Titans at Texans Postgame Quotes


(on losing a game late in the game)

"It's hard. It's a feeling where you want to tell them remember what this feels like we don't want to be in this position again. We played against a very good football team. We were toe-to-toe with them throughout the game. Things weren't always how we wanted them to be. We didn't make all the plays that were out there to make. But the bottom line is we had to make plays, an offense with 99 yards for not really doing much of anything in the third quarter, defense gets a pick-six. This team hung in there, it fought even though things weren't always going the way we liked. A lot of penalties hurt us in situations. We were backed up the whole third quarter. It was hard to run the offense and we put ourselves in a position to win this football game and I think that is what you have to be able to do every Sunday. I think that's what we are showing, we're the type of team that's going to be in every game no matter who we play and we have to learn how to win these football games. It's a hard loss. The guys fought hard and like I said we will learn from it and realize we were right there at their place with a great chance to win."

(on what changed after the pick-six and why there was a change in momentum defensively)

"I just think they made some great catches. They were not easy catches. He was getting hit, making some good throws. We were all over them defensively. The guys made catches. The perfect ball is hard to defend. I think they threw some good balls there even under pressure and the guys being covered very well on the last play, the last couple plays. (CB Jason) McCourty was all over them. You hope nine times out of 10 that ball would be broken up and that wasn't one. That's hard to take, but I don't think really anything changed other than the fact that they started making some tough plays and they won the game."

(on if QB Jake Locker made two of his biggest throwing mistakes in the last two minutes of regulation play)

"When it comes to offense, we have to covert, we have to make that play, we have to make that throw. And that is what is frustrating as an offense, we we're backed up most of the day so things are already harder, but in a situation like that we have to win that phase, that two minute phase. They won the two minute phase; we didn't. The four-minute and the two minute as that game ended offensively was where we needed to make a play. The game was right there for us to have, and I think that they learned that, you know what, it doesn't matter if the game is back and forth, you could be playing great or be playing poorly then all of a sudden, we have the type of team that is going to give us a chance to win at the end and they continued to make plays and we didn't."

(on if the challenges on the safety and WR Andre Johnson's catch were correct)

"It's hard to see from where we are at. I thought the ball was over. I thought his knee was over. That he didn't get the ball over. He can't be touching the white line at all. They felt like he didn't clear the goal line with the ball."

(on WR Andre Johnson bobbling the ball on the stripe in the corner)

"Again, I though the ball was moving. I didn't get as many looks as they did under the hood so those things we will look at. The thing is they all went to review, got a chance to be looked at and hopefully they made the right decisions."

(on if the defense ran out of gas with offense going three-and-out so many times and if it caught up with the Titans at the end)

"I don't know. I think it just the fact that we got to the third-and-10 a couple times there, even at the last completion. Maybe they just kick a field goal and we get the ball and we have a great chance to win a football game. On the one they converted, the last one in the corner at the end zone before the touchdown pass, everybody was tired; they were calling timeouts to recover because they were tired. You play 60 minutes and then some and you're going to be tired. So I don't think that is why they made the plays, we were there to make them, they were as tired as we were and they rose up when they had to and made some big time catches and that won the game for them."

(on if he is happy with how the Titans have set the tone defensively)

"I think you are going to look at the tape, you're going to be frustrated because we're going to go back to all these situations where just like they can do and say well if they made their field goals and we made ours, all these things, we had the opportunity in the fourth quarter to win that football game and that is all you can ask for when you travel on the road against a team that has won the division the past two years. Of course, I was in a position to win and we have to find a way to win these games. That is where we are at now. Now we are going to be in (the games) and we have the personnel and the group and the heart, and our mentality is that we are going to be in these games every weekend and now we have to find a way to win them when we come this close."

(on challenge to keep bad feelings from lingering)

"It will be. It's hard. It's hard when something gets great, when you feel like you've turned a corner. It was a tough game. Things were looking like they weren't going our way in the third and fourth quarter and all of sudden, in a matter of two series, the game changed dramatically. We have to realize that's what the NFL is all about. If you put yourself in that spot, there are great players playing. We are that type of team that can crawl back and change the momentum of a game, even when things are looking bad for a while. We did that and so we have to build on that, come back and play better, and clean up the stuff we had hurt us in this game. If we do that, we're going to win a lot of football games."

(on DE J.J. Watt being disruptive to the offensive line)

"We knew there were going to be some moments. When you play a very good football team defensively and some good players like him and the others, they're going to make some plays. I thought the first drive was as good as it gets. We drove the field, scored the touchdown, and answered their touchdown. When they scored quickly on our defense, I thought that really helped us keep the game under control right from the beginning. The offense answered that quickly with some great runs, great throws. We looked pretty good in that first drive. I was hoping that we'd continue, but give them credit; they'd start making some plays after that on defense. Yeah, he's a player. He made some plays. The guy is on the field every snap. He's going to make some football plays. He's obviously a very good football player. We're adjusting to things, but again, the field position really hurts us. Being backed up and we couldn't get out of that hole. It's hard to operate down there with the noise level. Things just didn't go our way, in drives, holding calls. A lot of things made it harder for us in the third quarter. Like I said, the biggest thing is that we rallied from that, had an eight point lead, and had a chance to win this football game."

(on inconsistencies throughout the game)

"We definitely have to play better. We have to be able to make more plays than we made. The defense kept us in the game. We weren't doing anything offensively the whole third quarter. The way the defense hung under, they really didn't give up many points, the field goal. Again, you're playing against a good football team today; they have some credit for us as well. This is a good team in their house. I give them credit. They're going to make it a little harder than you'd like it to be. Next week is another challenge and we've got to play better."

(on waiting to turn the quarterback loose)

"I thought our field position versus Pittsburgh last week was different. We were inside our 10 (yard line) quite a bit. It's hard to do a lot. We were just being careful there. The protection was an issue, too, at times. They had some good players when they had the advantage on us. It's just one of those things where we're trying to find what's best. It happens in games. You can't get anything going and all of a sudden you find something that's working and you make a play or two. We just couldn't make that play or two to get him going or get the offense going until that one drive."

(on any injuries)

"It's just (DT) Sammie (Hill); he's got the ankle on a cut block."


