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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans keep adding players in free agency, and the NFL Draft keeps edging closer.

It's hard to believe we're now approaching the final week of March.

Let's open up another Titans mailbag before heading to the NFL owners meetings this week in Orlando.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Clint McFalls from Hickory, North Carolina
Question: Hey Jim. Hope you're doing well. I'm pretty excited about how free agency has went so far myself. But maybe an off the wall question. I was pretty excited about the Josh Whyle pick last year. Didn't see too much of him last season. I've looked at him as a Kelce, Kittle type player. Just wondering your take on him? And if you think there's a chance he works his way into a starting position? Thanks Jim, have a blessed day!

Jim: Hey Clint. I really liked the look of Josh coming out, and I still think he has a bright future. Josh dealt with injuries last year, and it derailed his season. His focus this offseason has been on getting bigger, stronger, and settling in. In the NFL, the biggest leap for most players takes place from Year 1 to Year 2. I'm expecting him to make a bigger impact in 2024 alongside Chig Okonkwo and at least one more tight end.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Question: Good Morning Jim. Enjoyed reading the Tuesday mailbag, but the Titans need so much help. The team has just underneath 50 million in projected cap according to PFF but moving slowly in filling out the team. Many quality defensive backs, safeties and defensive lineman are gone!! The Texans and Jags seemed to have completed their free agent shopping and it was impressive. We seem to be content for bargain basement shopping and getting retreads. I would rather have quality over quantity in a competitive athletic game. It seems to me the Titans want to pocket the money again and roll through another non-competitive, losing season again. It will be our third straight futile season Jim. Lots of Titan fans are sick of our best players walking, poor trades, terrible drafts and useless or mediocre free agency signing that do not help the team. Please convince me that this coaching regimen will do a better job. National publications have graded our free agent signings as poor with over paying for everyone. How can we get it right the rest of the way for a frustrated fan base?

Jim: Appreciate you reading, Donley, but man, you sound like a Debbie Downer. No offense to all the Debbies out there. I think everyone knows the Titans still need help. The good news is it's just March 23rd, and the season opener is still 5 ½ months away. It's still early in free agency, and the draft still has to take place. I'd hardly say the team is moving slowly – the Titans have signed eight free agents, and re-signed five of their own. The team added one of the top centers, one of the top corners, one of the top receivers and one of the top running backs available in free agency. And that was before ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Friday night the team is working on a trade to acquire Chiefs cornerback L'Jarius Sneed. Also, it made business decisions on letting others walk. I get the sense most folks are very happy with what has transpired so far, so you may be in the minority here. Cheer up, Donley.

James Cares from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Question: Non-Football question here Jim. With the construction of the New Nissan Stadium about to get underway, will there be a live so-called construction-CAM available to watch to keep up with progress?

Jim: Great question, James. And the answer is yes. There will be a new Nissan Stadium cam that should be live soon. Trying to track down the exact date.

Tracy Berry from Chesapeake, Ohio
Question: Will Tony Pollard be the starting RB?

Jim: Hey Tracy. First, Tony Pollard will compete with Tyjae Spears and the other backs in training camp, and the preseason. I expect both of them will play a good deal, and I expect them to rotate. I could see a situation where the coaching staff goes with the hot hand in games. So much will depend on matchups, and how the game is going.

Dale Hollis from Morristown, Tennessee
Question: We have made some good offensive signings in free agency. Defense signings have mediocre or slightly better. With all this cap space money, why haven't we done more to get some young talent that I have watched go to other teams on Defense? Why didn't we do more to keep Azeez Al-Shaair?

Jim: Hi Dale. The Titans have now officially added three players on defense in CB Chidobe Awuzie, Kenneth Murray Jr. and DL Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Sneed would make four, assuming that reported trade is finalized. There will be more additions. As for Azeeez, I just think that turned into a business decision. The Titans gave Azeez a one-year deal worth $6 million in 2023. His deal in Houston jumped up to three years for $34 million, with $21.5 million in guarantees. That's a big jump. I hated to see Azeez go, because he's a good guy, and he had a solid 2023 season. But the Titans clearly made a business decision here, and we'll see how it works out.

Marc Ritter from Oneida, New York
Question: First, thank you for the terrific Titans info you provide to the fans, keep up the good work. Secondly, now that we're about 2 weeks into FA, there are still some glaring holes (ILB, CB, S) that are still waiting to be addressed. For ILB specifically, do you get the sense that Otis Reese is a guy the front office feels could be a legit starter? If not, are they more likely to wait for the draft? I know spending big time $$$ at ILB probably isn't the best use of assets, but they do need some help there. Same question for CB, but do you see the Titans adding another starting CB via FA (Witherspoon or Nelson), or more likely via the draft?

