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Game Day Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


DENVER – Finally, it's here.

The Titans kick off the 2020 season here tonight at Empower Field at Mile High.

Because I got a lot of overflow questions leading up to the game – and because I likely won't have time to knock out a Tuesday mailbag because of the Monday night game – I banged out at extra mailbag to read leading up to kickoff.

Thanks again for all the questions, and enjoy the game…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Troy Lillard from Nashville, Tennessee
Hello there Mr Jim Wyatt. My question for you is how serious is the injury to Derrick Roberson and will he be able to play in Monday night game against the Broncos? That guy is one of my favorite players other than Henry and Simmons.

Jim: Hey Troy. The good news is Derick's injury isn't as bad as in initially looked. The bad news is he won't play tonight, and he's week-to-week. In addition to Roberson, Vic Beasley, Adoree Jackson, Darrynton Evans and Jamil Douglas have all been ruled out for tonight's game.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Canada
When I look at the talent on the Tennessee Titans defense, I can't help but think how stacked and dominating they could be. The Offense has some playmakers too and the line looks to be a strength also. If there is a weakness on the Titans it is complacency and maybe the return game or have they figured that out? Not that it is a big component anymore(with the touchbacks) in my mind. What do you think Jim? PS In Canada not always able to get to watch the Titans sure glad that the game is Monday night...Like to see the Titans team blow the Broncos outta the water!!!

Jim: Hey Andy. Well, I don't think complacency will be a problem. The team made it to the AFC Championship, but they don't give out rings for that. This team wants a Super Bowl rings and the Vince Lombardi trophy, and that's the motivation. As for the weaknesses, well, it's kind of TBD. The late-week injury to Adoree wasn't a good development, and it's going to force some young guys into a bigger role right out of the gate. I think the return game is in good shape with Kalif Raymond.

Autumn Rich from Tell City, Indiana
Hi Jim. So I've been a fan of the Titans since I was a baby and will forever to one. My question is about Clowney and staying with the Titans. I know right now they have him under a one year contract but if he does great for the team and helps us out; then would there be a chance that he gets a longer contract?

Jim: Hi Autumn. Well, I asked Jadeveon that exact question this week. I think a lot hinges on how this season goes. This was his answer when asked if he'd like to find a place to stay long-term, and whether that could be in Tennessee: "I hope so, man. It's going well so far. I am enjoying my time here so far, and the players have accepted me and they are having a good time with me and they like my company around here. It's like, 'We're glad we can have you on our team.' You just want to try and go out there and help this team as much as possible, and hopefully they see me as a piece on their defense in the future."

Carrie and Cason Romero
During the season, your pre-game Periscope is a can't miss for our Game Day experience. In previous seasons, you're usually in the end zone while the players warm up... giving us that "feel like we're there with you" feeling. Since there are no sideline reporters this season, we're wondering if you'll be able to carry on that tradition and where will you be in the Stadium?

Jim: Hi Carrie! Hi Cason! I appreciate you guys tuning in each week. Unfortunately, the pre-game Periscope sessions will look different this year. How different? Well, I'm not sure myself. I know I'm not allowed on the field this year in pre-game, and I'm not sure I'm going to be allowed in the lower bowl. I think it's going to depend on the stadium. I plan on doing one tonight, but I'm not sure where it's going to be from – inside or outside the stadium. Tune in to find out! 😊

Terry Cooper from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
First time writing in ... just a short comment for all of the part time NFL fans ... When I watch my Titans or any other NFL game, the only thing that I'm interested in is football. Who cares who kneels or who stands on whatever team, the only thing that matters if you're a true fan is the game ... period !!

Jim: Thanks for chiming in Terry.

Tom T from New York, New York
Would you please tell the Titans coaches to stop sending Derrick Henry to the sidelines on 3rd downs. When they do that they do the other team a favor and give the opposing defensive coordinator exactly what he wants. Keep him in and dictate the game. Make the defense have to account for him. What are they going to do - unstack the box and send in an army of nickel backs? Let them do it!

Jim: Hey Tom. Well, Derrick has worked on his pass-catching this offseason. But the team drafted Darrynton Evans in the NFL Draft to complement Henry, and he's known for his pass-catching skills out of the backfield. As I mentioned earlier, Evans isn't playing tonight, so Henry could very well take on a bigger workload on third down. How that goes during the season will hinge on Evans, and his health.

David Irish from Birmingham, Alabama
Hi Jim! I hope all is well brother! Big fan here from down the street in Birmingham, AL. Big expectations for the offense this year with the tandem of Henry/Tannehill. The front 7 and safety positions are also really locked in this year. However, the CB group seems to have a lot of questions. I've been hearing Chris Jackson, who was very good at Marshall, getting praise from veterans. From what I understand he's very athletic and versatile and could compete with Fulton and Hooker for PT this year especially with the unfortunate injury to Dane. What is your take on the 3 young men and the impact they have made so far with the team? Could you see the defense finishing in the top 5 this year with everyone healthy?

