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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans made it through training camp, and the next order of business is to get down to 53 players.

Roster cuts are coming today.

Then, the team will form a 16-player practice squad while also exploring the waiver wire for other possible additions.

It's going to be a wild weekend.

And before you know it, we'll be kicking off the season on Monday Night Football in Denver against the Broncos.

But first things first.

It's time for the weekend mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Nate Howell from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I have a few questions for you.
1) Why do NFL teams, the Titans included, practice inside of those bubbles instead of a building a permanent structure?
2) What's it like inside of the bubble? Is there air conditioning?
3) In my opinion, the opening games last year were a little slow because of the refs calling so many penalties. I remember one Titans game it was terrible until Tom Brady posted about it on social media. Teams are going to be really rusty without any preseason games, and I imagine there could be a lot of false starts, illegal motions called if the refs choose to do so. How strict do you expect the refs to call the games this opening season?

Jim: Hey Nate. Well, I'm sure cost has something to do with it, along with space. But let me tell you, the practice bubble in Nashville is no run-down shed. There's plenty of room in there, and it's nice, with air vents to keep it from getting too hot or cold. When the team first moved to Nashville, the Titans had a bubble with Astroturf inside. The surface was so hard, no one wanted to practice inside, especially Steve McNair. It would hurt his back. So, on days when the temperature was in the 20s and snowing, the team would practice outside. The old bubble was a waste. But this new bubble is nice. Sure, everyone would prefer to practice on the grass outside, but the bubble is a nice option. As for the referees, this is going to be something to watch. Remember, these guys didn't have a preseason either, so I'm curious myself how this may play out early.

Holden Strain from Fenton, Missouri
How is Corey Davis planning on beating his career-high numbers from 2018? With deep route runners like Kalif Raymond and do it all guys like A.J. Brown, how did he improve his game over the offseason? Also, how does Ryan Tannehill plan on keeping this team in the playoffs? Will Kevin Byard prove to the world he is one of the best safeties in the league?

Jim: Hey Holden. Corey is an underrated player, a tough player in a lot of ways. Sure, he's under extra scrutiny because he was taken fifth overall in the draft. But he's a tough-minded blocker who can make touch catches. I'm not sure what his numbers will look like this fall, because the offense has more weapons on offense than it's had in a long time. But I feel certain Corey will make an impact -- and be willing to do a lot of the dirty work. Tannehill plans to accomplish that feat with the guys surrounding him, and I believe Byard is poised to have another big year.

Scott Spurlock from Leander, Texas
Just read a comment (in a recent mailbag) from a neighbor of mine in Cedar Park Texas less than 10 miles from my house in Leander Texas.. I work in Cedar Park at a store I hope he shops at... Thanks to that guy I can say.... I'm out!!! Players that think their political or whatever opinion matters to me are wrong... no more than those players that think the guy that sells them their groceries matters or whoever does whatever for them matters... Do you care what an Actor thinks about politics or their opinion about anything????? NO !!! they are actors, nothing more or less... their opinion is no better than the guy that changes your tires at the Tire place... same goes for sports... you might know how to run a football or score a touchdown.. but that's as much as i care about what you think. I'm gonna sit this season out .. no matter who wins it won't matter it's going to be an asterisk season anyway...... the one year you win is the Covid year..... Who cares .... Se ya in 2021 or ???????

Jim: Hey Scott. You've written to me a number of times, and I've appreciated it. You're welcome to your opinion, and stance. I have a different opinion. I can't speak for the players, but I know they appreciate the support from the fan base in good times and bad. Reading your take, it sounds like you're willing to support them when they have a helmet and shoulder pads on, but you have no interest in them as human beings. People forget these guys are fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and members of our community. I'm not saying you have to agree with everything they say or stand for, but to completely dismiss them because they're unwilling to stay quiet on matters that are important to them, and matters they've personally been impacted by, I guess I don't get that. What they're speaking up for – social injustice, police brutality, systematic racism – has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with making the United States a better place to live for everyone. You mentioned actors. Well, I don't have to agree with everything Tom Hanks or Denzel Washington or Tom Cruise or Will Smith or any actor says, but that doesn't mean I won't watch their movies. But that's just me. So, you're canceling the Titans this year, but will be back on board after that? I guess to each his own. As for the 2020 season, I can promise you there will be no asterisk on the Vince Lombardi trophy. The team that wins it will be able to raise it proudly, no matter how many fans are in the stands, or who is supporting them. I guess we'll see ya down the road, Scott.

