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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Win Over Seahawks


NASHVILLE – What a comeback, huh?

From Week One to Week Two. And, in rallying to beat the Seahawks.

The mood in Titan Land is a lot different this week compared to the feeling after the season-opening loss to the Cardinals.

In a long NFL season, win or lose, it's all about turning the page and getting ready for the next one.

We're going to do that here, too, but first, thanks for writing into the mailbag after (and during) Sunday's win.

Let's dive in and see what we've got.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Clint Richie from Medford, Oregon
Hi, Jim. I was at the game on Sunday, and it was my first ever NFL game. I was pretty bummed at halftime and thought the game was over. But, my Titans stepped up and played lights out down the stretch. I've never been anywhere that was as loud as Lumen Field. Hats off to my Titans who persevered and didn't allow the noise to cause procedure penalties. Here's my question: I've never seen Henry so active in the passing game. Do you think we'll see more of this in the future or was it a one-off?

Jim: You saw a dandy, Clint. And you're right on Henry – he established a career high with six receptions for 55 yards. (His previous career high for catches in a game was four against Jacksonville in 2016). He was the target on some successful screen plays. Maybe this is a sign of more to come… We'll see. I know Derrick has worked a lot on improving himself in the passing game.

Bryan Hill from Federal Way, Washington
Hello Jim! Here's a shout out from one of the biggest Titans fans in Seattle to you and the Titans for a great win at Lumens Field. I've now seen the Titans beat the Seahawks at both Nissan Stadium and Lumens Field so I'm a happy fan with bragging rights at the office! My son, who's a big Atlanta Falcons fan, pointed out that Julio Jones has now beaten the Seahawks as a Falcon and a Titan! Anyhow, on to my question: How is Bud Dupree doing/feeling? He just seems like he isn't fully recovered and a step out of sync. Also, as a psychologist, I understand growing pains but I hope the young guns in the secondary can learn and grow fast. Thank you for your interesting news column. I'm sure it will make my decision to become a future season ticket holder much easier!

Jim: Hey Bryan. Glad you have bragging rights. Walka' proud! As for Dupree, I think he's edging closer to being himself. He's not there yet. I've seen flashes, but he's not finishing. I think he'll get there before too much longer. He's coming off a significant injury. He's ahead of schedule compared to Taylor's ACL, but every guy is different, and every injury is different. Thanks for reading.

Julie Coyle from South Bend, Indiana
All I have to say is: Did you see MyCole Pruitt in that game against Seattle- He did his job every time and this game is proof that he needs to be out there! He will catch it if you throw to him and he will get some yards after the catch. Also if you watch closely when Henry gets the ball if MyCole is in the game blocking for him he will get the yards, but if the coaching staff pulls him out, Henry gets stopped! Mike, Jon, and Todd play Pruitt, he will get the job done!

Jim: Hello again, Julie! You have to be MyCole's biggest fan. I give you credit for checking in on him, and rooting him on, on a regular basis. And MyCole did a great job on Sunday. He made some big catches, and was physical with the ball in his hands, and also as a blocker. He helped set a tone on Sunday, and he played with an attitude. I know you weren't surprised. 😊

Henry Martin from Kingsville, Texas
: Hello from Kingsville!!! OMG!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!! I was disappointed in the 1st half, but in the 2nd half I was soooo proud of our guys, they put the mistakes behind them, hung in there together as a team and got the win baby!!! Even though Ryan, Derrick and Julio balled, I gotta give a shout out to the "Defense". After last week's performance they got after it together as a group, Fulton played VERY well covering Metcalf, we contained Wilson even though he did burn us a couple of times. But we got the win and that's all that matters. I wanna give another shout out to Randy Bullock for staying focused. Anyways, let's get ready for the Colts!!! #GOTITANS, #TITANUP!!!

Jim: It was a nice win for sure, Henry.

Collin Hesselrode from Franklin, Tennessee
Wow. That was great. I loved what I saw. We came back from that humiliation, and pulled it off. What a game from the 2 tone blue. Proud of the boys. My question is, what now with the kickers? Bullock looked great, but will he be cut anyway? This reminds me of Sloman last year. What do we do? Thanks Jim, god bless.

Jim: I got two emails asking if Bullock may get cut this week. Where is this coming from? If he keeps making kicks, he'll keep kicking.

Cody Willoughby from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! What a game yesterday! Our boys showed some grit and toughness! Coach V is always preaching our culture will be shown through adversity! We overcame lots of adversity Sunday! Both teams had a lot to play for but Seahawks had their home opener in front of fans for the first time in two years, Russell Wilson's 100 career win and the passing of his best friend. Man we showed out in that second half! What a performance by Derrick The King Henry! I also thought Julio really stepped up after a not so Julio performance week one. Also Kristian Fulton played lights out. He did a great job covering and getting in the head of DK. I do have some concerns about AJ… I had him for 4 drops yesterday. We're counting on him in a big way and if we want to go where we think we can this year he has to come down with those catches! Seemed to me that those drops got to him a little bit. Enjoy the win boys but we're moving on to a big divisional game Sunday! Let's get it boys!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Cody.