(on if the two-point conversion was just a good play)

"You know, actually that was on me. I let the guy reach me on the play. If I would have been in that gap right when he cut back, I would have been there to make the tackle, but instead I got reached and he made a good run on the cutback. Good read and made it in the end zone."

(on if the key to the two-point conversion was penetration)

"Yeah, you know the whole key is the knock back. (Chris) Myers got a good step back and got in front of me and sealed me off and he got up in there."

(on if there is a mindset that they let this game get away)

"Yeah, you know you come into the game you always have a mindset of we should have won. And we fought hard all the way to the end. There was no doubt in our mind that we wasn't gonna win the game. So, you know, we end up letting it slip through our fingers. We came back, took the lead, had a two-minute drill and we should have won. But we let them get a touchdown."

(on if he thinks his choice words for the Texans earlier in the week helped motivate the Texans)

"I don't care what it did for them. At the end of the day we played our best and whatever they did they played they best."

(on the play of Houston's offensive line)

"They did a good job today. They did their job but we did our job also. You know, it was a good game overall. It wasn't one side dominated."

(on if they are a defensive team now)

"Nah. We're an all-over team. We're an offensive team and a defensive team. The offense put us in a situation to make great plays and the defense didn't rise to the occasion."

(on if the offense going three and out made them tired)

"Hey, when we're tired we got to rise to the occasion, man. That's what we do. The offense put us in situations. They run the ball down. They give us chances in the fourth quarter to come back and fight in this game. They put points up on the board."

(on if there were times the team felt like they had the game)

"Yeah. I felt like we had the whole game. It was never a thought in our mind that we were going to lose this game."

(on how tough it is to leave without the win)

"It's real tough. Any game you go in to and you don't win its hard on you, but we're going to keep on pushing forward and get ready for next week."

(on if they can put the loss behind them quickly and if the game will show them what the team is about)

"We're just going to rebound and we're going to do what we've got to do next week against the Chargers and let them feel our pain. That's it. We've got to make sure we just dominate the rest of this season out."

(on if he was as effective as he was last week)

"I felt it was a little different game, you know, with their zone schemes. My biggest part was staying off the ground with their cut blocks. But other than that, I felt like I did a pretty good job at. But on that scoring touchdown (two-point conversion) he got me cut and (RB Arian) Foster ran for the touchdown, for the tie. I gotta make sure I'm on my feet to make that play."

(on Texans QB Matt Schaub making good throws despite the defensive pressure)

"Yeah, you know I feel like we put the pressure there, but he was getting the ball out pretty quick and just throwing it up there and the guys made great plays. The receivers came back to the ball and they got opportunities, but I feel like we got great pressure on him all day."

(on when he feels like they let the game get away)

"That last two-minute drive. We came out and got the pick six and we had to go right back out there. We turned around and let them score. We have to be consistent. We go right back out and we have to stop them again."

(on if he likes where they are at defensively)

"Yeah I feel like we're doing a good job. I feel like we have to just keep on building on it and just keep on being consistent."

(on controlling the game after the Texans first touchdown)

"Yeah, that was our whole thing coming into the game. Just make sure we controlled their offense and let our offense do their thing. It felt like that first drive they got a good lead on us and after that we settled down and we played ball, and I feel like we did that for the whole remainder of the game."

(on if this game is different from last year or if a loss is a loss)

"I wouldn't say it's different because like you said, a loss is a loss. It all hurts. Every loss feels the same and you can't say there's a difference from last year. We just know we have something to build on, on defense and that's finishing games."


(on the Titans overall defensive effort after the opening score by the Texans)

"We knew they were going to come out and play fast. They came out and kind of caught us off guard, even though we were expecting it. After that we settled down as a defense, played honest, played our keys and stuck in the game for a long time."

(on the end of the game)

"We made some plays defensively, but they made more plays in the end. In a game like this, I don't know if it is a rivalry, a division game like this, but it is almost like a playoff game. Everyone was fighting hard. Luckily for them, they came out on top."

(on Texans running backs Arian Foster and Ben Tate)

"They play off each other. They are good running backs. One can get hot at any moment, any time. Even though (Arian) Foster is their main guy, the guy with the good hands and everything, I really don't know if they are the best running back tandem in the league, but I know they definitely played their (butts) off."


(on how tough a loss this is)

"It's very tough given the fact we came back. We were losing then we managed to come back and go up by eight points, but to lose by a touchdown in overtime it's a tough thing especially when last year against the Colts we were up and managed to lose the game."

(on being optimistic after two weeks)

"We still have to watch the film and see how it went, go over the corrections and see if there's anything we can do different. I feel like we're going in the right direction, but we're still trying to get there and put some pieces of the puzzle together."

(on the Texans WRs making great catches in coverage)

"We'll just go back and watch the film and see if there's anything different coverage-wise you can do. You have to give credit to a good football team, and a good quarterback and some good receivers. We just have to go back to the drawing board and get ready for next week."


(on not coming away with a win)


It was a real disappointment. Anytime you fight like that, and you know, they went up and we fought back. We got a touchdown late and just tried to get a victory out of it. You know, this is a tough place to come in and win. Playing a team like the Houston, they are always going to fight until the end. So, we just have to learn how to close things out.

(on ball possession)

"We just wanted to get the ball and try to run the clock out but it just didn't happen. They came back out and they did a good job of stopping us. They made more plays than us in the end."

(on Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins)

"This is actually the first time of me really getting to see him get to play. He's a good young kid and he is making plays for them. I think in order for him to have a good season, he is going to have to continue to make those plays."

(on his feelings about the game)

"It was a little tough. Our defense went out and did a great job, and put it on our shoulders, put it on the offense's shoulders. We just didn't finish. We didn't do what we were supposed to do as an offense. They gave us a number of opportunities to close it out and we just didn't make it happen."


(on which busted pass play he would want to have back)

"The second one more than the first one. I had to throw the first one a little before, one, and, two, I liked where the ball was at. It just, it was early and he didn't have an opportunity to come out of his cut yet but, with the second one, I would love to have back."

(on the Titans' long drive)

"I thought we did a good job of just moving the chains and mixing up what we were doing in the pass game. We were able to hit them deep on some throws, some underneath stuff and just continued to keep the chains moving."

(on what the Titans' offense needs to clean up)

"Yeah definitely, we have to play better."

