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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Training camp is officially under way for the Titans.

Taking a quick break here to answer a few questions for this weekend's mailbag.

Let's roll...

De'Angelo Richards from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Question: Hello Jim. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the different training camp preview with all the position groups. Very well broken down analysis on your part. My question to you now is, who will replace our 80 MILLION dollar Left Tackle, Taylor Lewan 4 games straight? (Allegedly) or course. Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey De'Angelo. Appreciate you reading those. Well, first off, nothing is official yet from the NFL regarding Lewan. But I admit, it doesn't sound promising. If he's not available, the team has options and that includes Dennis Kelly at left tackle and Jack Conklin at right tackle. And that's the way the first team looked on Friday as the team kicked off training camp. Kevin Pamphile worked at guard most of the offseason, but he can play tackle as well. He was at guard on Friday. Stay tuned, because the team could work on a lot of combinations in camp while waiting to hear from the league.

Christopher Harris from College Station Texas

Question: Hey Jim! Thank you for Everything!! 2 questions: 1) Do we have cap space for DL: Mike Daniels? 2) Will JR make this a priority? Let's Go Titians!! Superbowl Bound!!

Jim: Hey Christopher. First, No.1: Yes, the team has cap space. But I'm sure you've seen by now Daniels signed with the Detroit Lions. Keep in mind there will be a lot of options available leading up to the season, especially when 32 teams trim from 90 to 53 at the end of the preseason.

Steven Anacker from San Francisco, California

Question: Hi, Jim. I'm curious for any insights you may have on Aaron Stinnie. Clearly, the Titans saw something in him that they really liked to keep him on their roster last year. I've read random quotes here and there from coaches and Lewan that they were impressed with him and his understanding of the game. But other than that, he remains a mystery. Do you think he has a real shot to surprise and win the RG starting spot?

Jim: Hey Steven. Aaron was a surprise make on the 53 last year out of camp, and he got better during the course of the season in practices. He's competing, but the team has others in the mix there, from Pamphile to rookie Nate Davis to Jamil Douglas. I think I'd be surprised if Aaron won the job, but I won't be surprised if he makes the team again.

Nate Moorehead from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim! A lot of people have been rightfully asking about Mariota over this off season, but my question is how would you evaluate a successful Titans season? I feel like 11-5 would be a great season, but it's crazy to think that in the AFC South 11-5 could be missing the playoffs.

Jim: Hey Nate. A successful season is making the playoffs, and having a chance to make a run in the postseason. I think the head coach and the GM have made it clear 9-7 doesn't cut it, hence the "Good to Great" mantra.

Britton Harris from Columbia, Tennessee

Question: During this open practice, do y'all allow people to tryout for the team or is it just to watch practice only?

Jim: Hey Britton. A few fans will be called out to try and tackle Derrick Henry, or to block Cameron Wake. Stay close to the fence line to help your chances of being picked. Just kidding… Only able to watch …

Mike Dooney from Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Question: Hey Jim. One question I haven't seen answered yet is: Can fans expect to see Mike Vrabel in this year's Madden iteration?

Jim: Hey Mike. The answer is yes. See below…

Jimmy Darling from Humboldt, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim been a titan fan since day one so this is not really a question but a thought .. I see alot a NFL shows and ESPN when they do talk about the titans they bring up Mariota and Tannehill situation like there's guaranteed facts that Tannehill will become the starter halfway or earlier in the season but I know how vrabel and jrob also Amy feel about Mariota and they say Mariota is our guy but now my thought is to all titan fans also the organization yes Tannehill is a great backup if we need him but if we think for one second that he is gonna be the guy to take us from good to great than why didnt Miami keep him or why didn't they go from good to great not trying to be harsh about him because he is a great guy and belongs somewhere but when Mariota is on the field on Sunday's I feel like we have a 90 percent chance to win every Sunday I know some fans and ESPN analyst dont think so but ... Mariota has been good on and off the field to earn the money imagine Winston being our QB instead🤷‍♂️ thanks Jim have a blessed day #TITANUP

Jim: Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jimmy. And remember, a period can be your friend…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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