Jim: Thanks Marc. I actually wrote a story on Otis this week. CLICK HERE to read it. I expect Otis to compete, but I also expect the team to add to the competition at ILB. Some took the timing of the story as a sign the team is done making moves at the position. I wouldn't read that much into it. The reality is I talked to Otis at season's end, hadn't had a chance to write the story with so much else going on, and I finally was able to bang it out. As for where the additions come from, I could see additions at ILB and the secondary in free agency and the draft. (Psst: There's a report out there the Titans are making a trade for a corner).

Sergio Escobar from El Paso, Texas
Question: Greetings Jim, hello again from dusty west Texas. As always appreciate your work as our gateway to all Titans issues. I wanted to write in about players leaving . We should know it's a business, yes I like every Titan fan loved the King. But I was also a massive Campbell, Pastorini (my all-time favorite and still wear his jersey) McNair, George, Johnson as well as coaches Fisher, Phillips and even Glanville, truth is we've had great players and coaches but there comes a point when we can't keep personal just because we like them. Results are the final issue. Yes, it would have been great to keep Henry for life but at the end of the season he hinted that he wanted to go elsewhere, can't blame him from trying to cash in while he can and try to get a ring, wish him the best. Same can be said for keeping all those aforementioned players as well, they all went elsewhere to end their careers. Most are in our Ring of Honor as I'm sure Henry will be when he retires. Just business on both ends. We have high hopes for Levis and if that kid performs like we hope he does, well, I'll be sporting his jersey after he retires as a Titan of course. Hopefully all the guys we picked so far will help us get to where we want to be this year. Take the south and then go from there. Thanks again Jim and TITAN UP!! everyone.

Jim: Well said, Sergio.

Rick Davidson from Paducah, Kentucky
Question: Hey Jim. So far I like what we are doing in free agency. With the addition of two offensive linemen, do you feel that it might be a better option to draft Brock Bowers, the highly touted TE out of Georgia, with our first pick then get the best available lineman in the 2nd round? Or take Joe Alt from Notre Dame with our first pick?

Jim: I'm not going to lock in on a pick a month out, Rick. The Titans need a left tackle. I also think Bowers is going to be beastly in the NFL. I also like the thought of moving back to get more picks. A lot to consider.

Charles Paul from Chula Vista, California
Question: Hi Jim. I know we need an elite OT in the draft. But, if Brock Bowers is available at #7, should we draft him and get our tackle in Round 2? Bowers is just as good in the running game as the passing game, so he would be contributing to OL play with drafting him, along with an additional skilled talent for Levis.

Jim: This is a very popular question, Charles.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Well Jim, looks like this offense us ready to compete!! Speed and more speed. The defense added some great pieces! On paper this looks like a 10-win team easy! Now to see how Callahan will get this team trending in the right direction. I think Ran did great in FA! Have a great week Jim and as always TITAN UP!!!

Jim: The offense is getting there, Jeremy. But more help is needed on the offensive line, and at other spots as well. I expect competition to be added at receiver, and tight end. The defense has holes as well. This team is under construction, like new Nissan Stadium. Hope all is well.

Mike Temple from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Question: Top of the morning to you Mr Wyatt. It's looks like things have been very busy at Titan headquarters! The variety of moves to assemble a team for next season have certainly triggered a range of emotions - sad to see King Henry going to the Ravens, surprise at losing Al-Shaair & Autry to a division rival, relief to see Folk and Cox returning, appreciation for adding Cushenberry and Awuzie, and excitement about pairing Ridley with D-Hop. It's hard to remember an offseason when free agency and the upcoming draft have had a bigger impact on the team's future. Good luck to the GM, coaching staff, personnel professionals, etc.! My question is where do the Titans stand with respect to their salary cap after this week's flurry of activity? I know we have to allot money for the draft and player moves during the season, so should fans expect any more notable additions at this point? Thanks as always for your good work. Titan-up, Mike

Jim: Hey Mike. Last time I checked, Titans were in the $40-45 million range, but that was before the Sneed deal was reported last night.

Noel Hinote from Lascassas, Tennessee
Question: New stadium question: Why is it that the new stadium seating capacity will be 60k? The organization/city claims they will bid on events such as the super bowl, CF playoffs, etc. However, with a 60k seat structure, it seems doubtful they be a serious contender.

Jim: Hey Noel. The team/city will bid on those big events, and I feel very confident the city will be awarded them. The seating capacity will be in the 60,000 range, but there will be standing room only tickets that will increase the attendance. The attendance for last year's Super Bowl in Las Vegas was 61,629. The attendance was 62,417 at Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The new Nissan Stadium will have enough seating to host a Super Bowl, it's just a matter of when. My guess is by 2029.

Ed Cowan from Columbia, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. Avid reader, knock all the Spanish off, I speak read and write English!
I will try another week or two, but that's it. An American named Ed.

Jim: Hasta la vista, Eduardo.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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