(on what specific adjustments that the Titan offense needs to make)

"I think we just weren't as productive on first downs as we would like to be. We had some penalties that put us in some tough down and distances and then we didn't convert on third down."

(on being backed up in their own end zone and driving down the field)

"Yeah, I think we talked about it on the sideline and kind of getting the momentum going a little bit. That's what we did, and it was successful for us."

(on the Titans' 99-yard drive)

"It was great, and it was at that point in the game where, you know, we needed to do something and brought a big drive together and shifted the momentum at that point. Unfortunately we weren't able to do it again."

(on how hard it is to lose after putting themselves in a good position to win)

"It's tough. It's really difficult. This is what's tough about this sport. It doesn't all go the way you'd like it in hard fought games like this. That's why you love it so much, that's why it's so tough at times. That's a hard one to swallow but we're going to have to forget about it and come back to work next week."

(on two first road games giving them momentum going into next three games)

"Yeah, you know we didn't play well enough to win today but we played against a good football team in their place and had an opportunity to win, just didn't make the plays needed. There's to build on for sure, we just have to be more consistent."

(on what happened with the third-and-1 pass to WR Kenny Britt)

"Yeah I just missed it."


(on his play down the stretch)

"I've got to find a way to make plays. Late in that game, no matter how well you play in the first three quarters, there were three plays in the fourth quarter and overtime that I've got to find a way to make."

(on if he was in position for the three plays late)

"It doesn't count to be in good position so I gotta find a way to get the ball out. This team expects me to make those plays, and I expect to make them. So, I've got to do a better job late in the game making those plays."

(on WR Andre Johnson's stat line)

"If we won the game it would have been an awesome line, but losing the game it really doesn't matter. He's over there not worried about what his stats look like, but more worried about them getting the win."

(on the play of WR DeAndre Hopkins)

"He stepped up big and he made plays. I feel like as a secondary throughout the game we were tight on coverage and we made some plays, but we didn't make those when it counted. I shoulder a lot of that blame. I felt like throughout the end of the game there were three critical plays that if I made them, the outcome could have been different."


(on if they blew an opportunity to beat the Houston Texans)

"Of course man, come on. We had that game wrapped up and we didn't finish. We need to finish better. It's a division game, but it's just one game. We have a long season ahead and we're just going to use this to fuel us. We didn't close the game out when we had the chance; and we had ample chances to do it, but we didn't close it out and they came back."

(on settling in after the Texans quick start)

"We settled down and got a couple of plays off. We started executing our assignments."

(on starting 1-1 on the road)

"Like I said, it's only one game and it hurts the way it ended because it was so close and we had a chance to finish the game, but it's just one game, we have a great team here and we need to finish."


(on the team's tough loss)

"We've got to close games out. You know, we're up 24-16. I think, you know, starting off the game, we can't allow 60-yard runs. We have to be sound with what we're doing. We know that this team, the offensive line is going to move and you've got to stay in your lanes. I thought in our first drive we just went out there and within two or three plays, it was a touchdown. So, we've got to be better at what we're doing. Be more disciplined for a full 60 minutes. I thought we played our tails off. I do. I really believe we played our tails off. We're not going to play a perfect game but at the same time we played a good enough game to win. But you know we've got to learn in situations like this, we left so many things out there on the field, and as a player you cannot do that."

(on if losing a tough stays with you)

"Well you know like we say you always got a 24-hour rule. So we're going to get on this plane and I mean it's going to suck for what is it, an hour and 40 minutes or whatever it is. But come tomorrow we need to let it go. The great thing about this game is we get to line up next week and play. We thank God that we can play this game and that we pretty much came out kind of injury free. We got nicks and bruises but other than that I think for the most part we played good but it sucks. It sucks losing."

(on the sideline catch by WR Andre Johnson late in the game)

"Refs made the call. What does our opinion matter? It doesn't matter at all. You know, they made the call and they scored on that drive. That hurts as a defense. You know we want to be sound. Like I said, we played really well, but that's a play that we would like to take back but we all know that we can't."

(on if he didn't like a no-call on the two-point conversion)

"Well you know that's on the ref. I think as the game goes on you see what's going on with our offense and you've got to do the same. You've got to do the same on both sides of the ball with both teams. We can bicker all day. The call wasn't made and it was a two-point conversion."

(on how physical the defense was with the Texans)

"I thought we beat the (fire) out of them. We beat the (fire) out of them. I truly believe that. We did really well. Our corners, man my hats are off to them. They played their tails off against a Hall of Famer. They played their tails off against an offense that's just hard. We played really well. We've got to close some things out. We do. We've got to close some things out, but I thought we played our tails off. You know, we would like a 'W'? Yes, we want to leave here with a win. But at the same time, like I said, we get to line up next week."


(on the Titans overall defensive effort after the opening score by the Texans)

"We just went out there and fought, played our assignments and whatever the (defensive) call was, we just tried the best to our abilities. We were just one unit today, fighting for each other."

(on Titans defensive pressure and secondary coverage)

"I've always said rush and coverage go hand-in-hand. The secondary has to hold up for the line, and line has to get (to the quarterback) to help the secondary. We go hand-in-hand together, and we have to work together toward the one common goal, and that is to put pressure on the quarterback and not let the receivers catch the ball."

(on playing the Texans)

"I think it is a rivalry game, it is a divisional opponent, and we just generally don't like each other. That is pretty much what it is. (The Texans) are a great team. They've won the division the last two years, and that's where we are trying to get to as a team."

(on the play of DeAndre Hopkins, his college teammate at Clemson)

"Nuk (DeAndre Hopkins) is a very good player. I used to go against him every day in practice (at Clemson.) I know what he is capable of, but he came out and played a great game. We played a great game as well. They're going to make plays. We're going to make plays, so it is about competing every play."


(on penalties called on him being 'fair')

"The first one, I didn't think about it on the screen. It was a bad decision on my part, as a lineman you get ingrained to run a screen, throw a cut, run a screen, throw a cut. I tried saying something to him after the game, 'I wasn't trying to take your legs out.' I really wasn't. The second one, that one may have been iffy, you know? It wasn't like I restricted him, I finished him and I was going forward with him. I kind of finished (ILB Brian) Cushing, and he threw his arms, got a call, but the first one was just a bad decision on my part. It hurt us."


