Titans Halftime Quotes


(on the first half)

I wish we could have done a little more on offense. We moved the ball a little bit there, but again, we're not finishing drives. We didn't finish the first drive, we had the turnover and had to settle for three. Then we fumble on a drive that looked like we were finally putting something together and we turned the ball over. It's just unfortunate, we hoped to have done a little better than that.

(on the performance of the defense)

The defense is doing well. We put a lot of young guys in there. (Alterraun) Verner did a nice job of getting that ball out in the first third down play. We should get seven on that. They gave up some yards in there, but they held them down to a field goal.


(on the offense's performance)

It went good.  We moved the ball a little better today, no three-and-outs.  We just couldn't find ways to put points on the board.  That's something that every week you want to be able to do.  

(on if he feels the team will be ready for next week's game against New England)

Yeah.  There are some things to clean up, but there are also some things to build on. 


(on the forced fumble and recovery)

It was a third-and-short, and the coverage we had, me and Coty (Sensabaugh) were basically trying to take care of the receivers. I saw the toss, and I was actually in debate if I was going to catch the lineman and try to have somebody come over top. But I said, 'You know what, let me just go ahead and try to make a play.'  I guessed right, went inside and was able to hit the running back, so my first thought was just hoping that he didn't get a first down. Just get off the field, get off on this third down. And all of a sudden, when I rolled over to see where he was on the sticks, the ball popped out and just landed in my lap. I was like, 'I don't know if he's down or not, but I'm just going to hold on and try to turn.' It just so happened that we were able to get that turnover and get the offense good field position.

(on how he thinks the starting defense did in the last preseason game)

It was good to get some of those young guys in there and try to get us some more experience because you don't know if one of those older guys is going to go down. We need to be comfortable with each other and have some type of camaraderie. I thought we did pretty well. We could sure up some tackling. We're going to take a look at the film and correct it, but overall, it was good that we got this experience, and I think we're playing pretty well.

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