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Mobile Tickets & Parking Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I bring a tablet to the game for my mobile tickets?

A: Mobile tickets can only be viewed on your smartphone at the gate for entry. (However, tablets are a permissible item with screen sizes 10" or less)

Q: Can I get a season ticket card mailed to me?

A: Season ticket cards are no longer available. All season tickets are now mobile.

Q: Can I print my ticket from home?

A: Print-at-home tickets are no longer available. All season tickets are now mobile.

Q: Do I already have a "My Titans Account?"

A: All Titans ticket holders have an existing My Titans Account. Visit to login with your primary email address, or click "Manage My Tickets" in the Titans Mobile App.

Q: How do I access the barcode numbers for my tickets?

A: In the Titans Mobile App select the event for the tickets you wish to view. Once in the event click on the QR code for the ticket and you'll see the 18-digit barcode number underneath the QR code.

Q: How do I get help with my mobile tickets on gameday?

A: Customer Service agents are available at the Gate 1 and Gate 6 box office windows. Mobile ticket specialists are also staffed at all Stadium gates.

A: What happens if I forget my phone?

Q: Visit the Gate 1 or Gate 6 box office for assistance. Please have your Photo I.D. available.

Q: What if I don't have a computer?

A: A computer is not needed. You can view and manage your tickets directly on your mobile phone.

Q: What if I don't have a smart phone?

A: Visit the Gate 1 or Gate 6 box office for assistance. Please have your Photo I.D. available. You must be the valid ticket holder in order for us to assist you.

Q: What if I don't have an email address?

A: A valid email address is required to access game tickets on your smartphone. Please call Season Ticket Services at 615.565.4200, option 1, to set up your account.

Q: What if my phone dies at the game?

A: It's always best to charge your phone completely before arriving at Nissan Stadium on gameday. However, if your phone battery dies, mobile charging stations are available both outside and inside Nissan Stadium. Ask the nearest Fan Services Team Member for the locations. Visit the Gate 1 or Gate 6 box office for assistance. Please have your Photo I.D. available.

Q: Will there be charging stations for cell phones?

A: Charging stations are located outside and inside of Nissan Stadium. For specific locations, click here or ask the nearest Fan Services Team Member, easily identifiable in their red shirts and hats.

Q: Can more than one ticket be on the same phone?

A: We strongly encourage every ticket holder to have their own ticket on their smartphone. This ensures ease of entry at the gate through the turnstile.

Q: As the group leader, can I keep all of my group tickets on my phone and scan in all of our members in at one time if we arrive together?

A: No. If you purchased a block of group tickets, you must transfer the mobile tickets to each of your group members to have on their own phone. In order to avoid any confusion or inconvenience during your group's gameday experience, we advise you to complete and confirm this process with your group members prior to date of your game.

Q: How do I send my group members their tickets?

A: In order to send group tickets to your members, please refer to our "How to Transfer Mobile Tickets" page by clicking the tab at the top of this page. The bottom of the page will also provide helpful info to share with your group members on how to accept their mobile tickets after being transferred.

Q: How do I know if my group members received their tickets?

A: You will receive an email confirming the recipient has accepted their tickets. If you transferred the tickets and they never received the email, please double check the recipient's contact info entered when sending the tickets is accurate. Any typos or errors will prevent them from receiving the email notifying them to accept their tickets.

Q: Now that tickets are mobile, how do I claim my Season Ticket Member Discount at the Titans Pro Shop and at the Concession stands?

A: Your Season Ticket Member discount card is now mobile and can be viewed in your account through Titans Pay in the Titans Mobile App.



Q: Are all parking passes mobile?

A: Season Ticket Members with full-season parking have been issued a new 2023 season parking hang tag. Suite parking passes and any individual game parking passes acquired via transfer will be mobile.

Q: Why did I receive a season parking decal?

A: While we tirelessly work to improve your fan experience each week, we are hopeful this update will help to alleviate some of the congestion currently experienced at points of entry on the Stadium campus.

Q: Is my season hang tag valid for all games?

A: Yes; however, if you transfer any individual game parking passes, your hang tag will be void for that game, and the transfer recipient will use a mobile parking pass to access the parking lot. Your hang tag will also be valid for any home playoff games if you are opted-in to Pay-as-we-Play.

Q: Where do I put the season parking hang tag on my vehicle?

A: Please hang the hang tag to your vehicle's rearview mirror.

Q: How do I transfer my parking pass?

A: Parking passes can be transferred via your My Titans Account at or through the Titans Mobile App.

Q: Can I resell my parking pass?

A: Parking passes cannot be resold through your My Titans Account.

Q: Will screenshotted tickets and parking work?

A: Screenshots and videos of tickets will not be valid. For mobile parking passes, please pull your tickets and/or parking up through the Titans Mobile App or simply add them to your Mobile Wallet.