Top Football Topics from Titans Owner, GM, HC and Players


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans uniform reveal was the talk of Nashville on Wednesday night, and it generated buzz across the NFL as well.

But some other subjects were discussed on a night when former and current Titans showed up for the event.

Here's a look at some of the top non-uniform topics discussed by Titans officials, from controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk to general manager Jon Robinson to head coach Mike Vrabel to players, either on stage or afterward.


Titans GM Jon Robinson** 

On team's additions in free agency … "I think taking care of our own was first and foremost. We signed a bunch of guys that have bought into that mindset that we want to be about – that tough, dependable, team-first guys that love playing for the two-toned blue, that love playing for the city of Nashville and all you great fans out there. Taking care of our own guys – these guys have worked hard, they have committed to the process. And then (we've) gone out and added some pieces that were on other teams. We are still kind of in that process now and at the end of the day we want guys that are committed to what we want to be about, and that's winning football games."

On tradition of franchise … "To say it is a dream come true (to be a part of team) is an understatement. When the team came here, I became an instant Titans fans, being from rural West Tennessee and loving football. And when they walked out here, and it was Craig (Hentrich) and it was Eddie (George) and it was Frank (Wycheck) and it was Blaine (Bishop), and seeing the two-tone blue and what that was going to represent, this great city, this great state. And then to be on stage here tonight with the unveiling of a new chapter of Titans football, it is hard to put into words, but it is a pretty awesome experience." 

Titans coach Mike Vrabel

On the start of the offseason program … "The players are coming in Monday, and we're excited. We aren't coaches until our players get around. All we are is schemers, we're play makers, whatever. But when our players come around then we become coaches. … Our players are here next Monday and I can't wait to finally become a coach, to coach these guys, develop them, teach team and inspire them to be great football players for this city."

On his players and team … "I sat there and I told Amy and Jon when I interviewed, that I could promise them one thing, that our players would know what to do and they would play fast and aggressive. They will play fast and aggressive for Amy and Jon and myself, and they will play fast and aggressive (for the fans). … I think you guys will proud of our team, I think you'll be proud of our effort, and I know you'll be proud of us on the field. We have great guys and Jon has given us some great players, giving this city some great players. We appreciate your support and we are going to work tirelessly." 


Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk**

Talking to the crowd … "Wow. I am just blown away by this. … And you know what? I think Nashville needs to host the NFL Draft."

On the fans, and ultimate goal … "I always think about the fans. I love our state, and it was important to me that (the fans) would be proud of the product that our players were going to wear. The last two years you've seen a lot of progress with our team – a playoff win. And we're going to keep working hard until we get that Lombardi Trophy right here in Nashville."

Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo

On new coach Mike Vrabel, and outlook … "I got to meet him face-to-face, (defensive coordinator) Dean Pees. Guys are energetic. All the rest of the guys, they seem phenomenal. I am excited to be on board and get this thing rolling. The great thing about it is this team is not rebuilding, we are just reloading."

On start of offseason program … "The workouts are not going to change. Everybody is going to be ready to go, in shape. That is nothing nw. The most important thing now is learning the playbook, learning the coaches and everybody getting to know each other. Getting in that playbook, man. It is something brand new, something fresh on both sides of the ball. So that is going to be the most important thing. But as far as working out and things of that nature, everybody has been grinding since we left after that last playoff game and we are kind of hungry for me."


Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan**

On outlook … "We ae turning that corner. New head coach, Jon has been here for a couple of years, getting guys in here that are going to help us be successful. We made it to the second round of the playoffs, but I think anybody would agree that we definitely underachieved last year as a team, especially with the talent we have as a team. I think the sky is the limit for us."

On start of offseason program … "I have been working out. This is my job, and this only last for so long. I am taking advantage of it – I am getting the most out of this life. … We are going into the classroom and start to learn this offense. It is exciting – so many things are trending up for this team. The guys we brought in here, I know (offensive coordinator) Matt LaFleur has had some serious success with quarterbacks in the past, and getting the chance to make the calls, I think he is going to be extremely successful. We have a lot younger staff, too. … I am so excited for the season. I am so excited to go out there and play."

On his mindset … "I think a lot of people get complacent around the time they are at my age in the NFL. That is not what I am here to do at all. I am here to take over this league and make sure my presence is known, and all the while be a team guy. That is what it is all about."

On his contract situation … "There's been no conversation (of late). I know that Jon spoke to me (in the past) and said he wanted to get something done. I understand that it is a business, so whatever happens, happens."


Former Titans running back Eddie George**

On being a part of last night's event … "Just one more time if I could take it down the right sideline, just one more time. … It feels good to be a part of it. You feel the energy of the fans. They really are excited about the upcoming season, about Mike Vrabel, about the Titans, about the possibility of what things could be in the future. And to be a part of that after so many years away from it, it never leaves your blood. You almost wish I could put the pads back on for at least one or two more plays, until I get hit and then it's like OK, I'm done…" 

On new coach Mike Vrabel … "What is funny about Mike is he challenged me (at Ohio State) to race him in 110 meters – that is what we used to run at Ohio State, 110 yards. And I used to kick his ass every time, and he knows that. … But I am really thrilled that Mike is … the head guy. He has so much football knowledge, a strong pedigree. He has coached with some great coaches, been coached by some great coaches. And now it is time to put the proof to the pudding. And hopefully the wins will make these uniforms look really, really good. I am really excited for Mike. Now it is time to get to work, to get to the draft and get the right mix of guys that are going to produce a winning product consistently, because the pressure is on now."

On remembering his playing days … "It feels like it was five years ago. And it lets me know that time just really goes on, it goes fast. My youngest son now is 13 today, and it is crazy when you think about it, it has been 19 years since the (first unveiling of Titans uniforms). The old uniforms still seem new, but actually they are old now. They are officially throwback uniforms."

The Titans unveiled their new uniforms Wednesday night in downtown Nashville. (Photos: Donn Jones, Kayla Schoen)

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