Titans-Redskins Quotes


(on what he liked about the first half)

The run game looked good. I thought CJ (Chris Johnson) had a nice run and made a guy miss for a big run. I think Shonn Greene came in and did a nice job also. He scored on a nice run. That was fun to watch. Just a little inconsistent on offense, had a drop, had a defensive penalty that really hurt us on a 15-yard play for them. Solid effort, but could be a little better. That's what the preseason's for.

(on how the first-team defense played)

We came back after the beginning. We had the one penalty that hurt us, but after that, I thought the first group settled down. We got a three-and-out twice, and gave the offense the ball in good position. The last drive was a little sloppy I thought. We have to play a little better there, but you know, we're just getting started.

(on overall performance)

We came out on offense; we wanted to run the football. That was our thinking coming in, something we have worked a lot on in training camp. We wanted a chance to get some good work there. That was our emphasis early.

C.J. (Chris Johnson) had two carries. He had the big run there. He did a great job making the guy miss in the open field, a well-blocked play for a touchdown. We took him out right after that. We put Shonn Greene in and wanted to accomplish the same thing with him, we did. He had a counter play, made a nice run to convert a fourth-and-one. That's the reason we brought him here. That's what we see happening with our offense. So, that part was good on that side of the ball.

Defensively, again held them, not a whole lot happened there in the first half. In the second half, we had some opportunities at the end like they did. A couple of penalties hurt us late in the fourth quarter. We had the turnover in the end zone on a great strip by our defense which ends the game there, but we had the late hit on the quarterback, so we lose that play.

We had a chance even with the two-minute drive. It would have been fun to watch Rusty (Smith) and see what would have happened. We got the big first down play and we have a holding call. So, that kind of kills the drive. It was unfortunate it ended the way it did. I was hoping we would have a chance to finish out the two-minute drive, we didn't, but accomplished some things we tried to do.

(on the offensive line play)

The first group (Andy) Levitre and (Michael) Roos stayed in there for about 12,13 plays. (David) Stewart wasn't in there tonight. So, they weren't altogether. We had some good blocking on the handful of plays we ran early. The pass protection was a little sloppy early, but, a good solid start there. This is what preseason is all about. We did some things we hadn't done before. The first time defense tackles people. The first time backs we get the backs tackled. So, the first time you cut block, all those things you factor in as you go into your first preseason game. So, it is a good solid start.

(on what he will work on the most in practice)

We will get back into training camp mode for the next four days. We don't play for nine days. They will have tomorrow (Friday) off. We have four days of practice before we start on Cincinnati. So, we will work on situations like we have been, continue the run game, continue to work in the green zone, just executing and realizing in this league it's about making plays no matter who's out there. In this game, there were opportunities out there to win even this game. We did make the plays that were there for us. That's good for the players to see, just get back to work.  (There was) a lot of good things to build off of, just continue on.

(on any players who impressed him)

It's hard to tell from the sideline, individually how things went. Like I said, the obvious ones, I think the guys…that's what we're trying to establish here, the run game. That looked good. Really, until we watch the tape, it's kind of hard to tell.

(on how important it is to get Delanie Walker back in the fold)

We're hoping to have him back maybe late next week, he starts practice, just doing some leg things. The best chance for him to play may be Atlanta, at the earliest. Definitely want to have all your weapons. We'd like to have (David) Stewart back, where he's ready to start, which I assume he will be for Cincinnati. Like you mentioned, have Delanie (Walker) in there, and just get everyone back so you can kind of see really where we're at. We have a lot of work ahead of us, we know that. We have three more preseason games to get ourselves right for Pittsburgh. We've got a lot of work to go.

(on Jake Locker's play)

We didn't ask him to do a lot tonight. We thought, again, coming in, we just wanted to establish the run. The last couple of preseasons, especially last year, we didn't really run the ball very well, we thought. We wanted to come out and get our confidence back, that that's something we can do right from the start. Offensively, again, we were throwing some short stuff. We ran some nice screens, I thought. I thought all three running backs looked good. Jake (Locker) matched it, we did what we had to do. I think there will be games where we'll ask him to do more. He played well for 20 snaps, maybe 18. It's hard to do a lot, especially, when you're handing it off as much as we wanted to hand it off tonight. **


(on his long touchdown run)

We basically had the outside zone play stretch. They were running real hard on the outside, so I cut it back. When I got through the line, it was either the corner or the safety, and I just gave him a move. My offensive line, they got a great push on it, and they pushed those guys to the right side and gave me a cutback lane.

