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Q: Where will a new stadium be built?

A: A new stadium will be built on the east side of the current stadium.

Q: When will construction officially begin?

A: The agreement that the Titans have with the City will go through an approval process with Council and an outreach and feedback process with the community over the next few weeks. Construction could begin following that process and a design process hopefully later next year.

Q: When will the new stadium open?

A: While we would love to have a new stadium open in 2026, we're not going to tie ourselves to an arbitrary date on completion that could result in a hurried design or construction process. We're going to take the appropriate time to design and construct the best building possible.

Q: Will the Titans still play in Nissan Stadium during construction of a new stadium?

A: Yes, the current stadium will still host Titans games and other events in the current stadium during construction.

Q: What will a new stadium look like?

A: We have begun an initial design process in order to get the most accurate estimate of the stadium budget and to ensure that the area we have planned for the new stadium made the most sense. Our goals are to build a stadium that is deep in character, just like Nashville, capable of hosting world-class events and delivering a first-class fan experience for everyone who enters its gates.

Q: Will the stadium be enclosed? Will it have a retractable roof?

A: The stadium will be enclosed so it can host events year-long regardless of weather conditions. After researching venues with retractable roofs, we found that most are very lightly used and that they often have costly mechanical issues, so the enclosure on the new stadium will likely not be retractable.

Q: What is the benefit from having an enclosed stadium vs. open air?

A: An enclosed stadium would allow the venue to host events year-round rather than be dependent on the weather. In addition, it aids in the longevity of the building by shielding itself from the elements.

Year-round events increase the overall economic impact of a world-class NFL stadium in Nashville and Tennessee.

Q: Will the new stadium playing surface feature natural grass or artificial turf?

A: The playing surface in the new stadium will be artificial turf. Our plan would be to install the absolute best, technologically-advanced field surface available when the stadium is ready. There are some incredibly innovative products that combine the consistency and durability of field turf with the feel and performance of a grass and dirt surface. We'll continue to learn more about these leading technologies and collaborate with turf experts as we go through the stadium planning process.

Q: What types of events will the new stadium host?

A: A new stadium would host Titans game, TSU games, and a variety of other sporting, entertainment and civic events. It would be capable of hosting world-class events such as Super Bowls, Final Fours, College Football Playoffs, Wrestlemania and more, as well as provide a year-round community center for educational opportunities, job fairs and non-profit events.

Q: With a planned capacity of appx. 60,000, why did the Titans land on a smaller capacity than the current stadium?

A: Rather than start with an arbitrary capacity number and work backwards, we are focused on designing a building where there literally isn't a bad seat in the house. When we're thinking about a 60,000-capacity building, we envision 60,000 great experiences in the building.

Q: What is the next step in the stadium approval process?

A: From here, we'll have meetings before the Sports Authority, the Council Special Committee, and several community meetings all leading up to an approval process before the Sports Authority and Council later this year.


Q: Will fans have to buy a new PSL in the new stadium?

A: For a long time, the sale of PSLs have been a reality of construction projects of this scale, and PSLs will be a part of this project as well. That said, the Titans are committed to honoring current PSL holders with a full credit in line with the value of their PSL at the time in which they acquired it for a PSL in a new building. For example, if a PSL holder purchased their PSL from the team in 2019 for $2,000, they will receive a $2,000 credit towards PSLs in the new stadium.

Q: Why don't current PSLs transfer over to the new stadium?

A: Current PSLs are tied to a seat in the current building, and do not transfer over to a new seat in a new building.

Q: Do I get special access to a new PSL if I'm an existing PSL holder?

A: Yes, existing PSL holders will receive full credit in line with the investment they made in their current PSL to purchase a PSL in the new building, and will also receive priority access. Credit will be determined by the value of the PSL in the year in which it was acquired. For example, if a PSL holder purchased their PSL from the team in 2019 for $2,000, they will receive a $2,000 credit towards PSLs in the new stadium. Variations may exist for those who bought their PSL on the secondary market. More information on the credit process will be available in coming months.

Q: How will priority access be determined?

A: Initial access to PSLs and tickets in the new building will be based on a variety of factors, including tenure, current seat location, number of PSLs held, among other criteria.

Q: How much will PSLs cost?

A: PSL prices in the new building have not been determined yet. Pricing in the new building will likely increase from where we are today, but the Titans are committed to ensuring that there is a significant number of affordable seats available to fans.

Beyond PSLs, the new stadium will offer a range of seating products, including partial ticket plans and group tickets, in addition to single-game tickets at a diverse range of prices.

Q: When will PSLs in the new building go on sale?

A: Fans can expect communication about the upcoming sale of new stadium seats in 2023.

Q:  Can I still buy a PSL in the current stadium?

A: Yes, PSLs are currently available in the current stadium. As of Oct. 17, 2022, buyers that purchase PSLs directly from the Titans Ticket Office will receive full credit for their investment in a new stadium. Buyers that purchase on the secondary market as of Oct. 17, 2022 will NOT receive credit towards PSLs in the new stadium, but they will retain priority access

Q: Will parking be impacted during construction?

A: Yes, it is likely that some parking will be impacted during construction. We understand that the ease of getting to the stadium is a major factor in the fan experience and are working to identify solutions for fans to get to events as seamlessly as possible.

Q: Will fans be able to park in the new stadium?

A: The new stadium will have traditional parking options, but there will be less parking directly at the stadium than there is currently. We will help identify other methods to getting to the stadium on event days, including other parking options near the stadium, new public transportation options, ride-share and other transit solutions.

Q: What will tailgating look like at the new stadium?

A: The Titans understand that tailgating is a treasured tradition for many fans. With a new stadium, we do anticipate traditional tailgating opportunities, as well as other pre-event festivities surrounding the stadium that will provide an engaging, first-class fan experience that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

Q: Will the average Nashville resident be able to go afford a seat at the new stadium?

A: Yes, the Titans expect a wide range of seating products and experiences designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of their fans. The team plans to conduct marketplace research and engage its fan base in dialogue to determine the appropriate product mix and associated price points for the new building.


Q: What's wrong with the current stadium?

A: The current stadium is an aging facility built with materials and infrastructural elements that are reaching the end of their usable lives. For example, the pre-fab concrete frame of the stadium is not adaptable to long-lasting renovation, and the openness to the elements further aggravates issues such as leaks. Improving the current stadium would not yield a long-term, sustainable stadium solution.

Q: Who is paying for a new stadium?

A: A new stadium would be financed by several sources – including the Titans, NFL and PSL sales; visitors to the stadium and its campus via in-stadium sales tax and a portion of campus sales tax; tourists in Davidson County through a one percent increase in hotel/motel tax; and funding from the State of Tennessee.

Q: If the new stadium goes over-budget, who will pay for cost overruns?

A: The Titans are responsible for any cost overruns in a new stadium.

Q: What is the anticipated economic impact of a new, enclosed stadium?

A: Over the next 30 years, the new stadium is expected to have a direct spending impact of $20.9B, with an estimated total economic impact of $33.7B in the Nashville economy. This total economic impact is expected to support 4,927 annual full- and part-time jobs. Construction of the new stadium will generate over 19,000 full- and part-time jobs, and create a one-time direct spending impact of $1.9B and a total economic impact of $3.0B.