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2020 Season Ticket FAQs

I've been having technical difficulties with purchasing my tickets. How can I get help?

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to purchase your tickets. If you still experience technical difficulties, we encourage you to seek live help from the Ticket Services Team. A representative can be reached by calling 615-565-4200 or via live chat at (click on the chat button in the lower right corner of your screen). We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls – if your question does not require immediate action, we ask that you email and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How was the order for ticket selection determined?

The ticket selection priority order was determined based on a variety of factors, including seat location and tenure. This process was handled very similarly to the online seat relocation option we offer every Spring and our Super Bowl lottery in the past.

Have ticket prices increased?

Prices did not increase. Each available section remains the same season ticket member price. Prices for remaining home games can be found in the Season Ticket Member section of

If I've already paid in full for my tickets this season, do I have to pay again for these tickets?

You are welcome to apply the credit currently on your account to these tickets. You can view available credit at checkout and select your credit amount as a method of payment.

Will I be able to sit in my regular seats?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit in your regular seats, due to the fact that the seating map has completely changed to allow for social distancing. We were required by the NFL to tarp certain seats to protect our players and coaching staff, and available seats are now spread out around the stadium in seating pods.

Why isn't the upper level open for the Oct. 4 home game?

Because the Oct. 4 game is our smallest capacity allowance (10%), we were able to safely and comfortably seat everyone in the lower and club levels. Upper level seating will be available while inventory lasts at every other home game except the Oct. 4 Pittsburg Steelers matchup.

Why are people allowed to purchase up to six tickets regardless of how many season tickets they normally hold? Doesn't this encourage resell?

We provided the ability to purchase up to six tickets to ensure that season ticket members had as much access, flexibility and availability to attend games this season. This number was based largely on calculations made around the number of season ticket accounts who opted in to the 2020 season and our stadium capacity. We don't feel that this allowance will impact ticket availability, as it also applies to accounts who normally had more than six seats who can now only purchase six or fewer under this new policy. Though we can't control the actions of others, we strongly encourage our fans to only purchase the amount of tickets they plan on actually using. Honoring this request ensures that tickets are available to fellow season ticket members and their guests, and not opposing team fans.

Is parking available to purchase?

All season ticket members who purchase seats will be sent an offer to purchase parking the week of Sept. 28.