(on whether he is encouraged with the running game tonight)

It's very encouraging. We've been doing a great job in practices, just making our reads and going to the lanes that our offensive line is creating. It's just a situation that we want to continue to get better and better every week. We know we're doing a good job, but we don't think we're there yet. We just want to keep getting better and better.

(on his touchdown run tonight)

We knew they were running sideline to sideline. So, we called a stretch play and our offensive line pushed the guys all the way to the right and I just cut back and had one man to beat.

*(on if he was happy with what he saw overall) *

I'm happy overall with the group that was in. We went out there and played hard and just wanted to be physical. I think it was very physical up front. 

(on if he saw anything that needs improvement))

Basically, we just need to learn how to finish games. You just can't look at it as the first team. The second team did a good job. We're all one team, so we need to learn how to finish games in the end.

(on whether the offensive line is where it needs to be)

I think we are getting better every week. We've been working hard all through training camp, and this was our first test. Hopefully we can get better and better every week.  


(on the offense's performance)

We started off on our first drive a little slow, but I thought we had three really good drives after that. We moved the ball well, we overcame some tough down-and-distances and converted on some big third downs. That was our goal, just to come out and build some momentum, have some drives and put 14 points on the board. I thought our run game looked really good. Like I said, we were able to convert in clutch situations, on third down and in our passing game. It was really good for our first time out, I felt, and things that we can build on.

(on staying in the game longer to get into a rhythm after a three-and-out and a one-play touchdown drive)

That was only four plays for us at that point. For us to get a few more drives after that was great. We were able to go down and move the ball, get first downs and grind out some drives with our defense sitting on the sideline, catching their wind a little bit. That was good to see that.

(on his perception of the first game)

I thought that it went well. Overall, we found a way to stay on the field, continue drives, and convert on third down. There was nothing too flashy in the passing game, but we did what we needed to do to continue drives, move the ball, and put points on the board.

(on the offensive line's performance tonight)

I thought they played really well. You definitely saw it in the running game. They were dominant up front, controlled the line of scrimmage. We were able to run the football when we wanted to, where we wanted to, and that's hopefully something we can continue to do.

(on Chris Johnson's touchdown run)

We went three-and-out on our first drive and that's not how we wanted to start. Then to come out in the next play, the first play, and have a big run like that, have him make a move on the safety like he did, gets you going, gets you fired up.

(on his own personal performance)

I thought it went well. Like I said, I think we did a good job of just taking what they gave us. They weren't really allowing us to take a shot down the field on them. We took what they gave us underneath. We were able to move the ball and convert on some big third downs and keep drives alive.


(on the first preseason action for 2013)

It felt good to get back out here, especially with a new team. To get out here with the new guys and come together and see what we had growing as a group and as a team. It was a new experience but one thing about it, it's still football. I think it is developing well. We're still out here getting work in, this being our first preseason game action against someone else, instead of playing against each other. It's going to show a lot, in that we can get back and watch film, and get together and try to come out and do a better job next week.

(on the defense getting to hit running backs other than teammates)

The way they were running the ball, we couldn't get out there in the exact way we wanted to, but it still felt good to come out here and play against somebody else instead of playing against your own teammates.  You know we didn't get the win, but you've seen a lot of good things from everybody out here tonight. So, we just have to continue to go in there and work harder, practice, and get better.


(on his opinion of Titans' defense for 2013 season)

You know, there are a lot of new faces on our D, so we practice a lot, and we just wanted to see how a game situation would turn out. It turned out pretty well for us overall, and we've got to get the young guys to come along. Hopefully, win a game. That's the point of the game, to win. We look good, but we can improve a lot. I feel good about it. 

I'm just waiting for the first game to come at Pittsburgh. But right now, we've got the Cincinnati Bengals, so we're going to see what we're made of. That was a good team out there we played tonight. They didn't play RG III, but they had Kirk Cousins, and he's not a bad quarterback. It was a good test, so now we just have to put everything together. 

