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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to July.

Titans training camp begins later this month.

This weekend's Titans mailbag, well, it begins right now.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
I am interested in the ball catchers. I have read several articles on how well Treylon Burks looks. However, please share updates on WRs Kyle Phillips, Chris Moore and Chig Okonkwo (TE).

Jim: Hey Edward. I wrote one of those stories on Burks, because he has looked good. He's in great shape, and he's consistently been good in practices. As for the others you mentioned, Philips has put on some extra weight and has been solid. Chris Moore has been steady, and I'm expecting Chig to make a big leap in 2023 – he's had a sold offseason as well.

David Ashley from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey thanks for always keeping us up to date on everything going on, I had a question about Kevin Byard has there been any update on how that is going with asking him to take a pay cut?

Jim: The only update has come from Kevin himself. He appeared on Bussin' With the Boys recently and was asked about the situation. This is what he said: "When my agent reached out to the team and had a conversation, it was very easy to be emotional because I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a way about it," Byard said. "I was like 'They asked for what?' But at the same time, you can't be emotional in business. If you make an emotional decision within business, more than likely it's going to be bad business. ... It happened. I think we're in a good place right now."

Robert Andrews from Ocean City, Maryland
Hey Jim hope all is well, quick question regarding Colton do you think he will start in any games? If so, how many would you predict?

Jim: Hey Robert. Hope all is well. Colton needs to focus on making the team first. I think he will, but it's no certainty at this point. You can get to four pretty quick with Treylon Burks, Chris Moore, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and Kyle Philips, and let's say DeAndre Hopkins agrees to come aboard, that's five. Racey McMath is another serious contender for the 53.

Justin Tibbs from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Titan Up and Two Tone til my breath gone. Ok now that that's out the way what's your insight on how much better our offense has looked and maybe will look now Tim Kelly has full control? I've read where Burks looks stronger and Phillips being back are both plus marks in my book, not to mention a revamped offense line!!!

Jim: Hey Justin. I could go on an optimistic spiel in here about how things are going to look better, be better, etc. But it's too early to say based on what I've seen in offseason work with no pads, and we're going to need to see some things play out in training camp and the preseason. I do know the o-line took a big hit with Nicholas Petit-Frere's six-game suspension, and that's an issue that's going to need to be addressed right out of the gate.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Everyone is on pins and needles waiting for DeAndre Hopkins to make his decision. I don't expect him to sign with anyone before training camp is nearly over. A veteran like D-Hop doesn't want to be sweating in the hot sun if he can avoid it. And D-Hop sure can. When he signs won't affect the money he finally gets. Now for my question, which is about the kickers. Has either Shudak or Wolff taken any kind of lead in the competition? Thanks, Jim.

Jim: Hey Jim. While I don't get the sense a decision is imminent on DeAndre, I also don't expect him to wait until camp is nearly over. I suspect he'll sign somewhere by the time camp starts. He needs the work, and he needs to get acclimated on a new team. As for the kickers, both guys have been solid, but I think Caleb Shudak is the favorite to win the job.

Ronny Morales from Evansville, Indiana
I feel that we will win a Lombardi. But how confident are you about this?

Jim: I appreciate your confidence.

Alex Athanasi from London, England
Hi Jim. As usual, thanks for doing this and keeping us up-to-date with the behind the scenes of the team. Can't wait for the Titans to come over in October, will be a great game I'm sure.
Few questions:
1. King Henry has missed OTA's in the past, with all the trade talking swirling around him this offseason, should we read anything into him attending OTA's this offseason?
2. Which player on the outside of the outside of the bubble (I'm talking the 11th receiver or 6th tight end) do you think has the best chance to make the roster?
3. A personal question for you, with Brett Kern retiring recently, I would love him to come back as a coach. So which former Titan would you love to come back either as a coordinator or a position specialist coach?
Thanks again and hope you make it over to London in October

Jim: Good to hear from you, Alex.
1 – Derrick said he wanted to get used to Tim Kelly's new offense, and that's why he opted to work in the OTAs in Nashville this year.
2 – Hmmm, let's go with defensive back Shyheim Carter. The 11th or 12th receivers on the depth chart are there for a reason.
3 – How about Eddie George? But I hear he's busy these days.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim. I haven't written in for a while and I'm sorry you haven't got to read my wild emails. As you know I'm a Tannehill guy and every Titans fan should be as well at this point. He is the best QB we as fans have had since the inception of the Titans. I am concerned however with the back up situation. *knock on wood* If something were to happen where he misses even a single snap it would result in a loss let alone multiple losses. Our young QBs are more than just young, they aren't very good at all. I have read articles not only by you but Paul Kuharsky and Turron Davenport and you all three of you say the same thing in a nutshell that Will Levis is nowhere near ready and Malik has taken strides but wait until the pads come on. Nobody should have to wait till the pads come on. I go back to McNair and he should have never played his first couple years cuz he wasn't ready. But he "had to". VY was incredible as a rookie but he was thrust into a bad situation too. Jake Locker should have never been drafted either. Zach Mettenberger same thing. Sadly Marcus Mariota has a similar career as VY. Super talented but horrible situation. Now, where the Titans have been decent at is bringing in veteran QBs and getting more out of them than expected. Billy Volek, Kerry Collins, Matt Hasselbeck and Ryan Tannehill all gave more than expected. There is a man in Indianapolis named Gardner Minshew and he is an absolutely great talent. He is playing for the wrong AFC South team. He needs to be in Nashville. Levis will not be ready to play if something happens to Tanny and neither will Willis, but Minshew could come in on day 1 and easily beat out Willis and Levis and he could push to get even more out of Tannehill. Why haven't the Titans thought about that? I'm sure he would rather play for a winner than sit on the bench and watch the Colts rebuild behind Richardson. That way the Titans could have a 26 year old QB with a high floor and higher ceiling and still retain one of these project QBs. Personally I would like to see Malik as a RB because boy can he move and his lower body is undoubtedly built for it. Where Levis just has too much to work on it isn't even funny. But my point is we need a better back up. We need a guy who can start next season since Ryan isn't under contract and we just can't make the same mistakes as the Titans have historically made. Get Minshew in a trade and get him in there now. Thanks again Jim.

Jim: Hey Eli. Well, McNair did have time to develop. And, the reason Will Levis isn't ready is because he's just been with the team for two months – no one expected him to be ready at this point. I'm expecting Malik Willis and Will Levis to compete behind Tannehill. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a Minshew trade. Heck, the Colts may need him.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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