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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – OK, so this is always the toughest weekend to do the Titans mailbag.

So many questions about potential roster cuts – who's making it?/who's getting released? – but there's only so much I can say, and by 3 p.m. on Saturday, they'll all become official.

Check back here at Titans Online today for all of the team's roster moves.

I stayed away from some of the potential moves in here and kept this mailbag pretty tight.

Let's get to it before we start looking ahead to Cleveland. Game week is almost here.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
Jim. Thanks for keeping us in the loop during the off season. A couple of questions: Do you see Arthur Smith doing something out of the ordinary in the first series at Cleveland, like having Marcus throw a couple of long passes right away to loosen up the defense? My 7-year old grandson is playing flag football and his new team this year is the Titans. He is excited about that.

Jim: Hey Rick. I was thinking more like a double-reverse pass, or something like that. 😊
The thing about new offensive coordinators is you never know what you're going to get. The Titans face the same thing a they prepare for the Browns – there's a lot of unknowns. I'm not sure how Arthur will handle the start, but we're about to find out. Here's hoping your grandson represents!

Manuel Cordero from Ferrol, Spain
Hola Jim, el juego con los Steelers me defraudó mucho. Seguimos sin ser capaces de presionar bien al quarterback. Tienen muuucho tiempo a pensar lo que van hacer. Crees que el problema está en a línea de presión en sí misma o es que AHÍ NO HAY UN LÍDER y tenemos que ir a por uno gastando los dólares que hagan falta.
Gracias Jim, un fanático de Tiatans en Europa. TITANS UP!!!!

Jim: Agradezco la pregunta, Manual. El juego contra los Steelers fue malo, y la presión de los OLB no fue buena durante la pretemporada. Pero tenga en cuenta que Harold Landry no jugó en absoluto en la pretemporada, y Cameron Wake fue limitado. Me gusta mucho lo que he visto de Sharif Finch esta temporada baja, por lo que hay razones para ser optimista allí. Todavía no he mencionado a Kamalei Correa, que debería mejorarse, y a la recientemente adquirida Reggie Gilbert. Estamos a punto de averiguar cómo va.

Chris Nichols from Sevierville, Tennessee
Why no updates on Derrick Henry??? Will he be ready for week 1?

Jim: The update on Derrick Henry is he returned to practice recently, and he's looking better and better. Barring a setback he'll be good to go Week 1 in Cleveland.

Joe Carlone from Montreal, Canada
Hi Jim. Can't wait to come down to Nashville on the 14th for the home opener on Sunday. My question is, the oline, with Lewan out for 4 games, i think Kelly could do the job , are the rest of the guy's ready to go? I really like Marcus , so much grit , but man , he needs to fire that ball. Why is he hesitant to throw?
Adamo , Cristina and Josie and me of course Titans fans no matter what .

Jim: Hello Joe. It should be a fun weekend. I'm with you – I think Dennis will do well. He has always risen to the occasion. As for the rest of the o-line, there's no doubt they'll be under some stress against a good Browns defensive front. Mike Vrabel made it sound like Kevin Pamphile is the guy at right guard, next to Jack Conklin, who's had a really good offseason and camp. As for Marcus, if the o-line does a good job protecting him, he'll sling it, and he has more weapons than he's ever had to work with.

Ardie Melton from Sacramento, California
Hi Jim. It's been awhile! I'm not pushing the panic button over the offensive line play (after the Steelers game), but i am curious if there has been any talk of Jack Conklin sliding over to left tackle for the first 4 games? I know Kelly can fill in at either spot, but i seem to remember the conversation, when Conklin was drafted, about where he'd play. It wasn't until last year when Derrick Henry became the starter when the O-line picked things up. As always, thanks for what you do. Btw, Marcus Aurelius Mariota (the Rottweiler) is now 10 months old and just over 100lbs. Look for him to @ you on IG

Jim: Hey Ardie. Have heard nothing about Conklin moving to left. He appears to be locked in on the right side, and I expect it to stay that way. I'm keeping a lookout for my @s!

Johnny McCollum from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Hey Jim. Long-time reader and first time asking a question. How cool would it be if the Titans were somehow able to honor and retire eddie and Steve's numbers on 9-27-19? Thanks for your contributions to the Titans organization throughout the years.

Jim: Now that would have been beautiful had the calendar allowed it. The 27th unfortunately is on a Friday. But the team is retiring their jerseys on September 15 vs. the Colts. And I appreciate your kind words.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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