(on fourth-quarter interception return for a touchdown)

"It was a big play for the team. It got us up and gave us a chance to win. I just saw the ball in the air and just went to get it. It was enough for me to help our team right then."

(on the Titans coverage on the interception for a touchdown)

"We were in zone coverage. I was able to keep my eyes on the quarterback, and I was able to break downhill and make a play on the ball."

(on the Titans overall defensive effort after the opening score by the Texans)

"We were just playing aggressive and tackling when they had the ball. We were covering their receivers. That is what we did (after the first drive of the game), but then we started to let it slip toward the end of the game, and that's when they started to make their plays. Overall, we played well but we did not play well enough. That is a good team out there and you cannot leave plays out there."

(on the play of WR DeAndre Hopkins)

"That is why he is a first-round pick. They picked him up to make plays like that. He is a playmaker. You see that on film. This was a big game for him, probably gave him a lot of confidence. They started to trust him more, especially when Andre (Johnson) went down. He had to step up, and he did that for his team."


(on facing Texans DE J.J. Watt again in Tennessee)

"I won't be a rookie anymore. He's very elusive. He's definitely a great player, but once we made adjustments; he wasn't really that disruptive in to the second half of the game. It's a game of adjustments."

(on how the Tennessee offensive line did against the Texans' defensive pressure)

"We could have done a lot better, myself included. We just have to watch the film and make adjustments. We pulled out a couple of good runs and good passes but we just have to do better."


(on his catch that opened up the game)

"It was just an opportunity for me to make a play. (QB) Jake (Locker) threw a good ball. That's what we try to do. Make sure those things are right."

(on speeding up the offense)

"We kind of ran a little hurry up. Sped the offense up a little bit. But, you know, we just have to do a better job of running the plays that we practice."

(on how the team exploited the left side of the field)

"It was just something that was open. I don't think we necessarily came out and said we were going to exploit the left side of the field. We never looked at anything like that. It was just something that through our plays that kind of gave us an opportunity."

(on if the hit by Texans (CB) Kareem Jackson was dirty)

"Wasn't me. Yeah, but it's football at the end of the day."

(on a miscommunication late in the game)

"Just something that's designed that we have. A regular comeback. I just have to do a better job of getting in and out of it. I'll just put that on me. I don't know what Jake had going on, but I'll be willing to accept that."

(on the team going home for three straight games)

"Big opportunity. We've been playing well away but it's definitely gonna be good for us to go home and get in front of our home crowd."


(on what happened defensively in the second half and overtime)

"Well, I think there were some critical situations in overtime where their (Texans) offense had the ball and we needed to make a stop and didn't get it done. Actually, it was the drive that led up to overtime. They were able to go down there and get a touchdown. Then, they converted a two point conversion to push us into overtime. That was a critical situation where they made plays and we didn't."

(on the play from the defensive line and setting the tone)

"I think our whole defense has been working hard since day one. We go out there and we expect a lot out of ourselves. We try to be accountable every day. We come and we work hard and it just didn't turn out that way. They were able to outwork us and convert plays when they needed it."

(on what to expect from the Texans going forward into the AFC South division)

"Well, I think it's going to be a lot of hard work. I think both sides worked and played hard the entire game. That led us into overtime. At the end of the day, they were able to convert, score a touchdown and win the game."


(on what changed the game offensively in the second half)

"You just have to make plays. There are no particular plays out there. If anything, I blame myself. I dropped a screen pass on third down. I can't sacrifice my eyes like that for my teammates. I care enough about my teammates just to not do that. If you want to pick a play, I'll pick that one. You can't pinpoint anything; you just have to finish the game."

(on what to expect from play in the AFC South)

"Just a fight. We expect a hard fight for four quarters. We have to play Tennessee Titans football and play the way we play."

(on CB Kareem Jackson's personal foul against him)

"I play receiver, I'm supposed to take those hits. I'm supposed to pop right back up. It's not like I got hurt or carted off the field. Those are the hits that you are supposed to prepare yourself for."


(on if WR Andre Johnson has a concussion)

"He's being evaluated as we speak. Obviously, he went in. But that's how he's being evaluated. I have no diagnosis yet.

(on coming back and winning the game)

"This team we played today basically said (WR) Andre (Johnson) was not going to beat them in the way they played us. Ultimately, somebody else was going to have to come up and make some plays. And (WR DeAndre) Hop(kins) played huge in the back end of the game. He made some big plays. That's what he's here for. We survived today because of some great heroics and some plays by him. Trusting him, putting up some balls, putting up some jump balls and trusting him."

(on if he ran the wrong route on the interception)

"No. It's a misread by the quarterback. He's actually right. It's something we do on an adjustment and the corner was off. And we threw a bump adjustment, so it was just a mistake by the quarterback."

(on if he's concerned about K Randy Bullock)

"Anytime, you're 1-for-4, am I right? But they were long field goals. Two of them were 50 I think. And the last one, obviously he's got to make that and close the game out. He's a young player, and you don't want to look at that type of a start as a young kicker. But we do have confidence in him. I think he's got plenty of leg. He's kicking off well. Obviously had a chance to go 2-for-2 in game winners, and that can really help your confidence. So, he's got to bounce back. He's got to be a pro and bounce back. He's our kicker and we have the confidence in him to do that."

(on playing with three inside LB's and how did that help free up LB Brian Cushing)

"Cush was something else in the game. Defensively, after the first drive, I thought we played extremely well as a football team. Kept us in the game all day long. But, Cush is the energy. He's just finding a lot of confidence right now. I think we made plays all over the board. We continuously kept us in the football game when we struggled offensively."

(on playing a mobile QB and forcing things back inside with the LBs)

"When the time comes and we play those guys, we have to come up with something to do with those guys (mobile QBs). Bottom line, we knew we had to stop (RB) Chris (Johnson) today. He had a pretty good day against us, but we made him work. He had 96 yards, but we made him work. He had 25 carries to get that done. I thought that ultimately was the difference, that we could stop them running the ball and get them off the field on third downs and keep our team in the game. Like I said, I think defensively we played great all day long. Offensively, obviously struggled big time after the first drive. And then exploded at the end and found a way to get it done."