(on finally hitting players other than teammates)

It felt good. It was the first time I've been to the ground in eight months. Man it felt good. For me, I was like 'Man , once I broke in, I'm ready to go'.


(on the offensive line's cohesiveness)

The veterans do a good job of helping the rookies out. Helping them with the calls and different types of looks that you get on defense. We did a good job preparing for that. I have Mike Otto over there playing right tackle with me. He helped me out tremendously. Rob Turner is helping me out too at center. It looked pretty good. I had a pretty good time communicating with them. Everything seemed to work out on the field.

(on the progress of his technique)

What I am starting to figure out is that preseason is a time for you to get a feel for what you can do in the regular season. There were some things out there I thought I could get away with in terms of technique. I learned that you've got to use it a little bit differently. We had a down block on 22 power. I used the wrong technique, and I got embarrassed because of that. The second time around when we ran 22 power, I learned from that and made a correction.


(on scoring the touchdown)

Coach (Dowell Loggains) called the play. Dialed it up. I just did my part. We've been practicing it for about two weeks now. Probably at least one time a day. He called it, dialed it up, and I just went through it and executed.

(on what the team needs to do the next few weeks)

Nothing is perfect. We have a lot of work to do. We still have everything to taper up and get better with.


(on Chris Johnson scoring the touchdown)

He did a good job on that run where he cut back. We knew he was capable of doing something like that. We wanted to come out and actually have that run on the first play of the game. Obviously, we had to wait for another time.

(on setting a tone through the offensive line)

(Mike) Munchak talked about it. Dowell (Loggains) talked about it. Leading into the season with the draft and everything, we wanted to establish throughout training camp. It was good for us to come out and show that is what we wanted to be.

(on establishing the running game)

That's exactly what we wanted to show is that we can run the ball when we want to and we can score running the ball. I think we did a good job of establishing that today.


(on scoring the touchdown)

It felt good. The offensive line executed their blocks great. The full back did a good job leading. I just hit the hole and ran.

(on the performance of Chance Warmack)

He looked good when I was on the sideline watching him. He looked real good. I am sure he is trying to get used to the NFL game. He's doing well with it. He's looking great.

(on the offensive line setting the tone)

It's very nice. That's going to be our motto. We want to control the line of scrimmage. It starts up front. Those guys did a good job up front doing that. Me and Chris (Johnson) just had to run.


(on how the starting defense performed)

I thought we did a decent job. We just need to settle down a little bit earlier and execute our assignments a little better. We gave up a long drive to start, and we just have to do a better job of settling down and executing.

(on what the defense needs to improve on going forward)

We're not where we need to be. I know a lot of guys have high expectations for us on defense. We just need to keep working and look on the tape and see what we can get better at.


(opening statement)

Well in the first game, what we try to do is find a way to win, evaluate a lot of personnel, which we were able to do today, and we saw some good things and some bad things. So, we will go back and look at the things we did poorly and eventually improve in those areas. The things that we did good, we can build on that.

(on Kirk Cousins' progression)

For him to win the second position last year, he really had to do it quickly and he's been able to do that.  He's been impressive from the time he got here. He's a student of the game and has a lot of God-given talent.  An extremely great guy that works extremely hard.

(on Cousin spreading the ball around)

He doesn't know. He has no idea who is going to get the ball. It depends on what the secondary does. He goes through a progression. He couldn't tell you at the start who is going to get the ball. He does a great job reading defenses and a good job spreading it around. 

(on the status of Robert Griffin)

What we are going to do for a couple of days is get him some walk throughs at the start of practice with our offense. We will do that for a couple of days, and then we will get in the game plan week, which will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We should be like normal season practice schedule and that will be in Richmond. So, we will get a chance to do that. He has been working against anybody on defense but that will be the first time.

(on Griffin being in uniform)

I told him, he worked out for a half hour or 45 minutes before. I said if he'd liked to during pregame workouts you are welcome as I said to a number of players. A number of our players got a full workout earlier.    

(on having LB Brian Orakpo back)

It's great to have all starters from a year ago. We lose a couple of guys early. It's always nice to get them back in the lineup.

(on S Phillip Thomas and LB Jeremy Kimbrough's status)

(Jeremy) Kimbrough had a separated shoulder. PhillipThomas had a (inaudible) sprain, quite sore. We'll find out here in the next day or two and see how they are.

