Will a Team Trade Up to No.1 for QB in Draft?


INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL Combine is in Day 4 here at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Each day, Titans Online will get an answer a Titans-related question from a member of the national media.

Today's question, presented to quarterback guru George Whitfield (@GeorgeWhitfield) of ESPN:

Is there a QB in the draft who will cause a team to trade up to No.1?

Whitfield's answer: "Good question, but probably not. I think there's some talent in this draft at the quarterback position. I think some quarterbacks in this draft are going to win games. But at No.1 you're talking about a guy who is going to come in and play right away and a guy you think is going to be there for 12-15 years, something really, really unique, and those guys don't come along in every draft class, and that is OK. You're still going to have starters and guys who are going to go to Pro Bowls and possibly Super Bowls, and that is not a knock on this quarterback class at all. I'm just being candid, and if you're asking me if a team is going to move up to one and get one of these guys at No.1, I say no. Unless some kind of derby happens the last couple of days before the draft. I think you'll see three quarterbacks go in the first round, maybe four. It could be as lean as two. But I don't think the stage will be set for a move up to one."


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