Titans playoff tickets sell-out in five minutes

With their upcoming playoff game, the Titans extended their consecutive home sellout streak to 104 games.

With six people already in front of him, Chatman was itching for his turn at the ticket window.

"Come on people," he said, realizing precious time was ticking away. Finally, he heard the much anticipated word: "Next," the security guard said, motioning him over to ticket booth #6. Chatman darted to the window with credit card in hand.

The #7 spot turned out to be lucky, indeed, for Chatman, who came away with four tickets in section 335 for the Titans' AFC Divisional Playoff Game Jan. 10 at LP Field.

"It was worth it," he said afterwards, "because I love the Titans and just the experience of being here was worth every minute."

Chatman was one of about 40 people waiting in line Tuesday morning to purchase single-game tickets to the Jan. 10 AFC Divisional Playoff Game at LP Field. Approximately 3,900 tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. Three minutes into it, only single tickets remained, and by 10:05, the game was sold-out.

"We went to singles in about three minutes, so the people that camped out in line were able to get tickets. We're very appreciative of the sacrifice those fans made to secure tickets," said Don MacLachlan, executive vice president of administration for the Titans. "To come out here and brave the elements in the winter — although we try to keep them warm and take care of them — the support we have from all of our fans is something we'll always be appreciative of and never take for granted."

For Chatman, it was his third time camping out at LP Field, but his first seeking playoff tickets. He first arrived at the stadium Monday afternoon.

"It was so cold. I only slept for two hours," the resident of Franklin, Tenn. said. "We've just been talking football and playing Madden."

But Chatman wasn't the first in line. That honor went to William Sutton, a Nashville resident who set up camp Friday afternoon.

"We were all anxious and ready and finally the time came that we've all been waiting for," Sutton said. "I got two tickets, but my brother got four and my friend got two."

Sutton said he wanted to be first in line to guarantee that he would receive playoff tickets.

"It's dedication, I guess," he said. "I've been a Titans fan for the longest time. I wanted to go to my first playoff game. My brother, friend and I were joking about who would get the first ticket. It was me. I had to take #1."

Other Titans fans were equally thrilled to come away with one of the toughest tickets in franchise history.

"I've got the best tickets of everybody that was here today," said Henry Gann, who drove all the way from Franklin, Kent. and was the sixth person in line. "I'm in section 335 which is dead center. Some other people had to grab clubs or something else around the ends. It feels great."

Gann arrived Monday morning, spending what amounted to a full day at LP Field.

"This is heavy gold right here in my hand," said Gann, proudly holding his four tickets. He said he'll take his family to the game. "It's been almost 10 years since this has happened. Even though I live in Kentucky, I'm going to be here to support the Tennessee Titans. For me, this was the best way to go about getting tickets."

With the crowd finally fizzling out by 10:15, MacLachlan reflected on the outstanding support of Titans fans.

"With how tough everything is economically right now, to see these people sacrifice their time and money to come out and support the Titans is truly phenomenal," he said. "The support we've had from Day 1 as the Titans has always been great, and to know that we've reached 104 sellouts is something we're truly appreciative of.

"We really do have the best fans in the National Football League. It shows, and that's what creates the great home-field advantage here at LP Field."

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