Whisenhunt, Titans Support Tim Shaw's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



(On the ALS ice bucket challenge)

Cold. It felt cold. I've had a couple of those before. Hopefully I'll have a couple more of those. I've gotten them after a game. That's what it felt like, but let's not minimize that. It's an important cause. It's a terrible disease. I have a lot of respect for Tim (Shaw). It's horrible that he has to go through this, but anything that we can do to raise awareness for it, to help get a cure, that's important. I think our former players, people with this organization are an important part of the fabric of this game, of our culture, and whenever something like this happens, it's important that you support that.

(On supporting people with ALS)

This is life. This happens in life. Once again, whether you're a football player or you're just another guy, it's a friend of yours, somebody that means a lot to your team or your organization, it's important that you support them.

(On players worrying about increasing their chances of getting ALS)

I don't have any sense of that at all.

(On Tim Shaw)

All I know is what I've heard of him. I think it speaks a lot about him. Everything that I've heard about him has been very positive.

(On players' reactions to the ice bucket challenge)

With as hot as it was today, but I think when they actually saw Tim (Shaw), we can talk about it all you want, but the reality of that is something that you could see they were glad to see him.

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