(on RB Arian Foster and how he played)

"I just told the team, I talked about the defense. I think game ball goes to the defense. You can cut it up in all the pieces you want to cut it up in. But I thought offensively, there were two huge factors in the game: Arian's two-point run was just all man. We didn't block it very well, and for him to get that ball in the end zone is absolutely incredible. And then number 10 (WR DeAndre Hopkins) coming through against man-coverage at the end, which was the difference. That was a huge play in the game. I thought he and (RB) Ben (Tate) both played well. I'm sitting here staring at 19 to 9 (carries, Foster and Tate, respectively). You all want me to tell you how I wanted it to be more even? But that was the last thing I was thinking about when we were trying to get back in the game at the end."

(on what they were doing that QB Matt Schaub was off and on one series they ran the ball every play)

"They played us conducive to really us; we should be running the ball the way they played us. With what they did to us defensively, which is exactly what we did the first drive. Should have been something, hopefully, you can do all day. After the first drive, I think we are 0-for-4 the next third down and two, and three. We have like four third down and less than fives in a row, and we don't make any of them. So we are off the field, off the field, off the field, so we don't get anything sustained. Second half, it was a little bit of the same, we had the one good drive, OD (TE Owen Daniels) makes the great play and then once again we kind of lock back in to not being able to get it going. We throw the interception and now we have to up the tempo. But he has found a way to do it two weeks in a row."

(on winning the field position battle and then the Titans hey pulled off the 99-yard drive)

"We're in a 17-16 football game, a one possession game. Like I just said, the way they were playing us, we were going to have to have some patience. And once we throw the interception, the patience kind of went out the window there. From that standpoint, you have to get back in it and do what you're doing. We are trying to hold up defensively, which I thought we did, until we could finally make some plays against man coverage offensively.

(on if he remembers two weeks in a row with comeback wins)

"No, I can't. It's just great character for us to find a way to win two weeks in a row like that. Obviously, you're not going to get away with that in this league. I think this is a very good football team that we just played. I think they played extremely well. And we are very fortunate to get out of here with another win today."

(on what jumped out at him most about WR DeAndre Hopkins and why they drafted him)

"The contested plays. Exactly what you saw today. Contested football plays in the game: he and somebody else going up for jump balls, tight balls. He finds a way to make those plays and that's what he did today."

(on what WR DeAndre Hopkins does to make those plays)

"He's got some length. He's obviously got some length, but he has tremendous confidence in his hands to go up and get a ball high and not have to bring it back down. That was the difference. The play he makes there at the end, obviously we get a free shot because of the offsides, but a tremendous play on his part."

(on P Shane Lechler)

"He's a weapon. We struggled, but he kept them pinned back there. We kept the game on their side of the field, we just couldn't make the plays to get more than a six point lead, at that 16-10 mark right there. Then they go 99 (yard drive) on us. But, he's a weapon. He was out there way too much today, I know that, but he did a great job."

(on the free play with WR DeAndre Hopkins, and if that play was the initial read)

"I'll have to go back and look at the film. But that's his initial read if they're blitzing us. But I'm sure if they weren't blitzing us and they jump offsides we're going to try and make a big play. So that's a good job by (QB) Matt (Schaub) right there."

(on T Duane Brown and his condition)

"He battled through and he's got a foot. I think last week took a toll on us in a lot of ways, physically. We walked in here at 7 o'clock in the morning and trying to get ourselves going again this week, I could feel some of that. So I'm proud of the ways the guys hung in there. Played a lot of plays today and for him to go back in there and finish for his teammates, he did a hell of a job."

(on the catch by WR Andre Johnson on the sideline when he was injured)

"It's incredible. And probably the fact that Andre got nicked up on the play helped us. Obviously, you've got to finish the total catch with the ball, but we got a chance to look at it over and over again, and obviously he was finished with the catch before they poked it out. I thought it was a great job by the official, looking at it the right way. And what a catch by Andre. Like I said, the respect he was paid today, from a cover standpoint, I've been doing this a long time, and you don't see that very often. It was tremendous."

(on the coverage on WR Andre Johnson today)

"They were putting a lot of guys over there to cover him. Let's just say that."

(on the difference in Tennessee's defense with Gregg Williams, Sr. Asst./Defense)

"Gregg and (defensive coordinator) Jerry (Gray) have been together for a long time. I see their defense and what they've done having been together. But, obviously one of their big strengths is to rush the passer. And you all saw that. So it was important that we run the ball. Like I said, we really struggled with third down. We were so poor on third down; we just couldn't get any rhythm going with what we were doing. They have a good football team. I think they had the game going the way they wanted it, kind of like last week, banging and running the ball, 'who is going to make the first mistake' type of game. And fortunately we were able to, like I said, make some big plays late."

(on why QB Matt Schaub has been so effective when he is turned loose)

"I'm going to have to turn him loose if we are down 28-7, or down eight with four minutes left in the game, I'm going to have to turn him loose. He's a hell of a player. He made some mistakes. And he'll be the first one to tell you he made some mistakes that kind of got us in hot water. But I have a lot of confidence in him. He has control of the situations, even there late in the game. He called me off on a couple plays that he felt better about, and that's good. That's what I want him to do."

(on DE J.J. Watt)

"After the first drive I just thought we played tremendous. We had to hold up all day long. We give up the one drive at the end, but we buckle down, we get back off the field and get us the ball back. I had a lot of confidence even there in the overtime. If we don't get it done right there, if we go back on the field and play good defense. Very proud of the job that (defensive coordinator) Wade (Phillips) and the staff and the players did."

(on how he feels as a coach after a game like this)

"As a coach, you can't think about all of the things that you did wrong to put yourself in that position. It's a great feeling to know that we can find a way out of those situations. I mean that is tremendous. I knew we were in for a dogfight today, but I love the way we were able to play, I loved the start of the game. But you have to give them credit. They are a good football team. And they sat there and it was a physical battle. We've been able to step up late and get it done two weeks in a row and it's going to be important all year long."


(on whether he was pushing his field goals)

"I can't tell you off the top of my head. I have to go back and watch film, as we are going to do tomorrow. I felt like I was making good contact."

(on mental state during last field goal as Tennessee called multiple timeouts)

"There wasn't really a whole lot going on. You can't worry about all that kind of stuff. When you get caught worrying about it, that is when they will call timeouts. There wasn't a whole lot going on right there. I have never actually had an opportunity to attempt so many field goals at the end like that. But it happened, and all you can do is learn from it and move forward."

