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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're a week into training camp and now closing in on a preseason game – first up is on Thursday, at Philadelphia.

But first, a scrimmage tonight at Nissan Stadium.

And right now, another Titans mailbag. Banging one out real quick here in the middle of the action.

'Aukai Walk from Hawaii

Question: Aloha Jim! I'm really excited to see football season start especially with all the new pieces that have been brought in. I just heard that therr is going to be a free kickoff opening night at Nissan Stadium this Saturday and I was wondering if it will possibly be broadcasted for all of us out of state fans. Thanks for your time Jim, Aloha!

Jim: Aloha 'Aukai. No live coverage from the scrimmage tonight but stayed tuned to Titans Online for videos and observations after the session. Coach Mike Vrabel's post-practice media session will be live, and make sure to follow me on Twitter - @jwyattsports – for all the updates. Mahalo.

Coletta Hayslip from Cadiz, Kentucky

Question: When we come to the event on Saturday I am not for sure where we can park. Will be coming from Clarksville into Nashville.

Jim: Hi Coletta. There will be free parking at Nissan Stadium.

I need to give you a heads up about some of the road closures in Nashville, though. Click HERE. It's going to make getting there a little tricky.

Billie Rodatz from Greenbrier, Tennessee

Question: Who do you see as the top 4 to 5 linebackers and which linebacker do you think has improved the most this offseason?

Jim: Inside top 3, in no particular order: Rashaan Evans, Jayon Brown and Wesley Woodyard. Edge top 2: Cameron Wake and Harold Landry. So that's five. I think you're going to see big leaps in 2019 from Evans and Landry.

Hunter Phelan South Pasadena , California

Question: HI JIM. Hope you are having a great summer. your Dodgers looking great!!! I'd like to comment, I've really grown to like coach Vrabel . He's really detailed and really enjoy seeing him in interviews. Really seems like he's and excellent communicator and leader. I know the guys loved coach Murlarkey, but you can really see how much the team cares for another, and seems like everyone is on board, and just as close with Coach Vrabel. It's great to see , and hoping for great success for 2019 for all involved!!!

MY QUESTION involves MM8 . Seems like he's having a great camp. Is he a 100% past his elbow injury? Or is there a chance it could flare up again if he takes a shot on it ?

Lastly let the boys know i got bets on 11 wins or more with my entire 14 team fantasy league ( year 15 for us) if anyone needs extra motivation. Wont say how much lol.

Thanks for the TIME Sir Jim !!! Cant wait for the season to get started!!! I'll be in the black hole later in the year rooting for the two tone blue!!!

Jim: _Hey Hunter. Dodgers need to keep it going, and win it all this time! You're right on with Vrabel – players like him, and they respect him. He does a good job of looking out for the guys, and they appreciate it. As for Marcus, he looks 100 percent to me. It doesn't look like he's had any issues with the elbow. _

Daniel Cotterell from Clarksville, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim, I noticed in the preseason last year that Anthony Firkser seemed to catch everything thrown his way. And then when he was activated during the season, I saw him make the most of every opportunity, and I can't remember a single ball he didn't catch that was thrown his way. So my question is this, why do we not hear more about him? Is there something (route running, blocking) that he's really bad at? Because if not, man I like him better than Jonnu Smith honestly. What's the deal and why is he not a clear lock to make the team? Thanks for your time, Jim! Still love the hats and shirts!

Jim: Hey Daniel. Anthony has picked up where he left off. He's having a great camp so far. It was interesting to hear Delanie Walker rave about him on Friday, in fact. Delanie said if he'd been named captain for tonight's scrimmage, he would pick Anthony second, behind Marcus. So a nice shout out. Why don't we hear more about him? Well, let's keep things in perspective. While he caught 19 of 20 targets last year, his overall numbers were 19 catches for 225 yards and a touchdown. And keep in mind he's on the same team as a three-time Pro Bowler in Walker, and I thought Jonnu showed a lot of good things before his injury last season. Not taking anything away from Anthony, but he's going to have to keep working and keep producing to earn more chatter. But I don't think that's a big concern for him. His focus right now it to make the 53-man roster again. He's doing all the right things so far in camp.

Scott Spurlock from Leander, Texas

Question: Here's a legit question, you may have answered before.... Do players from the offense help players from the defence and vice versa ?? Example we have one of the Best Safeties in the game do you think He and Corey Davis talk about coverage ?? ya know one saying I hate it when the receiver does this...... And the other I don't like it when the guy covering me does this... Etc. does that kind of stuff go on in this TEAM sport or do they try to keep an edge so the person they are going against in a game does not know what is what? Our Coach was a great Linebacker does he give guys on the Offence tips to use against great Linebackers?? Just wondering if that goes on .. and Like i said maybe it's been asked already ... Thanks much

Jim: Hey Scott. Yes, and I see it all the time, especially with the WRs and DBs. It happens across the team, but I suspect it's not unique to Tennessee. I think it probably happens across the league.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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