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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The NFL Draft is now less than two weeks away.

Yes, it'll be here before we know it.

Meanwhile, draft questions continue to pour into the Titans mailbag.

Let's dive right in …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Aaron Garfrerick from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, hope you're well.
There are 3 areas I have questions for you about:
1) MLB- What's the latest you've heard on if we're picking up the 5th year option for Rashaan Evans? Has been inconsistent, but has the ability to make game changing plays when he is in form.
2) Any updates on the kicking situation- Will we have a confirmed starter going into training camp? Last I heard was Gostkowski was still an option but haven't heard much since. Could we have a battle last throughout preseason heading to week 1?
3) Backup QB- We haven't seen much of Logan Woodside, but if Tannehill goes down (God forbid) do Titans brass have faith in Woodside to make a playoff run? Great teams in this league usually have a solid foundation at backup QB. Any sense on free agents or drafting competition for Woodside? Thanks Let's go Titans!

Jim: Hey Aaron.
1- Nothing new here. The last time the GM was asked about Evans and the option he said no decision has been made.
2- The last time Vrabel was asked about the kicking game, he said the team planned to talk with Gostkowski at some point about the future. He made no promises, but indicated he's among those who could be considered. I think there will be a competition for the job. Tucker McCann, who is currently on the roster, will be in the mix. Stay tuned.
3- I won't be shocked of the team adds another QB at some point, but the fact the team spent all of last year with Woodside as the No.2 told me plenty of folks have confidence in him. And now Woodside has another year of practice experience, and day-to-day operations, under his belt, which helps. And don't forget the team added quarterback DeShone Kizer last year, and he remains on the roster.

Logan Stafford from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim, long time reader first time writer. It's been a dream of mine to purchase season tickets since I was eight years old. At twenty years old I finally got them. My question is, will there be a NFL draft party for season ticket members? Have a good one, and I hope to meet you this season!

Jim: Good for you Logan! As for the draft party, the big, traditional draft party at Nissan Stadium isn't happening this year because of the pandemic. However, stay tuned to the team's social channels for special offers and opportunities for season ticket members as we get closer to the draft. I understand there's a virtual draft show the first night of the draft, and it sounds like there could be an opportunity for a small group to attend the show via a sweepstakes. There's a PSL referral event at Nissan Stadium on Friday night, the second night of the draft. There could be some other offers for small events as well. So again, keep an eye out for that on the team's social media channels. It sounds like there's plenty to be determined. And be ready to blow it out bigger in 2022.

Jamar Williams from Richmond, Virginia
Hi Jim. Big Titans fan here. I believe if we're hosting the likes of BJ Goodson we should bring back Dennis Kelly. I love the addition of Jim Schwartz to the defense. Now in the upcoming draft if it can look like this in the first 3 rounds!:
Jaycee Horn
Rashod Bateman
Alex Leatherwood

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jamar. I think everyone would take these first three picks. But it's going to be tough. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, who is one of the best draft analysts out there, has Horn ranked 16th, and Bateman 48th. Leatherwood is considered a 2nd rounder by many, too. The Titans have picks 22, 54 and 85 early…

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I've been looking at the mock drafts and all. I'm a big believer in defense comes from the middle and front of the field and moves outward. We've all seen what DH can do when the middle of the opposing D line gets swamped.
I know Christian Barmore might be overvalued at pick 22, but I'm really hoping he gets chosen and could be the anchor we need to force opposition O line to open opportunities for our edge guys to be effective. I don't see many really big and somewhat athletic guys in the draft. Am I incorrect in thinking that after Barmore the raw talent level at the position drops significantly?

Jim: Hey Dan. I've seen Barmore mocked to the Titans by several people. I think he's a good player, and I agree that's a position of need. But I do think some other d-linemen in this draft are really talented. Levi Onwuzurike of Washington is rated higher than Barmore by some, and Daviyon Nixon of Iowa and Osa Odighizuwa of UCLA and Jay Tufele of UCLA are highly regarded as well.

Martin Mankins from California
1..... Can we please get more speed please! Playmaking speed demons on the edge to take the pressure off of AJ. quick screen game/wr end arounds are the best friend to packed boxes!
2.... Glad y'all resigned Raymond, but we need 2 more just like him.
3... The DBs are slow and are lacking ball skills. Please go speed over slower smarter corners! Jonathan Joseph was a prime example!
4.... Focus on better linebackers to pair with Brown and Evans since we can't find the right Edge rushers!

Jim: Let's get to these one by one, Martin:
1 …. I'm with you on this.
2 … Someone gave you some bad info here – Raymond wasn't re-signed, and he's now with the Lions.
3 … Jackrabbit Jenkins is not slow, same for Kristian Fulton. Kevin Johnson makes Joseph look like he's stuck in the mud. More help is coming, but some things are changing at the DB position.
4 … David Long Jr. is pretty solid, too. Plus, the team hopes it solves some problems at edge with Bud Dupree.

Joe Harris from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, love what J-Rob is doing in free agency so far! My question is ultimately about the general manager position, what is the general typical day in the life in the offseason and during the season? Does the GM have to go to every game including away games? Love the Titans, fan since 05'

Jim: Hey Joe. The GM would be better equipped to answer this, but I can tell you he probably puts in more hours than anyone in the organization. During the offseason he watches a ton of film leading up to the draft, attends pro days, is involved in meetings, handles the work in free agency, among other things. He's constantly evaluating players, and the roster. During the season he's at all the practices and games while also scouting and evaluating players. He'll go to college games a lot of Saturdays before games on Sunday. And this is just a part of it.

Randy Lincoln from Hermitage, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Just wondering and a little baffled .... Why isn't Eddie George in the Hall of Fame? He certainly had the career that, in my opinion, warrants the honor.

Jim: Hey Randy. I've written a few stories on this subject in recent years after talking to Hall of Fame voters, and current Hall of Fame players. Check them out: HERE and HERE.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Dear Jim. What's wrong with signing Kamalei Correa for the EDGE3 position? He could give Landry and Dupree breaks. The man is a 100% effort type and the Titans defense needs effort.

Jim: You do remember him asking to be traded, right? I don't think there's any coming back from that.

David Blake from Syracuse, New York
I know fixing the defense, offensive line & WR will be a big theme in the Titans Draft 2021 plans:
1- Will CB or WR take priority with the 22nd pick or will trading down be an option?
2- If they explore trade options for Rashaan Evans & succeed, will Jayon Brown then be re-signed?
3- Is there a possibility of DaQuan Jones re-signing on a 1 yr deal?

Jim: Hey David. Let's go with:
1- I think both positions are in play, along with the possibility of a trade. Depends on how things play out from 1-21.
2- Jayon Brown has been re-signed for 2021. I think the team will try and bring him back long-term after this season no matter what happens with anyone around him.
3- Probably depends on $, and what other options DaQuan has around the league.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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