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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Another week down in training camp, and another week closer to kickoff.

We're now just over two weeks away from the season opener for the Titans.

Some big things are on the horizon, from roster moves, to forming a practice squad, to putting in a game plan for the Broncos.

We'll keep you updated here (with the exception of sharing the game plan, of course).

We're starting off this weekend's Titans mailbag with a contribution from Titans GM Jon Robinson.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Jon Edgington from Guthrie Center, Iowa
Hey Jim. First time writer. My question is somewhat complicated, and not one you normally receive. So if you choose not to use, or discard it, I completely understand. As a Titans fan since 99 I wanted to Take a shot in the dark and ask. Like the saying goes: shoot for the moon, and you'll hopefully reach the stars!
Let me start off by giving you a little about myself. I've always had a dream of working with the titans or in football in general. After high school I got married, had kids, and put that dream on the back burner. I'm 32 now and my children are old enough now that I can start focusing on things I want. So I applied and got into Drake. Will be starting that this coming fall. Currently pursuing a major in data analytics. I hope to someday be in a Jon Robinson type role "the moon" but would definitely be happy with a smaller role somewhere on a team in scouting to analyzing data. I currently get by just watch film. Yes, I'm that guy that has watched every game of last season At least 5 times. Pausing and critiquing every play. I know the 53-man roster. Practice squad. And follow the upcoming draft eligible players to a T. I'd hate to know how many times I've watched the combine and researched workouts. This all I do for fun throughout the course of ever day life.
My question though is for you, or even Jon Robinson himself: Is going to Drake and getting a degree the right route to go in achieving that dream? Or do I even need a degree to reach where I want to go. Is that the right degree to chase even? After achieving a degree what steps would either of you recommend to landing with a team? If either of you have any pointers I would love to hear them. I know it's a shot in the dark. But I wanted to reach out and attempt something that I am sure is very difficult to do. Thank you for taking the time

Jim: Hi Jon. Good to hear from you. Well, your shot in the dark found its target.
I forwarded your question to the GM, and he responded back to you. I thought that was very cool of him. Here's his answer …

Jon- Great name btw! Sounds like you really have a passion for ball. You are correct that "analytics" is a much more common term in today's NFL, however statistics and data have been analyzed in football forever (I can remember breaking down formation tendencies and trying to determine play predictors when I was a young coach at Nicholls State University). My degree is in Mathematics, so I'm a "numbers guy" as well, but scouting is more than just analyzing data. There is a certain "feel" element involved, sometimes you go with your gut…. you'll NEVER be right on every player you look at, there was only 1 perfect man that ever walked this earth. Relationships are very important in professional football, knowing someone that can get you in, and once you have an opportunity you have to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and skill to win the job. At least that was my ticket in….and once you get in, your work tirelessly to stay in the league and take advantage of advancements when they present themselves to you. Keep grinding & TitanUp!!! JRob

Jon overlade Jensen from Hinnerup, Denmark
It seems to me like we have heard very little bout Harold Landry. How is he doing in camp so far? I have very high expectations for him this fall.

Jim: Well, this mailbag is being dominated by Jons. Hope all is well from Denmark! From my observations, Harold has looked good in camp. He appears to be in really good shape, and he's flashed. I know he's worked hard this offseason to take it to another level in his third season. If the coaches are able to manage his workload to keep him fresh (and a lot of this depends on the other edge rushers), I think the team will get more bang for its buck from Landry in 2020.

Kevin Malvey from Leominster, Colorado
Jim when do the teams have to do their Roster Cutdowns for the season this year? And, also how many of your season games will be late afternoon games or early afternoon games or night games this year? And also how many of your Regular Season games will be played on a Saturday this year? And what is the toughest part of your Schedule this season? Jim How many west Coast trips do the Titans football team have to make this Season now. Do you think with no mini camp and preseason games now that the Titans Football team will be ready to go when the Season Starts on Sunday September 14th now? Please respond to my questions in this e-mail now.