David Hooper from Brunswick, Ohio
What role will Kenny Vaccaro DB & Malcolm Butler DB player in 2020 as well as the future?

Jim: Based on what I've seen from them in camp, I'm expecting a solid 2020 seasons from both guys, and we'll see where things go after that. Both guys have been physical in practices. Butler has been especially feisty.

Michael Wesson from Jackson's Gap, Alabama
So with all the changes in the secondary, do you think this defense has the potential to be a top 5 defense?

Jim: Hey Michael. Not sure I want to put those lofty expectations on the defense yet. But I do think the unit has a chance to be really good. And I'm more concerned with points allowed than yards allowed. Based on what I've seen in camp, Jeffery Simmons seems poised to be a disruptive force alongside DaQuan Jones on the defensive line. Some others will need to step up, and the same goes at outside linebacker as well, where some questions still need to be answered. The secondary has looked solid, but the team needs someone to step up and be solid in the slot. We're going to find out a lot about the defense, with a new play caller, in the near future…

Dee Willis from Antioch, Tennessee
I was watching News 2 and Neil Orne reported that the Titans were giving away free signs, gear, and etc., for the game next Monday. He stated to go to the Titans website for more information. However, I have gone to the website but can't find the locations for the free giveaways. Any help would greatly be appreciated. TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: Hi Dee. Hope all is well. It's all part of the Kickoff Weekend events scheduled for next week.
In this response, I've included everything that's going on next week to celebrate opening week of the 2020 NFL season. All event details can be found at
-Monday, Sept. 7, Titan Up Happy Hour, 3 - 6:30 p.m.: In honor of National Beer Lover's Day, the Titans and Bud Light will visit multiple Nashville neighborhood bars. Titans cheerleaders and mascot T-Rac will be in attendance with team giveaways and more.
-Tuesday, Sept. 8 – Saturday, Sept. 12, Titan Up the Town: Free yard signs will be distributed at all Nashville-area Academy Sports + Outdoors and Tiff's Treats locations, select Kroger stores and the Titans Pro Shop at Nissan Stadium until supplies last.
-Thursday, Sept. 10, Titans Pop-Up Shop at Fort Houston, 6 - 10 p.m.: Retro 90s-themed Titans clothing will be available for a one-night only event featuring a food truck, live artists and a DJ.
-Friday, Sept. 11, Titans Drive-in Movie at The Park at Franklin, 6:30 and 9:30 p.m.: The Titans will host two screenings of "Remember the Titans" at The Park at Franklin. Tickets must be pre-purchased at Food trucks and free Titans yard signs will be available.
-Monday, Sept. 14, Titans Gameday Hangouts, 8 p.m.: The Titans' season opener can be viewed at over 35 Titans Gameday Hangout locations, with cheerleaders and Titans alumni making appearances at three locations: Party Fowl in Franklin and Murfreesboro and Jonathan's Grille in Hendersonville. To find a Titans Gameday Hangout location near you, visit

Kyle Harpole from Sparks, Nevada
Hey Jim. I just wanted to say that I am done with this team for everything they have stood for. Ryan Tannehill and Kevin Byard have forever lost my respect. I hope the team changes their mind and does the right thing, but until then I will never watch another Titans game in my life. Jk lol, love what the team stands for TITANUP!!!

Jim: Hey Kyle. Not sure of your marital status, but I wouldn't recommend proposing like this if that's in your future ...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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