Jordan Newbury from Cushing, Texas
Well, there was no lack of offense today! The King was in vintage form and Julio came alive!! If we can sustain the defensive play we saw in the 2nd half we might be okay on D as well! Holding a team like the Seahawks to 6 points in a half is a chore! I thought Kristian Fulton played especially well against DK! I'd even consider this a signature win. Though not as impressive, this comeback today sort of reminded me of the regular season game against the Chiefs a couple seasons ago! It's still early, but this was good to see considering the train wreck we saw last week! TitanUp!

Jim: I'm with you on the defense, and on Kristian Fulton. Fulton has been solid two weeks in a row, and the defense rose to the occasion when it mattered most.

Andy Brown from Leeds, England
Hey Jim. I have written to you a few times from lovely England, usually to defend our team and calm the naysayers down! I have to admit even I was losing hope on Sunday (glad I stuck it out though!!). Our D-Line and O-line have looked distinctly below average through 6 quarters and then thankfully they came up clutch when it counted.
I still worry for our defence, it is very leaky at times, any chance of them signing Sherman to bolster that back line? Would they be looking to strengthen either of the O and D-Lines at this stage? its already weak and I worry 1-2 injuries and we could be REALLY struggling. We don't seem to have that top notch TE we have always run with Walker, Smith really have helped the O line at times and it looks like we are a little light at that position as well! What do you think?
The O finally provided that bang we needed to get us going and if there was ever any doubt Julio looks a quality addition!
Thanks for all the updates over on Twitter, it keeps me sane during long work hours :)

Jim: Hey Andy. England is lovely! And, as you mentioned, the defense wasn't so lovely at times, but I liked the way the unit played in the second half, with some swagger and toughness. The defense made some nice adjustments in the second half for sure. But yes, it needs to clamp down more. The blown coverages were bad. As for Sherman, frankly, I'd be surprised. Turning to the TE position and Firkser, he just needs to get healthy. He's had some bad luck at the start.

Sergio Escobar from El Paso, Texas
Hello Jim. Thanks for keeping us fans in the know. WOW! What a game! No doubt the mailbag will be full of praise after that egg we laid in week one. Ups and downs on both sides of the ball. The King showed why he is a workhorse and the best back in the league. A couple of things stood out and it seems to follow us from time to time. We get some outrageous calls, Julio had a touchdown. Period. And how can the refs award first downs when the ball is clearly short. Blown coverages, dropped passes and a roughing the kicker call. Not perfect but a win in Seattle was awesome. No quit in this team. We hope all these little inconsistencies get ironed out. Finally, is Taylor fully recovered from surgery or does the medical staff going to recommend more time to get to 100 percent? Thanks again Jim and TITAN UP!!!

Jim: You're right on the praise, Sergio. And TBD for Lewan.

Jeff Brewer from New Johnsonville, Tennessee
I wanted to say thank you to the entire Titan organization for their awesome display of community support allowing Waverly Tigers to play at Nissan Stadium. The pregame comments from players were inspiring and it was a magical night that the young men and our town will never forget. Thank you.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time to send this, Jeff. I was proud to see the organization step up and make it such a special night.

Dave King from Folsom, California
Have you been able to find anyone who can explain how that wasn't a sack of Russel Wilson? The announcers said something just really stupid about "forward progress" that was nonsensical. I'm really trying to come to a conclusion other than the refs were trying their hardest (after stealing two touchdowns from us before this point in the game) to cede the game to Seattle. How is this not just blatant game-throwing?
Second, do you know if our defensive coordinator knows what play action is? If not, could someone tell him? It's like he watched the film from last year and was like, "no, play action worked too well for us, I'm going to run the same three plays over and over and see if that works."

Jim: Hey Dave. I can see why the call was made, but not sure I agree with it – it was close. I do think the officiating was pretty crappy in the contest. The Julio Jones inbounds/out of bounds call looked too close to overturn, and the official was in a bad position to make that spot on the third and one that was ruled a first down.

David Berry from Booneville, Arkansas
I'm making my first trip to Nashville to see the Titans on Sunday September 26th. Could you tell me where the player entrance to the stadium is, and also, what time do they start to arrive on game day? Also, I think I read somewhere many years ago there would be an Oilers museum or something to display the Oilers history/memorabilia inside the stadium. Is this true?

Jim: Hey David. The entry point for the players is on the Northwest corner of the stadium. It's gated, but you can see them go down the stairs. Fans often gather there about 3 hours before the game, when guys start filtering in. This is Oilers Tribute Week, so there will be a lot of former Oilers in town as Bum Phillips is inducted into the Ring of Honor. At some games, I have seen memorabilia stands with Oilers merchandise available, and there will be Oilers items in the Pro Shop throughout the week. The team is giving away Oilers flags at the game on Sunday. But there's not a museum.