(on his ability to forget today's performance)

"It is going to be tough because I missed a couple, but at the same time (I have) have to be mentally tough and move forward. It is part of it, and part of my job is to have a short memory and move forward."

(on if he thought about previous misses during the game)

"No, I don't. There is too much going on down on the sideline to think about all of that. Really all I can do is go back and watch it later."

(on what coach Gary Kubiak said to him during game)

"He just told me to keep my head up. It wasn't my best day but he told me that the team has a lot of confidence in me and that he has a lot of confidence in me. Shake it off and keep working this week."

(on if he has ever had a game where he missed multiple field goals)

"I don't think I have ever had a game like this. It was frustrating, but at this point all I can do is move forward and come back for more work this week."


(on how it feels having support in linebacker position from ILB Darryl Sharpton and ILB Joe Mays)

"Yeah, these guys come in, and they are fresh. They are both very good linebackers. They are both very physical. They are pretty similar as far as linebackers. They come in, and it's not completely two different guys. So when it's Joe or when it's Darryl you know what you are going to get out of them. Like I said, they are both similar players so it's no drastic difference between the two of them. They are going to play hard, and I think it's a great system we have been able to rotate them in to keep them fresh."

(on his statistics and performance during the game)

"You know I always keep count in my head. I know the number is always wrong, but I know what I have. I always get jipped on a couple of tackles, but that's OK. Yeah, I count. I'm a hungry football player. I want to make all the plays. I want to make all the tackles. I think that the best ones do that kind of stuff. It obviously motivates me, and it helps the team. When I have big games; we play better as a team. That's what I'm here for."

(on P Shane Lechler's performance)

"Every time he goes out there, he's pinning them inside the 10 yard line. He has such a craft at what he does. There is an obvious reason of why we brought him in here. Anytime he punts, it obviously helps our defense a lot when we're playing inside the 10 and especially at home with the crowd. We can back them up. Today we got a safety and other times he's pinned them deep. It lets us play free and lets us play with a lot of fun."

(on his feeling after the 99 yard scoring drive by Tennessee)

"Disappointed. Obviously it was a huge point in the game when we're up 16-10. We let them drive right down us and go up and get the lead. It's a sickening feeling. But we didn't quit; we didn't quit. And obviously there was an interception for a touchdown and we got down. But I think it shows so much character for a team to come back and score those points, get the two-point conversion, and head into overtime to win the game."

(on how the last two games may help build for the rest of the season)

"Yeah I think so. It shows that we can win in any kind of fashion. There might be a 3-nothing game we have to win down the road in a completely opposite way. To win like this, on the road and at home, shows that we can win any kind of way. Knowing that, you have a lot more confidence going into games."

(on how he feels coming off of last season's injury)

"I put in a lot of work this offseason to come back and not be a step behind or not be the same player that I was. I put a lot of training in to be better than I ever was before, and I feel like I am."

(on if he is having more fun than ever playing football)

"Yeah. I appreciate it a lot more. I appreciate being back. It's so much fun to be back out there. I've had the experience of going through a season watching. I don't want to be back there again. I want to be out there playing with the guys and having fun. This is what I do. I think it's pretty obvious that I want to be out there every snap and every play and be an impact player."

(on his awareness of the penalty called on Tennessee for block on DE J.J. Watt)

"Yeah I was. We talked about it and obviously there was a penalty called on it. The refs actually talked to me about it too saying it was very similar to my play last year. I just think something needs to be done about it besides just a penalty because no one is going to learn from just a penalty."

(on if the block was a fineable or suspendable offense)

"Yeah I think so. There has to be a line drawn. There has to be something done for guys to learn not to do it anymore besides just a fine and penalty."

(on if he calls his rush plays)

"They call it. The only rush I'll call is any man coverage and they're blocking. My guy is blocking, so I'll hug up to him. Besides that, it is Wade calling the blitzes."

(on being in situations where the team has to come back to win the game)

"We are winning ways that are tough. We are making it a lot harder on ourselves. Obviously we would like to win 24 to nothing. In this league, a win is a win, and we are getting them now. That is what is important."


(on what he thought was the main reason for the win)

"We are never going to quit. We are going to keep playing until the last down, until the last second. We are going to do everything we can to win."

(on 8-point drive toward end of regulation and drive in overtime)

"You have got to play every minute of the game. We knew that didn't go exactly how we wanted to offensively during the game, but we had a chance to put a big drive together and sent the game into overtime."

(on performance of WR DeAndre Hopkins)

"Unbelievable. I can't say enough about it. Doing that, that late in the game, after running as many plays as we did, (WR Andre Johnson) doing it, the young kid (Hopkins) is coming into his own. Can't say enough about it."

(on touchdown catch)

"(QB) Matt (Schaub) made a perfect throw. Something we talked about doing during the week, and Matt (threw) it in the only place he could. I did my best to catch it and get my feet in."

(on concern of status of WR Andre Johnson)

"I talked to him and he said he was all right. He wanted to go back in, but protocol is that you can't at that point. I have never seen a more blatant blow to the head. A big miss by the officials, especially for a guy like Andre. I know you have to protect every player, but especially someone like him. I am just glad that he is all right and will be with us this week."

(on if two late game-winning drives is draining)

"It is early in the season, so we are as fresh as we are going to be. We don't want to have to win games like this, but the fact that we are, with making as many mistakes as we are making, still finding a way to get it done is huge. Great teams find ways to win."

(on the character of the team)

"We are not going to quit. No matter how bleak (the situation) looks, we have too many leaders (on this team) to let (losing late) happen. These last two weeks have been a great example."


(on his thoughts after the game)

"It was a wonderful team win. We needed all phases to win, and we did that. It was not pretty yet, but we'll take it."

(on the catches by the receivers today)

"We've been seeing it from Dre (WR Andre Johnson) for years, so you kind of just start taking greatness for granted. And then for the young boy (WR DeAndre Hopkins) to go in there – we've been seeing it since he got here – what kind of hands he has and he just continues to impress."

(on his touchdown and two point conversion with so much on the line)

"I mean, the line just made a good push and I just did what I'm supposed to."