(on Bacarri Rambo experiencing the speed of the NFL)

Yeah it's a lot of experience for all of our young guys and our older guys. We had a few mistakes out there, hopefully, we'll correct that. I liked our tempo, I liked our attitude, I thought our guys played hard, played the full 60 minutes, which you're looking for. I got a chance to evaluate a lot of people today, so that was a big plus.

(on the running backs and RB Roy Helu Jr.'s play)

I was really impressed. It was nice to see Roy do a good job.  I thought he handled himself well. I thought (Evan) Royster did a great job when he got in there. I've got to take a look at the film, but initial thoughts were…I'm very impressed with both.

(on memories of late Titans offensive coach Mike Heimerdinger)

I've got a lot of great memories of Mike. Mike and I grew up together. We were college roommates. They put us in the same dorm together. He was the receiver, I was the quarterback so we got a chance to play some football together. He was my closest friend and to come back and tribute to him, the last couple of years at the golf tournament, Kathy and Brian, and to be part of it, as well as his family, it was special to me. Mike, I've got so many great memories. I think the best one is when I went to visit him one time in college and he gave me a hard time because I came to watch him play baseball. I got through the ninth inning and he hit a grand slam, so he blamed it on me that he would've done more if I would've been to more of his games.  Special guy.

(on penalties)

You always go back and it's always a big concern. Every mistake you make is a big concern. We're going to go back and hopefully limit some of those mistakes, especially the silly mistakes. You've got a third-and-15 or you do something in the end zone where you get the offense good field position, different things that you…you've got to be more disciplined team to overcome those mistakes. Hopefully we'll prevent that pretty quickly.

(on QB Pat White's play)

Well, we didn't do a read option because nobody was really sure if we could do it. (inaudible) Everybody knows we've got it in our game plan and Pat does a pretty good job running it. So, we're going to give him the chance to be successful. We didn't run it but a couple of times, but I thought Pat just did a great job running our offense. Had a couple of reactions in there but kept it twice, I believe twice, one was a big play and one was at the line of scrimmage. We're just trying to get a look at everybody and hopefully get a little experience as we go through these preseason games.


(on his thoughts on his defensive performance)

We did a pretty good job of getting pressure on the quarterback initially with the first group out there. We gave up those two big runs and you can't do that in the NFL. You can't allow big plays to happen. Those bit us in the butt, but fortunately we won the game.

(on the play of the back-ups and winning the game in the fourth quarter)

I am really not surprised. I watch them every day in practice and they have really come to together. Collectively they have really played well together, so I wasn't surprised to see them come in and have the success that they did.

(on getting back to live action on the football field)

It was good. It was good to get that first drive under your belt and get those initial hits out of the way. It has been so long since we have tackled for real, so it felt good to get back out there.

(on what the defense did well on Thursday and what they need to work on moving forward)

We just need to eliminate big plays. We had the Chris Johnson touchdown and the Shonn Greene touchdown, so we just have to eliminate those big plays because those will kill you in the NFL.


(on what he needs to do moving forward in the preseason)

I just have to be a real student of the game and watch a lot of film and go over my playbook a lot and just stay fresh. Being out there, the best way to do things is to get out there and get reps and playing the game and getting used to the speed of things. I just do whatever I can to keep progressing and move forward from there.

(on what he learned from being in a game atmosphere)

It is just a different level and a different speed other than practice or even back in college to now. There are a lot of bigger guys out there. I just felt like I did good on the plays that I ran and just keep progressing from there.


(on being more comfortable this season than last with the offense)

Yeah, I would say your observations are correct. I've been in a constant growing process where I got more comfortable through OTAs and mini camp, then I got more comfortable now to the first two weeks of training camp and I'm sure when I talk to you after the Pittsburgh game I'll be even more comfortable.  It's a constant process and hopefully, year three, four, five, I get to play that long or beyond, I'll be even more comfortable.  It's a constant learning process.  I'm constantly toughening myself in practice so that hopefully games can be easier.

(on his first five completions going to five different receivers)

You know, I really was just going where the call dictated.  It's unique that it was to five different guys.  It's a need to get everybody involved.  I think that's something that we'd like to see happen in the offense but it certainly wasn't by design.  It was where my reads were taking me.