Jason Ewing from Arden, North Carolina
What has been the biggest reason Caleb Farley is not seeing any playing time? How do you see his season playing out?

Jim: He's hurt. He was ruled out with a shoulder injury. He's also still working his way back from the two back surgeries he had before he was drafted. His health is going to determine how things go from here, but I always knew patience would be needed with him.

João Gabriel Schutze from Brazil
Oi Jim! How are you?
Well, I'm happy for our victory. It showed we can go far this season, even when the refs try to steal our victory.
By the way, am I wrong or the Seattle defenders had some trouble with Pruitt? They tried to hit him everytime, even out of bounds. Take care.

Jim: Hello João! As I discussed with Julie earlier, I thought MyCole Pruitt stepped up big time on Sunday. He had three catches for 43 yards, including a 22-yarder. He brought some energy and toughness. And yes, he did seem to get under the skin of the Seahawks, which helped him draw a big penalty. He was one of the game's unsung heroes.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
Avid reader, 2nd time mailbag submission: Three quick hitters & I promise not to talk about the kicking game:
1) The heart and determination by the team this week was unbelievable. Huge win and amazingly fun game to watch.
2) The refs were brutal. I think we may have gotten some makeup call on the taunting late in the game; but to overturn Julio's touchdown was a momentum killer and then in overtime I don't know how they didn't call a safety. I really think video review should have to watch these plays at real-time speed. 99 times out of 100 Julio's catch would be ruled a touchdown by the refs in real time. Replay should be to fix bad calls or misses; not to slow it down and zoom in with a microscope.
3) Can our special teams please stop trying to be heroes? Let the kick-off go and take it at the 25. Don't run straight at the punter and give them the ball back by penalty. Special teams didn't make things any easier on the Titans for this amazing comeback.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Chris. Good takes here. I kind of like Chester's aggressiveness, but I get where you're coming from. The Nick Westbrook-Ikhine roughing the punter penalty is what bothered me most on special teams from Sunday.

Joe Arcudi from Merrimack, New Hampshire
WOW. Nice to see the fight.....No way we should have won that game. FANTASTIC!!!!

Jim: It didn't look good for a while, Joe.

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
Hey Jim great to talk to you and all the fans again! Sunday against the Seahawks wasn't pretty but I'll take it at this point. Our pass defense is still very frustrating and the offense line is going to get Tannehill hurt if things don't change. I feel like we can compete but right now we're nowhere near Super Bowl ready. I hope Vrabel and the coaching staff is putting their foot up these players you know what for looking sloppy against the deep passes and giving up crucial sacks. We gotta play better in all 3 phases!!!! WAY TO GRIND IT OUT

Jim: Hey John. Definitely a lot of work still to be done. But hey, Week 2 looked a whole lot better than Week 1, huh?

Joe Slyak from Mobile, Alabama
: Once again we are being out classed and out toughed in every single way. What do you think Jim...Can we panic just a little now? Looks like last year on defense. The picture of last season was the never-ending shaking of the head by Vrabel on the sideline. Now we just let a team go 75+ yards for a TD in .48 seconds....Are you kidding me.
I want to slow things down a little. Now for all of us that did not see this coming. If you look back I think most fans were nervous before the Julio trade. All the talk was about a sketchy draft and hiring of two coordinators that had us scratching our heads a little. I blame Vrabel for being too stubborn to go outside the organization and turn the Defense over to a real coordinator (neither Bowens or Vrabel are that). Just remember folks the last time this D was any good Pees was the DC....hmmm that should tell us something.
The draft: We all liked the Farley pick, but we have no real idea when he will actually get on the field for any extended period of time. As for the second round pick... we desperately needed a strong right tackle....What did we get? A guy who seems better suited as a guard and can't even crack the game day dress lineup. The Molden pick was probably the best, but then we traded up to FIINALLY draft a WR (A very big need at that point) and he was cut and put on the practice squad. Why can't Jrob and the staff hit on an O Lineman? We had the last year nightmare and now Radunz apparently needs a ton of seasoning just to put a uniform on. As for the other lineman this group drafted.... Nate Davis. Simply can't pass block. Always seems to pick the wrong guy. Don't get me wrong he is an adequate run blocker, but appears to be a guy that will have a ten year career and be decent at best.
I know all the optimistic fans will say to RELAX that we will still win this lousy division. C'mon folks... us 40+ year fans our looking for a legit chance to win a ring not a 10-7 team that eeks into the playoffs and loses yet ANOTHER home playoff game (look it up folks -- when was the last time we won a home playoff game)
Vrabel preaches veteran toughness.... well we are all looking for at least some fight. I am indeed a DIEHARD fan and i will keep watching every single play and root for the guys....but there are waaaay to many better teams in the AFC for us to REALLY contend for a title. The window is closing fast on this VERY veteran team Jim. ugh... i am exhausted watching this. Be well Jim!

Jim: The in-game, frustration-filled emails are back! I like the passion, Joe, but as Coach Mac likes to say, keep your powder dry until after the game!

Have a great week, everyone!

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