(on T Duane Brown saying the two point conversion was all RB Arian Foster's doing)

"I sure appreciate that."

(on if the two point conversion was really all him)

"Nah, it's never all me."

(on if he felt like he got back in the groove today)

"I felt like I took a step in the right direction. I'm still rusty out there. I missed a couple of plays that I normally make. But that just comes with it. You have to knock the rust off and the only way to do that is get in there and bang."

(on RB Ben Tate saying it's great to have another comeback, but the offense should be putting people away)

"I mean, he's right, but at the same time, you have to understand the situation. We're early in the season and you want your offense clicking – I mean at all times of the year – but you want it clicking toward the end of the season. We have a lot of kinks to work out, and we have a lot of work to do. Our defense keeps bailing us out, but that's what team ball is all about. We're just going to keep taking it."

(on if the Texans being tougher mentally than the Titans was the difference in the game)

"I wouldn't say all that. I mean, we just made the plays we needed to make, whether that means we're tough or not, I don't know. But I think it's a tribute to these coaches, the coaching staff, weight staff and these players that put in the work and have been putting in the work since early April. That's just what we expect."

(on if he talked to WR Andre Johnson after the game and what he said to him)

"Yeah, he's my best friend. He doesn't want to admit it, but we're best friends. I told him 'good stuff.' You get tired of telling (WR) Andre (Johnson) good job. You just kind of start expecting it. He's been doing it for years. I tell him every day 'It's an honor to play on your team.'"

(on TE Owen Daniels saying that the hit late on WR Andre Johnson was a high hit)

"I didn't see it. I was blocking so I didn't see it. I didn't get a chance to see it. But if (TE) Owen (Daniels) said it, it's the gospel."

(on if he saw a difference with key players back in the lineup on defense)

"Yeah, I think they're just like the offense where they just have to gel to get that chemistry together. It's early in the season and everybody in the NFL feels like that we keep putting out these wins but we're not playing our best ball. So that says a lot."


(on what it meant to be the primary wide receiver at the end of the game)

"It felt great to be able to pick up the slack once (WR) Andre (Johnson) left the game. It was a great team win."

(on the potential lack of respect he received late in the game with only single coverage)

"I don't expect their respect right now. It is my second game in the NFL right now. I've just got to go out there and prove that I deserve it."

(on whether he has had to deal with nerves pregame or if he felt calm and confident)

"Yes, I've been calm and confident. Once you line up on the other side of (WR) Andre (Johnson), it's business."

(on how if he felt good about the Titans' coverage on him)

"Yeah, anytime I see one-on-one, that's a wide receiver's dream."

(on his winning touchdown in overtime)

"It was a great ball by (QB) Matt (Schaub). He put it in the perfect position for me to go up and catch it. We practice that basically every day, the wide receivers. And practice makes perfect."

(on whether he was as confident in his success so early on like his teammates were about him)

"Yeah, of course. I went up against (RCB) Johnathan Joseph in my first practice. He got the best of me. But sooner or later, I started perfecting my craft. And out of the DBs (defensive backs), they don't get too much better than him."

(on favoring the back shoulder route)

"It's something that we work on as well. Once DBs start press belly, you're not going to get on top of them too much. That's the technique they're taught, to act like they're going to press you and bail off. It's a hard ball to stop."

(on what his reaction was when WR Andre Johnson went down after SS Bernard Pollard's hit)

"What was going through my head was that they were probably going to come to me and I was going to be able to make plays for my team. I got a couple of man coverages early in the game and I didn't capitalize like I should have, like I wanted to, but, I redeemed myself later once Andre went out."

(on whether he and QB Matt Schaub had a talk in the huddle after WR Andre Johnson left the game)

"No, not at all. You go out there with whatever play is called and you make the best of it."

(on his thoughts on SS Bernard Pollard's hit on WR Andre Johnson)

"No, it's a football player trying to make a play out there. I don't think he meant to hurt him at all."


(on if he believes he will receive a fine for hit on WR Kendall Wright)

"I am just out here trying to play ball. I am trying to do whatever I can to help my team win. In my situation, getting a fine is the last thing I am thinking about. I am just trying to play ball."

(on his thoughts on the play where he received a penalty on the hit on WR Kendall Wright)

"It was a bang-bang play in my opinion. In some situations it could go either way. What if (the official) doesn't throw the flag, (Wright) fumbles and we get the ball? So in a tight game like that, you have to try and make a play. In my case, that is all I was trying to do. I am not a dirty player, but like I said, it was a bang-bang play."

(on the performance of the Texans' defense)

"I thought we had a pretty solid day as a whole defensively. We gave up a couple (big) plays here and there. We have to go back to the film and make some corrections on those plays. There are a couple more plays we can make out there; go the extra-mile to make them. We will definitely have to evaluate the film."

(on the Titans two long scoring drives)

"It was a pretty good game, but like you said, (we gave up) those two drives. If we don't let them have those two drives, or if we hold them to (a field goal) or nothing, (it is) a different game. Like I said, there were a couple more plays we could have went and made. We have to do whatever we can to keep teams from scoring."


(on the play of the Texans' defense and winning close games)

"Any time you hold the team inside of the 10 yard line, that kind of changes their offensive philosophy. And when you have a defensive front like we do and then you have J-Jo (CB Johnathan Joseph) and those guys locking down the back side. It's pretty – they can be pretty good out there. Yeah, two close wins, but we'll take them any way we can get them."

(on if he has seen an end of regulation scenario like the one today)

"No. I don't know if anybody has seen three field goal kicks in a row. But that's part of it. They were able to call the second time out because of offsides. That kind of split up the double time out business. It's the way it goes."

(on the conversations he had with K Randy Bullock during the play and after)

"It's a very, very tough thing to do, is to turn the page. I mean I know. I deal with it. I don't know of a professional athlete that's not hard on himself, that doesn't deal with it. It's kind of like a book, man. Turn the page. Can't read the same one. Don't let that one mess up your next kick. And I have all the confidence in the world with him. I hold with him. He kicks all the time in practice. He's money all the time. And he just had a rough go. And that's part of this game. That's part of the situation. That's part of being a little bit young, and that's part of it. And having that happen. I can only imagine it's going to help out."


