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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Another week in the books, another week closer to the start of training camp.

Across the NFL, and in Titans land, plenty of questions remain, however.

We'll keep answering them here in the Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Let's go …

Judith Ged from Bowling Green Kentucky
Due to stadium attendance restrictions for Covid 19, how will it be determined what games we will be able to attend? What about the money that I have already paid for my season tickets? Will we be able to choose what games we want to attend?

Jim: Hi Judith. A lot to be determined here, as I'm sure you saw in the letter sent to season ticket members this week. A few quick hits: You won't be charged for games you don't attend, and season ticket members will have the option to opt out of the 2020 season, returning for the 2021 season, and a refund option. For ticket related questions, I'd suggest contacting the ticket office at 615-565-4200 or

Caleb Paris from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I was just curious out of all of the undrafted free agents the Titans got which one do you think will make the team and make an impact? I believe Mason Kinsey can make the team - he reminds me of a Wes Welker coming out of college.

Jim: Hey Caleb. For those not familiar with Kinsey, he's a six-foot, 195-pounder who concluded his collegiate career at Berry College by catching 203 passes for a Southern Athletic Association record 3,343 yards and 50 touchdowns. He was a three-time SAA first-team selection, and he ran the 40 in 4.36 seconds at his pro day. I've heard some good things about him, but because of the weird offeason, I haven't seen him in person, and I haven't seen him practice. I did hear he joined a lot of the veterans for throwing sessions in Nashville, so that's a good indication of his work ethic and approach. He'll be a fun underdog for fans to root for, but the lack of OTAs and an offseason program are going to make it even more difficult for Mason and all the undrafted free agents.

Liam Patterson from Tennessee
Hi Jim. How are you going to approach the 2020 season reducing the use of Derrick Henry? And will you use Cole McDonald in regular season games oftenly?

Jim: Hey Liam. Henry is going to be heavily involved in the offense, make no mistake about that. I just think it is in the team's best interest – and Derrick's best interest – to watch his number of carries during the season so he won't be worn down at the end of the year. Derrick has been a workhorse, and there's no doubt he's capable. But I think he could be even better if he's not beaten up and worn down. The way to do it is to have a running back like Darrynton Evans be more effective than Henry's backfield mate in recent years, Dion Lewis. And I think he will be. Plus, the Titans have a lot of weapons on offense, from A.J. Brown to Corey Davis to Adam Humphries to Jonnu Smith. The team is going to throw it around, which will take the load off Henry as well. As for McDonald, he has to first make the team before we start talking about how he might be used. At this point, that's not a given.

James Honeycutt from Franklin, Tennessee
Jim: I am a white man in my 70's, and an Air Force Veteran. I have been a season ticket member since the Oilers played at Vanderbilt Stadium. Thanks for letting me share my opinion. I always stand and remove my cap when the National Anthem is played. However, I do not understand why some people get so alarmed when players take a knee during the Anthem to protest violence against African Americans, a move that causes no physical harm to anyone. But when a policeman takes a knee on a black man's throat until he dies, they say nothing. I am proud of the Titans stand against racism. Thanks to Amy, Jon, Mike and the entire Titans organization. TITAN UP.

Jim: Hi James. Thank you for your service, your loyalty to the team, and for taking the time to share your thoughts. It's appreciated on all fronts.

Silas Drake from McMinnville, Tennessee
Long time reader, first time to ask a question. Do think they will play any games this year? I hope they do.

Jim: That's the plan, Silas. And I sure hope it happens.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Hello Jim, hope all is well. What is the latest update on contract negotiations with Derrick? They close to a long term deal?

Jim: Still no deal. The two sides have until July 15th (Wednesday) to get a deal done or Henry will play the 2020 season on the franchise tag.

CaliBoy Johnson from Columbia, South Carolina
Hello Jim, first off let me start by saying I'm a BIG Titans fan. Also, I love all that you do for Titans fans. After moving from Clarksville, TN to Columbia, SC, it's hard to find good reliable Titans content. If any at all. True fans know "they don't talk about the Titans on National Media unless they have to like last season due the great play my boys showcased last season making it all the way to the AFC Championship game. Titan Up Baby!!! Anyway I have just a few questions and I'll try to get straight to it. 1. Worst case scenario say there won't be a 2020 NFL season due to Covid 19. Would there be a 2021 draft? If so how would picking orders be established. And if no 2020 season what happens with our 2020 rookies. Would they still be rookies in 2021? 2. I'm so tired of racking my brain about are we gonna sign Jadeveon Clowney. Would I like for him to be a Tennessee Titan, UMM YEAH DAH. But I can find other things to do then sitting there biting my nails wondering day after day has he signed yet. Anyway I know we lost some valuable leadership this year on defense. And I hear how all our guys on the team speaking on how they gonna step up. Do you see our defense being an elite shut them down defense that is feared like our offense was and still is feared on the back of King Henry? Thanks in advance and can't wait for the next thing you put out for us Titan fans.

Jim: Hello CaliBoy. I'll do my best on the questions, but right now I have a lot of my own. I think there will be a 2021 draft, even in the worst-case scenario. But the order of picks without a season, and which players might be in the draft if that ended up being the case, oh man, I can't even think straight with some of these hypotheticals. Let's just hope things get better and the season gets played, as scheduled. As for Clowney, he's said he's in no hurry, so every team interested in him will have to continue to wait. Getting to the defense, I think it will still be strong. Yes, the team lost some key defensive players, but I like the newcomers who've been signed and drafted.

Carla Gunning from Indianapolis, Indiana
Hey Jim! I was saddened to read the letters written by fellow Titans' fans about the NFL's attempt to show solidarity with African Americans after the public execution of George Floyd. I didn't know a song could be that offensive. Do you think Roger Goodell will ever offer Colin Kaepernick a face to face, public apology as part of his admission that Black Lives do Matter? Look forward to your answer. TITAN UP!

Jim: Hi Carla. Well, this sounds like a letter for "Ask Roger." I can't speak for the commissioner.

Gage Mahoney from Pflugerville, Texas
Hey Jim! Obviously, most of the offseason speculation this year has been regarding the potential signing of Jadeveon Clowney. Do you think it's possible that the Front Office makes a call to the Jets about Jamal Adams in lieu of Clowney? I know we weren't on his list, but he clearly wanted to compete for a championship and I don't think joining our young and talented defense would be a tough sell. Just something I've been thinking about, thank you!

Jim: Hey Gage. This has become a popular question in the mailbox. Let's just say I'd be surprised.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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