Jim: Hey David. The reason you heard about Jackson is because the veterans have raved about him. I thought he really looked good in camp. He's feisty. With Adoree' Jackson out, Chris Jackson is one of the young guys I mentioned earlier who could be needed to step up into a role. Same for Fulton, who has been quickly catching up after missing a significant amount of time in camp. As for Hooker, I've liked what I've seen from him in his second camp. He lost weight, and he's looked better to me.

Kevin Klix from Santa Fe, New Mexico
I just pinched myself this has a too good to be true vibe! The signing of JC will make Titans football even better in so many ways and accents JR's growing contribution to Titan success, kudos. I really want to talk about Derrick Henry and the running game that now looks to spend more time on the field (see defensive acquisitions). Leaving out one game and basing a 2K season on 16 games is 125 yards per game it is not exactly the focus of a team effort, however our stated intention to have a dominant running game compliments most efforts there. I'm saying I believe Derrick is fully capable of joining Chris Johnson in a rare accomplishment Of a 2K season which I am calling "The Season of the Hulk."

Jim: Hey Kevin. While I think Derrick is going to have another good year, 2K is going to be tough. The reason I say this is because the team has so many weapons on offense around him. I think Derrick will get his, but others will, too.

Eddie Wagstaff from Nashville, Tennessee
This is more of a statement then a question. I am a Vietnam Disabled Veteran and I will always stand up and put my hand across my heart when I hear the national anthem. As for the players kneeling for the national anthem I was willing to give my life for their right to protest Peacefully. This is a great country that gives you the right to do that. What they're doing is the definition of a peaceful protest. I wish more people would understand what they are protesting about. I love my country. USUSUS.

Jim: Thanks for your perspective, Eddie. And thank you for your service.

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlan, Puebla México
Hola Jim deseo que ud y los suyos estén muy bien de salud, pasando a mi comentario quiero que por medio suyo haga extensivo un agradecimiento y reconocimiento a todos los jugadores de los Titans (al igual de todos los otros 31 equipos) que aún a pesar de esta pandemia decidieron jugar la temporada de la NFL y que todos son hijos, esposos, padres de familia, hermanos etc; y todo para hacernos pasar unas horas contentos, emocionados, enojados y disfrutar este bello deporte en verdad muchas gracias.
Pasando a lo deportivo una vez más felicito a todos los involucrados en hacer los movimientos en la agencia libre muy buenas adiciones sobre todo a la defensa, con la inclusión de Clowney, Landry tendrá más oportunidad de brillar y hacer grandes jugadas y quiero pensar que con las cualidades de Clowney lo veremos jugando en el interior de la línea me imagino así : Simmons Jones Clowney y de edge a Beasley y Landry, tengo muchas expectativas de que será un buen año para nuestros Titans, pero también soy cauteloso y no quiero adelantar, como le dije anteriormente mis dudas están en la línea ofensiva sobre todo en el lado derecho con Davis es muy bueno pero siento que le hace falta un poco más y poder ayudar a Kelly, espero que JRob pueda hacer algún movimiento más en esa posición de guard. Pues ansioso y listo para este inicio de temporada de nuestros TITANS y apoyarlos al 100%. Y agradecido con ud Jim por mantenernos en esta temporada baja informados de todo lo que acontece en el interior del equipo es como si estuvieramos ahí en el campo, excelente trabajo el que ud desarrolla. Saludos a todos los aficionados TITANS!!

Jim: Hola Héctor. Es bueno saber de ti y gracias por escribirnos. Ha sido una buena temporada baja y el equipo ha realizado muchas adquisiciones agradables. La incorporación de Clowney fue grande y emocionante. No es hora de jugar al fútbol. De hecho, me siento bien con la línea ofensiva. Pensé que Davis mejoró durante el transcurso de la temporada el año pasado, y su pareja junto a Kelly es bastante sólida en mi mente.

J Martinez Elgin from Texas
Hello Jim.
I've had a couple of questions for a while but waited til after training camp to get your best opinion. A while back I read that Taylor Lewan said the O-line didn't jell til the 7th game. I looked up some things and saw that they allowed as many sacks in the 1st 6 as they did after the 7th. Derrick also averaged 50 more yards after the 7th game. Also the qb play improved and I believe the calls for the OC to be fired died down
The question is do you see the O-line as looking more like the one before or after the 7th game. The other is if coach Vrabel goes 9–7 for a 3rd time do you think he will be on the hot seat after the season. Thanks Jim. God bless. Wear a mask and Titan Up

Jim: Hello. J Martinez. One of the main reasons the o-line started slow last year was because of Lewan's four-game suspension at the start. When he came back in Week 5, he had to work himself back into shape, and he had to jell with his teammates. So having that group together from the start should be a big plus right out of the gate.
As for Vrabel, the answer is no. Heck, he took the team to the AFC Championship Game last season. I look at that more than I do the 9-7 regular season finish.