Jim: Hey Kevin. Man, talk about coming in hot! Got to these as quickly as possible. Sorry for the delay.
Let's go rapid fire:

  1. Teams must reduce their rosters to 53 players by 3 p.m. CT on September 5. By noon on September 6, teams may establish a practice squad.
  2. The Titans have 12 games scheduled for noon, one scheduled for Monday Night Football (at Denver) at 9:20, one scheduled for Thursday Night Football (vs. Colts) at 7:20, and one scheduled for Sunday Night Football (at Green Bay) at 7:20. Another game, vs the Lions on either December 19 or 20, is TBD. And all the games starting on October 11 have a * (subject to change).
  3. Toughest part of schedule is up for debate. The back-to-back at Green Bay, at Houston won't be easy, but the Indy-Baltimore-Indy is a tough threesome, too.
  4. No West Coast trips. Denver is as far West as the Titans go.
  5. Yes, I think the Titans will be ready.

Carlous Hinton from Anchorage, Alaska
Jim what's your predictions for the Titans this year. I say 12-4. How say you. Alaska Titans want to know.

Jim: Hello Carlous. Well, I don't do predictions any longer since I started working with the team. My reasoning: I predict 14-2, and I'm a homer. I predict 8-8, and folks wonder how a guy working for the team could be so pessimistic. I think this team is capable of being a contender once again, but the season will likely hinge on the team's ability to win close games, and to stay healthy.

Ayush Patel from Gallatin, Tennessee
Currently, what are the chances of football being played this season?

Jim: Good.

Mark Courtney from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I request that you remove me as Titan supporter. I am done with you and your organization. ALL LIVES MATTER and THE TRUTH MATTERS. Most of your players are millionaires because of your fans. I am done with your crap.

Jim: Best to you, Mark.

David Smith from Clarksville, Tennessee
Dumb dumb for the Titans to do what they did. Get to work and stop crying and politicizing things.

Jim: David, Thursday's decision not to practice had nothing to do with politics…

Eric Koehler from Las Vegas, Nevada
So proud of this team!!! Watching the best football team In the NFL stand together was amazing. I've been a fan from day one and truly believe this team isn't respected enough at any level. They've earned it and I can't wait to see them wreck the rest of the league this year. For those who can't be inconvenienced by 90 seconds of kneeling while the national anthem is played, kick rocks. You won't be missed. Our brothers and sisters are hurting and everyone needs to stand together. You don't have to be one of to stand with!! How do you not respect someone who stands up for other people's rights??

Jim: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eric.

Kyle Kelley from Carterville, Illinois
Hey Jim, thank you for keeping everyone up to date on everything Titans in these trying times. My question is, I haven't heard anything about Mason Kinsey in a while, how's it been going for him? I always root for these underdog guys from small schools. Thanks Jim

Jim: Hey Kyle. Make sure to follow my practice observations. I've mentioned Mason several times in there. I've mentioned him because he's holding his own. He's caught the ball well, and he's getting open. Coaches and teammates have been very complimentary of him. I think he's going to have a tough time making the 55. Right now, he just needs to keep fighting to give himself a chance. The practice squad wouldn't be a bad outcome for him either.

Jon Kerlikowske from Franklin, Tennessee
Good morning Jim! I was pondering pandemic football over coffee and this popped into my thoughts. The Titans first 3 games will be played without fans. Many of our players and coaches talk about how the fans give them that extra edge, the 12th man, during home games. How will the players get themselves motivated before games? Player introductions are always fun to watch and for some of the players it really pumps them up. Will the Titans do player intros without fans? Here's hoping we will get back to a more normal latter this year, but I'm not holding my breath, unless someone is in my 6 ft. bubble. Thanks for all the updates on practices.

Jim: Hey Jon. Well, it's definitely going to be different. But these guys are professionals, and they'll motivate one another. Because they play these games not only for themselves, but for their teammates, their families, the fans, and the city. Things are going to look different, and sound different, without fans in the stands. Hopefully we'll have fans in the stands starting in October in Nashville.

Darren Cespedes from Denver, Colorado
I am a HUGEEE Titans fan from Denver Colorado and absolutely hate the Broncos!!!! Can we please deliver this message to the Titans to kick their ass Monday night to make up for last year embarrassment!
Back to the question: To the BEST safety in the league Kevin Byard: Do you see yourself as a Titan for life?

Jim: Hey Darren. Will let the guys know. And while I can't speak for Kevin, I suspect the answer is "yes."

Have a great weekend everyone!

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