(on his overview of the game)

"We came out and we started fast. Right down the field, the run game was clicking and we scored. We struggled offensively trying to find first downs and find plays. It's a good defensive team. They had a good plan, a good scheme. They really played well, and our defense was exceptional keeping us in the game all game long until we found a way to make plays, create positive gains, first downs, and getting the ball down in their territory. We had a lot of guys step up today. Our offensive line battled, our running backs played well and we had a lot of receivers step up in the pass game, late in the game."

(on what happened at interceptions)

"They are both on me. I almost cost us the game, flat out. I've got to be better in those situations, understanding the coverages of the situations and not have those. Our team rallied around me, rallied back, and we found a way to pull it out."

(on views of WR DeAndre Hopkins)

"He was out there doing what he has done since he stepped in the building. You know all of the OTAs, all training camp, he was finding one-on-one's and he was finding a way to make a play going up and catching the football. We were tested when (WR) Andre (Johnson) went out. Something that we've talked about all training camp with the young receivers stepping up, the trust and the faith that we have in them that they are going to step up and make plays, and they did that. (WR) Keshawn (Martin) was on a shallow cross making a huge play, breaking a tackle at the end of regulation. DeAndre, late in the fourth quarter and overtime, was just making plays and doing what they've done. Obviously we are always going to try to get the ball to Dre (Andre Johnson) when he is in there, but when he was out the guys did what they needed to."

(on forgetting that WR DeAndre Hopkins is a rookie)

"We don't forget it. It is just in the heat of the moment, you don't think about it. You just go and play. You play a kid's game that we've all played since we were young. When you have a guy like that that has that ability, you have to trust and have faith in him. The more he does that, the more confidence he has going out there to do it. It was fun to watch."

(on feeling same link we WR DeAndre Hopkins as with WR Andre Johnson)

"It is coming into form. It doesn't happen overnight. We've worked a ton this offseason, a ton this summer, and it is starting to pay off. When he was called upon he made the plays. It was fun to watch and good to see him grow up as fast as we are asking him to."

(on confidence level of team with two demanding games)

"If it means winning at the end of the day, we will take this same type of game every single week. It shows our resolve and our ability to handle diversity, good or bad as a football team. Just play the game. Go to the next play, good or bad. You have to move on. That is what football is all about. You've got to have a short term memory, and move to the next play."

(on thoughts when WR Andre Johnson went out)

"He did a great job holding onto that ball, first of all. He put us in a goal line situation to where we could score and then go for two. He put us in a position to where we were that much closer, but when he went out, you just have to go forward. You can't think about it because you are in crunch time. You've got to get the ball back, and go score. You've got to find a way to win the game. He is a leader on this football team, a warrior, and he is going to be back."


(on the play of the offense in the first half)

"Yeah you know once again, up and down a little bit too inconsistent. You know we'll get it right starting out faster being a better team in the first half.

* (on showing emotion on the 60-yard run and ripping off a run like that)*

"Well football is an emotional sport. It was good; I think it was more getting the crowd energized getting the team energized. That's all I wanted, and it got me energized."

(on the team making comebacks two games in a row)

"I think it's good that we can fight from behind, but I'd be lying if I said it was acceptable. We're a better team than that. We need to come out, and kick team's butts like we're supposed too, instead of having to fight and claw our way back."


(on his review of the game)

"Man, I'd like to wrap these things up a little quicker than we do these last couple of weeks. I think it's another testament to the character of this team, the mental makeup, the perseverance, the dedication. Nobody worrying, nobody panicking. Just finding a way to win. It's probably not the best for your blood pressure, but we find a way to win and that's all that matters."

(on the game ILB Brian Cushing played)

"He's playing great ball and it's great to have him back out there. It's so much fun when you've got guys making plays at every level of your defense. It's very nice to have him back out there. I can tell you that much."

(on the defense shutting down the Titans for the most part except for two long drives)

"No, we just need to play better on those couple of drives. Overall, I think we played well today. The 99-yard drive is one that we need to go back and look at and make sure we get corrected. I think, for the most part overall, our defense had a great day."

(on the penalty against him and if it was a good or bad call)

"My hands were all up in there. Not deliberately. I didn't mean to do that, but that's the way it happened."

(on going up against Titans G Chance Warmack)

"They gave him a lot of help, which I assumed they were going to do. My job is if I get a single-team, if I get an opportunity, I need to do my job and take advantage of it. Today, obviously, I did that a couple of times. He's a good young player and I think he's going to grow into a nice young player."

(on WR DeAndre Hopkins getting over rookie jitters and proving himself)

"I think so. He played really well. Big time situation and he made some big time plays. We see it in practice. He makes big plays in practice. He goes up there and finds a way to bring the ball down, and that's all you can ask for. Obviously, he's watched one of the best in Dre (WR Andre Johnson) and is learning from one of the best. It's a great situation and we're happy to have him."

(on teams trying to adjust to him and what he's done to take his game to another level)

"Sometimes, you just have to fight through a lot of crap to be perfectly honest. You have to face double teams and you have to grind through some blocks. You have to chase things down from the backside. You just have to find a way, but, at the same token, it's nice to have a guy like Cush (ILB Brian Cushing) out there who, if they're going to try and do a little game planning on me, Cush will make them pay or (DE) Antonio (Smith) will make them pay. Guys on the back end will make them pay. That's a sign of a good team is when a team tries to make one adjustment and the other team forces them to make another adjustment. It's a nice problem to have."

(on if the peel back block was a dirty play by Titans C Rob Turner)

"Absolutely. That's the reason the rule is in. That's the exact play that happened to Cush (ILB Brian Cushing) last year when he blew out his knee. I'm not trying to get my knee blown out. That's why there's a rule in place and it was clearly blatant. You peel back around and you're going towards your own goal line, you know exactly what you're doing and you're going at somebody's knee. You respect that this is people's job. This is your life and, to go at somebody's knee like that, going back at your own goal line, coming back at them, peeling around, that's just something you don't do."

(on if he talked to the Titans player (C Rob Turner) about the peel back block)

"Yeah I told him, I said, 'You're clearly trying to take out my knee.' He tried to apologize, but you're trying to take out my knee. That's exactly what you're trying to do. You look at a situation like Cush, some other situations around the league, you're going to hurt somebody and that's the goal is to not hurt people. It's a mutual sign of respect that we have that there's certain things you don't do and that's one of them."

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