Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, we're nearly a week removed from Super Bowl LIV, and now just over two weeks away from the start of the NFL Combine.

The mailbag has been a mix of looking back, and looking ahead.

We'll tackle them all in here. Let's go …

Jack Luxe from Calabasas, California
Hi Jim. What a wild ride we've been on. Let me start by saying, I think Derrick Henry , Ryan Tannehill, Logan Ryan and Jack Conklin are coming back. Make no mistake. The Tennessee Titans are officially in "Win Now" mode. I expect to see activity in the free agent market, hopefully taking a shot at Clowney. Bringing in new talent and keeping our own talent will require sacrifices. We will probably be parting ways with Delanie, Succop, Dion Lewis and Cameron Wake. Titans needs include a Kicker, an Edge rusher, a backup/3rd down RB, secondary help and depth at DL and OL. My only public request to Titans mgmt is to understand that the time is NOW and let's get this done.
Signed, OILERS/TITANS FAN for 30 years and possibly the most excited I've been in 30 years about this team.

Jim: Hey Jack. I think most Titans fans would enjoy seeing that with the four guys you mentioned, but there's work to be done to get them under contract. And while I do expect some action on the market as well, the biggest priority is to re-sign a lot of the team's own players. And at this point, no one knows for sure who will be available on the market from other teams. As for your public request to management, I can assure you know is thinking: "Hey, let's win this thing in 2023."

Travis Monroe from Depoe Bay, Oregon
Hello Jim. Thanks for all the good work you do in keeping the Titans conversation going all year. What a season huh? This Titans team has so much going for it, and so much fun! Hey, where do you think we need to reinforce the team? Other than the obvious; keeping what we've got, I'm thinking deep threat Amari Cooper. Despite this year I think he's got a lot of high octane left in the fuel tank. How about more steel in the offensive line? Definitely more slam the door shut production in the secondary. Pass rush? Oh yeah, cap space is a reality. What do you see as our best bet for building an even stronger team?

Jim: Hey Travis. As Jack mentioned, another Jack (Conklin) has an expiring contract. So we'll see what happens with him before knowing what's needed on the o-line. Dennis Kelly's deal is also up. He's a guy I'm sure the front office and coaching staff would like to retain. At receiver, I think the team has a really solid threesome with A.J. Brown, Corey Davis, and Adam Humphries, but Tajae Sharpe has an expiring contract so we'll see what happens there. I'm sure Amari Cooper is going to demand a lot of money. I can't see that happening. As for biggest needs, again, a lot hinges on what happens with the team's own free agents. But I do think help at edge rusher should be a top priority. The team needs more consistent pressure off the edge.

Bob Callan from London, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. Long-time fan, here in the UK. Calming down after a terrific season. After the Jags announcement to play two home games in London next season, what are the chances of the Titans coming over and what does the team think of international matches? Cheers, Bob.

Jim: Hey Bob. I'd love to make that trip again. And I think the chances are pretty good, especially when you consider the Jaguars said they won't be playing home games against the Steelers and Bears in London, and I can't imagine they'd play the Texans there for the second year in a row. So with two games scheduled, I'd say there's a pretty good chance it will be the Titans. Stay tuned.

Christian Drolet from Quebec City, Canada
Hi Jim! Why does everybody think there is absolutely no chance to see Marcus Mariota with the navy blue jersey again? Of course, he will probably choose a new start elsewhere, but do you think he could decide to stay if he received only a few backup offers from other teams? And obviously, I am very proud of Dr Duvernay-Tardif! Merci et bonne journée!

Jim: Hey Christian. I can't see it. Marcus wants to go to a team where he can compete for a starting spot, and let's face it – he had his chance in Tennessee, and I think that ship has sailed. I'd be very surprised if he returned. Merci et bonne journée!

Bryan Hellyer from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim. A 46-year Oiler/Titan fan here. What a wonderful season! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Titans this year. I really hope they work it out where Henry and Tannehill return this next season and take us all the way. One question, have you heard anything more of Tom Brady shopping schools for his kids in Nashville? He is the GOAT but I think Tannehill has earned his start with the team and the fans. Any scuttle on what is going on in the background here? Thank and I really enjoy reading your responses.

Jim: Hey Bryan. I've said this multiple times now, but don't mind repeating it: I'm not going to disrespect Tannehill by talking about Brady at this point. And I'm also not going to talk about Brady because I like my job too much. As a team employee, if I'm talking about Brady then that could be considered tampering, considering he's under contract with the New England Patriots. So I'll let others talk about the rumors.

Romeo Ford from Columbia, South Carolina
Hey Jim! I must say that Titans organization and as a team came a long way and sadly we were almost back to the big show. I'm praying that since a handful of our defensive coaches are leaving us I pray that we find the right coaches to do the right things to guide us to one of the top defenses. Since we are in the offseason now, Jim is it possible in the draft that we draft a wide reciever that has "speed" that could create separation that also have hands? We all know that we desperately need an Edge Rusher that's a given. Also, more Offensive Linemen to make our Oline solid for our QB and RB. Could you spread that word to JRob that we need speed on the team for me? lol. Because we have to deal with Kansas City man that's going to be a hard team to come.

Jim: Hey Romeo. I think Mike Vrabel did a really nice job with his staff. He added some veteran coaches to the mix after Dean Pees retired. The addition of veteran Jim Haslett, who has been a head coach and a defensive coordinator in the NFL, was huge. As for the draft, sure, drafting a receiver is a possibility in my book, and a guy with speed makes a lot of sense to me. But it's not a top priority. In addition to the guys mentioned above, Kalif Raymond is scheduled to return and compete as well, and he has speed. I'm with you on the other positions of need as well.

Marlon Turner from Stanton, Tennessee
Can the Titans win the Super Bowl in 2020?

Jim: No, but they can on February 7, 2021.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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