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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to June.

And, welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

Let me run thing by you: Training camp starts next month.

Hard to believe, but it's true.

But for now, thanks for dropping into to this weekend's Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Tracy Berry from Chesapeake, Ohio
Question: Has any one player stood out in OTA's?

Jim: Hard to name one, Tracy, but I'll say Calvin Ridley. I've done OTA observations off the two open practices and I've led with him both times. A lot of guys have looked good, but Calvin has looked explosive off the line of scrimmage, and he's a smooth route runner. I'm seeing him up close and in person for the first time after watching from press boxes and on TV previously. He's going to be fun to watch this fall.

Bob Smyth from Franklin, Tennessee
Question: Jim, I am checking to see if all of our draft picks have been signed and under contract?

Jim: Hi Bob. Six of the seven have now signed, with T'Vondre Sweat being the exception. His deal will get done, no need to worry. He's been in the building; I saw him yesterday.

Cheryl Wingaard from Ashland City, Tennessee
Question: Hi Mr. Wyatt. Will the club be having any sort of fanfest or something of the sort this year? We became Predators season ticket holders a few years ago and we've been able to meet the players and staff and coaching staff many times at different events over the last few years for season ticket members. We are excited to potentially buy PSLs for the new stadium and would love to be able to meet Ran, Coach Cally, and some of the new guys on the squad to show our support. Thank you for all you do!

Jim: Hi Cheryl. I mentioned in a previous mailbag that I've heard rumblings of a potential Nissan Stadium practice in late July, so I know that's being discussed. Stay tuned about a possible date. It's also my understanding the team will have a number of open practices again at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park as well. A lot of these things end up getting sorted out closer to late June or early July. These would provide opportunities to show support away from the actual games. Stay tuned.

Brian Oakley from Columbia, Tennessee
Question: First Time Writing. I am so excited about the changes that the Titans have made over the offseason. I want to give a shout out to the aggressiveness of the front office, and I encourage them to not stop now.
Here is my suggestion to help set the Titans up for the next 5-7 years. Be aggressive and trade with the Bucs for offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. The Bucs are pressed for cash, and we have the money for a long term deal. This would give us one of the best lines in the NFL, and it would keep Levis upright so he can be properly evaluated. Lets be aggressive and make the trade for an all pro tackle.
Go after Simmons to lock in our safety position and let's get ready to surprise all of the naysayers.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Brian. Thanks for chiming in.

Kevin Lavergne from Houston, Texas
Question: Have you heard anything about Caleb Farley getting a look at safety remember Rod Woodson?

Jim: Not sure why I keep getting these Farley-to-safety questions. Farley is a cornerback, and he's been working at cornerback.

William Young from Las Vegas, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. Thank you for all you do for the Titans! I just purchased my NFL Sunday Ticket on Youtube to watch the Titans this year, Very Excited! My question is why are most of the national media picking the Titans to be even worse than they were last year? Do they not have eyes?! Last year the Titans won 6 games with a very weak team. Now the Titans have a much improved team with a good mixture of talented players who are veterans and new youth! Some of the so called experts are picking the Titans to finish 2-15?!!!! WHY!!!! I live in Vegas and Vegas is picking the Titans to finish last!? All of this nonsense is making me to want to come out of retirement and bet my house on the Titans this year!

Jim: I can't speak for the national media, William. My best guess on bad forecasts: Because the team finished 6-11 last year, in last place in the AFC South, one year after ending the 2022 season on a seven-game losing streak. The franchise has lost 18 of its last 24 games. If the Titans want the national folks to talk better about them, the team needs to win more games.

David Hayakawa from Honolulu, Hawaii
Question: Jim, love the mailbag and your constant stream of articles. Long time fan going back to Earl Campbell. Feel really good about the upward swing of our team. Just watched the OTP video of Mike Keith's "history lesson" of the franchise that he shared with the rookies. It was a fascinating journey starting with Bud Adam's spectacular AFL PR moment through all the major franchise milestones up to his hopes for the future. Must see watching for all Titan fans, old and new. Titan Up!

Jim: Appreciate it, David. Mike Keith is a great historian, and ambassador for the franchise. He has a great memory for all things Titans. And, I'm sure he appreciates you listening/watching the OTP. Here's a link to the OTP you're referring to:

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim. As a trained problem solver, I can see the logical planning and execution by Carthon to address the team's downfalls from the previous regime. We had a list of issues, and he has methodically picked them off one by one. Some of the issues were the coaching staff, not necessarily the players/position. He also addressed those areas. Shout out to Ran.....tremendous job Brother!!! The "new" team has great potential. I hope they gel up and dominate, not only the division, but the NFL!
There are a lot of players that remain on the team from last season. Which of our returning players do you see being bigger impact player(s)/who should we be keeping an eye on this year (with the exception of Hop....we all know he is gonna be a force this year)?
Excited for Training Camp. TITAN UP!!

Jim: Hey Beau. I think a lot of returning players will make a big leap, starting with Will Levis. Throw in Tyjae Spears, Peter Skoronski, Chig Okonkwo, Roger McCreary … I'm going to stop here because I don't want to leave anyone out and have people wondering why. What I'm saying is this team has plenty of returning players ready to make a leap.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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