Mike Caldwell from Columbus, Ohio
Jim. How are things going for you? I been a life time fan since I was 5, growing up in Columbus , it was very brutal for many years when the Oilers was in the AFC central div. had to deal with The LOUD dog pound and those Who Dey fans down south of me , not to mention the Steel Curtain all the time. I am extremely happy we got Clowney. He reminds me when we drafted the Freak. A high impact player or game changer we been needing for a long time now. I believe we have a very young underrated defense, that now has gotten that well deserved boost. I always liked Mike Vrabel back when he played at OSU. I root for all OSU players in the NFL. It's about time we give the coach the impact players they need to be successful. The ways they can use these front seven now blows my mind.. Can't wait to see packages with Vic , Landry Simmons and Jadeveon together .. We should give that package a elite .. As long as all the guys stay healthy this year. I believe we might see at least 4 guys in double digit sacks this year. Which would be huge. Please tell Amy ,Coach and Jon great job and thanks. But I would like to know what your perspective of this move, now that is has been made..
Thanks Jim. Hope to hear from you

Jim: Hey Mike. Thanks for the background. Sounds like you've been a loyal fan. I was excited about the addition of Clowney, because I know he's going to make the guys around him better in addition to wreaking havoc himself. Watching him in practices last week, he reminded me of the Freak, just seeing him fly around. He's going to be fun to watch.

Mike Gaines from Goodlettsville, Tennessee
We relocated to Nashville 3 years ago from Tampa, where Adam Humphries was one of my favorite Bucs players and where he excelled as a slot-type receiver for the Bucs. I was thrilled when the Titans acquired him but have been very disappointed in what I consider to be his severe under-utilization in the Titan offense up to now. The guy is fast, super-quick and has hands like glue. I thought that he would be a perfect Julian Edelman-type complement to this Titan offense and that he would be a favorite target of Ryan Tannehill. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Humphries didn't seem to be much of a priority in the Titan offense last year prior to his injury. So - a few questions for you:
1) Can you tell me why Humphries hasn't played more of a role in the Titan offense thus far?
2) I know he came back at the end of the year, but what is the status of his health in terms the injury he suffered last year? and
3) What can you tell us about how Humphries will be used going forward this year in terms of both the offensive scheme and the frequency of him being more of a primary target in the passing game?
Thank you very much in advance for your time and any feedback. Mike

Jim: Hey Mike. One of the main reasons Adam didn't play a huge role last year is because of his injury, which ended up costing him six games. Even then, though, he wasn't as involved as much as I even thought he would early. I think him learning and getting comfortable in a new offense had something to do with it. And I think the transition at quarterback – switching from a struggling Marcus Mariota to Ryan Tannehill – contributed as well. I do think he'll contribute more from the get-go this year. He had a good camp, and he looks really comfortable. I think he's going to make a big jump in his second year with the team.

Bear Butler from Millington, Tennessee
Hey Jim, hope all is well with you, and thanks for what you do. Its Saturday night the Titans don't play till Monday night soo I just wanted to give my prediction for the season. Before the signing of Clowny I was going with 12-4 but now I'm going with the Titans will tie the Dolphins and be the 2nd team in NFL history to go undefeated and win the Super Bowl. I don't think any team will score much against that defense and I laugh at those saying RT will regress, I watched all the games last year I think he will be even better this year. A.J.Brown and C.Davis will both have over 1k receiving yards and Henry will continue to stiff arm defenses into submission. And I'm just glad to see this season start despite covid-19, at least we will have football to take our minds off it and whatever crazy things the current occupant of the White House will say or do in the coming weeks. TITAN-UP!!!!!

Jim: Those are some lofty expectations, Bear!

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground Washington
Jim, Lots of fans are turned off by the players kneeling (or whatever) to make a point about racial justice. Some fans say the players should keep politics out of the game. I'm Caucasian and here's my take on that. The players aren't putting politics into the game because when players make their statements they aren't running for any political office. They're just stating how they feel about a specific issue - racial justice. They aren't picking a political side in politics. All the players are referencing is racial issues. This issue is not, and should not be, political. It doesn't need to be. I wonder if the people who oppose players making their statements about race would be equally annoyed if the players were making statements about helping missing children? I don't think so. After seeing video of a black man being shot in the back while running away from a policeman it's impossible for me to conclude that all of the instances of black people being killed by policeman are all justified killings. I'm convinced that American should come up with a plan for the police to be get better training and do their jobs more carefully. And we shouldn't hire every person who wants to do the job. Some people don't have the judgment to do the job with the caution that's necessary to do it right.

Jim: Appreciate you weighing in, Jimmy Dee!

Enjoy the game everyone!

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