you have to go up against the Bills and they're a VERY good team. The Bills are better than either of the past 2 teams you've faced and if you want a chance to win (against the Bills) then you absolutely must bring your A-game. I admit that Teair Tart made a great play on 4th down when he blew up the Jags running play and forced the Jags RB backwards into the hands of other Titans players who brought the Jags RB down. It was a key play because the Jaguars would have gotten back into the game if they had been able to score a TD there. That aside, I have to say that even though the Titans defense had some good plays and some of the players played well (Kevin Byard & Harold Landry for example) the Titans defense was NOT good (vs Jacksonville). The Jags offense got a lot of yards. Trevor Lawrence got 273 yards through the air and 198 yards rushing for about 470 yards. James Robinson got over 8 yards per carry on 18 carries for about 150 yards. Yes the defense made some good plays and some defensive players played well today, but overall the defense will have to play better to beat the Bills and Chiefs. I hope that the injured defensive players get healthy soon but please don't bring them back sooner than they should come back.

Jim: Hey Jimmy Dee. I hear ya. Man, the Bills have looked, and they're going to come Nashville ticked off after what happened at Nissan Stadium last year. The Titans are going to have to play a whole lot better next Monday than they did against the Jaguars or they'll be 3-3 after six games.

Have a great week everyone!

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