Titans Evaluate Selection of Blidi Wreh-Wilson


(on what he likes about Blidi Wreh-Wilson)


We targeted corners when we were watching them that were a little bigger in size, could be more physical, that were good athletes that could come in and help us compete and that could play some man or zone and felt comfortable in both. We accomplished that. It's kind of hard because you never know who is going to be available as we know from the last round. It's a long way to this pick and we've still got to wait for one more. I feel we got a guy that could come in and help us.

(on if acquiring a big corner is becoming a trend)

You wish there was more of them. You hope you can going with a couple of more in the draft. I think everyone is trying to have those type of guys. I think defenses go in cycles like that. More teams are playing with more man and press. You want guys up there attacking the line of scrimmage a little more, blitz a little bit more and bringing five and that kind of thing. It's been working. You have to find certain guys that can do that and this is the guy we feel like can come in and compete right away and have a chance to help us this year.

(on bringing in a cornerback to offset Justin Hunter)

We need a guy that can get off press and do some of the things he can do and give defenses something to think about if they are going to jump in on a guy like that.

(on if he was in the group of cornerbacks drafted in the third round as far as the draft board is concerned)

He was. We talked last time after the second round. We were thinking defense in the second round if it fell right. We were keeping an eye on them and hoping to come out of the third round with one of those corners and luckily there was one for us to take.


(on Blidi Wreh-Wilson)

The young gentleman we just drafted was a kid from UConn. A good player and a good cover guy, can play on and play off. Good feet. He ran again on his Pro Day and was running a low 4.4. He's a fast guy. He's a good player with good ball skills. He can help us out. Steve will know a little more about where we are going to play him at, but I think he can help this team out a lot.

(on how much his size made him this value draft-wise)

You know you want bigger corners out there that can run. He's got both of those qualities and that's a good thing. You want to find a football player. I think we found one.


(on seeing him as a guy with room to grow)

I think he is a very, very athletic and talented player. I think they did a real fine job of coaching him at UConn. Both him and Dwayne Gratz are very similar, very athletic. The nice thing about him is he's athletic. He can play the ball in the air. He can play press, he can play off. He can remember things and has very good reaction skills. He's a kid that is about 6-1/2 and 200 pounds and he can run. It's going to be great working with him, plus he's a very bright young man and he's a very personable guy. He's never missed class so I never have to worry about him missing a meeting.

(on if he will play outside)

Yes, he's a guy that comes in and basically we are trying to bring him to the level of competition of our players. He's a guy that comes in and competes and will make us all better.

(on if he will contend for a starting job)

I think he's a guy that's bright enough where the learning curve won't be as long. He's a guy that athletically can compete outside. I don't know if he's the nickel type of guy, but we will see. We will have to see how quick as far as being inside, but he's a guy that will definitely push whomever he competes against.

(on how much press coverage he played at UConn)

He played some off, about 50-50. The thing I liked about him is that when the ball was in the air, he has long arms, he's athletic, he can make adjustments on the ball. I'm really excited about this guy. I think he is a guy that has a lot of upside.

(on what Blidi Wreh-Wilson needs to do to get better)

I think a lot of it just has to do with experience. The caliber of receivers that you face in the NFL may be different than what he's faced in college. I think with the quality of receivers we have here on this team right now that would be a great jump start to what he's going to face during the course of the year. Couple that with technique and me having my foot in his butt and doing my job. Time. I think the nice thing about it is that he doesn't have from a mental standpoint far to go because he's a very bright young man. That helps a lot. The more you know, the faster you can play. I think that will help him a lot.

(on what never missing a day of school says about his character) Great parenting. Conscientious. Focused. His head coach Paul Pasqualoni was a coach in the NFL for a long time and speaks great things about the young man, not only as a player, but as a person. He's probably going to be a lot like Jason McCourty as far as character and that kind of work ethic. We're excited to have him.

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