(on what meant to the offense to have Fred Davis back)

We feel like we have a lot of depth in this team and in the tight end position, you can see it very clearly with Fred Davis, Logan Paulsen, Niles Paul, Jordan Reed, I mean, the list goes on and on.  The game-winning touchdown was caught by a rookie, a tight end in OGB (Emmanuel Ogbuehi), we call him.  So, we've got a lot of talent.  It's a tough job for the coaches to decide who they want to keep at that position, especially.  Fred certainly is a talent and a guy who has played a lot of football here.  We love seeing him show up in the stat line with a touchdown catch.

(on being able to convert on third downs)

Yeah, quarterbacks are measured many times on what they can do on third downs.  You know, you're going to get in third down situations.  Third-and-medium as we call it, five to seven yards, and you've got to be able to convert on those to come away with points.  We did a good job of that tonight I think all the way through the game.  We'll go back and watch the film, be tough on ourselves and make sure when we weren't effective in that we'll do a much better job next week.


(on how it felt to get out there against another team)

It felt really good—just the feeling of being able to go out there, catch a ball, get tackled and the feeling of knowing that you're fully back.  It kind of makes you nervous a little bit, but that left really quick.  I just said I was going to play 100 (percent) and go from there and see what happens.  I feel good, I feel like I could have played the whole game.

(on what the Redskins can take from tonight's game)

All the things we messed up on—penalties, plays that we made mistakes or someone messed up because it takes a full team to make a full play work.  I think we just have to look at the little things, the details.


(on what he told Bacarri Rambo after Chris Johnson eluded him in the open field on his 58-yard run)

I didn't say anything to him.  Guys need to get a dose of that, this league is filled with guys with that kind of ability.  When it comes down to how they react and how they respond, it's a good way to see in your first game out and now he'll know how to take better judgment or you never know what happened on that play for that play to happen that way, but I'm glad he got that experience now so next time he'll be ready for it.


(on what he thought about the younger players rallying to help the Redskins get the win)

It always keeps our team energized when the young guys can make up for the veterans' mistakes.  It's always funny to see that.  Those guys did a phenomenal job closing the game out; you always feel better when you win.

(on being able to play after missing most of last season due to injury)

It felt great.  I had butterflies going into the game—a little more anxiety than most people.  It felt phenomenal man, to work this hard in the offseason to get to this point.  It just felt great to be out there.


(on how playing a live game felt)

It felt good. It's a blessing from the Lord to be able to come back out here and play the game.

(on adjusting to game speed)

It was fun. There were a lot of guys getting their first pro experience out there and we had fun and we flew around and we played hard.

(on what he did well and what he needs to work on)

I did everything alright. I just need to slow the game down a little bit. The first game is always a little bit fast. The more times you play the slower it gets.


(on what he thought of the play of Kirk Cousins and Pat White)

They played awesome. We did a hell of a job going up and down the field with the first unit there starting out on the first drive. We ran the ball well, which opens up everything, keepers, play action fakes and that is the whole key to our offense, running the ball well. We did that and we were able to throw it and the two quarterbacks played great.


(on having two starting quarterbacks)

Yes, we have two starting quarterbacks and Pat (White) has started in this league and Rex (Grossman) has started in this league. We just have a bunch of guys who are going out there and competing and trying to put the food on the table every day but at the same time have fun while doing it and understand what they are in it for. I like one of RGIII's (Robert Griffin III) when he says 'know your why.' I think if you understand the goals of where this team is trying to go, then you will bite into the apple. We are in this together. There is no one man who can accomplish anything greater than anyone else regardless of accomplishments that you have got already.


(on what he needs to improve on from here)

I have to improve, but you can't really tell because I didn't really get a ball or anything thrown my way.

(on what his teammates said after Chris Johnson ran for a touchdown)

They said that's Chris Johnson, just take a shot. Don't break down on it, just go and try to take a shot and try to put some part of your body on him to try to trip him up or something. He kept building my confidence and keeping me motivated. He didn't tear me down or anything because that's Chris Johnson, one of the best backs in league. Any other safety in the open field with him really doesn't stand a chance either. It happens and I'm just going to learn from it.

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