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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's finally here.

Well, almost.

The Titans kick off the regular season on Sunday in Cleveland, so the wait to regular season football is nearly over.

Let's pass the time in another Titans mailbag, and then count the hours until kickoff.

Bill in Spokane, Washington
Mr. Wyatt. If Ryan Succop is lost for the season, I fear that's worth one or two last-second victories that the Titans can ill afford to sacrifice.

Jim: Hey Bill. It remains to be seen if he's out for the year. Right now, we know he's sidelined until at least after Week 8. Talking to Ryan this week, he sounded optimistic about kicking at some point this season. So we'll have to see how his recovery goes. Until then, the job belongs to Cairo Santos.

João Gabriel Schutze from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Oi Jim!. How are you? Well well well, we got a Brazilian on Titans!!! I hope we can grow up our fan base here. It really helps to make Titans famous here. Do you remember my first question? Haha. Yeah, I'm really happy. Take care.

Jim: Hello Joao! Yes, I remember. You asked about the Titans potentially signing Cairo earlier this offseason. He was under contract with the Buccaneers at the time, so it's crazy how things worked out, huh? I think the Titans landed on a nice fallback plan. Cairo's career field goal percentage is good (83.2 %), and his percentage inside 50 yards (87.2%) is really good. The Titans had hoped Succop would be ready, but the back-up plan was always a veteran, and I feel like the team is still in good hands, um, feet.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, Calfornia
Hi Jim. I just wanted to give you a shout out. Once again, thanks for all the great coverage this offseason. I hope it's a great season for the Titans and you!!
I have no question, but just a little bulletin board material for the boys, if they need a little motivation:
1 - 92% of the overall picks for pic em leagues have Browns over Titans
2- Most power rankings have Titans 22nd to 25th flying under radar as borderline terrible.
3-- Most predictions season finish is 5-11 to 7-9 at best.
It shouldn't bother me, because it seems like every year national media gives us no respect. I'm tired of it.
Let's go wipe the hype in CLEETOWN this weekend!!! Go Titans !!!

Jim: Good to hear from you Hunter! And I appreciate it…

Sara Goforth from Columbus, Ohio
Are the Titans changing their plays since Taywan Taylor is spilling his guts to Cleveland about our plays?

Jim: Hi Sara. There's no doubt Taywan can probably share some things with his new bosses, but the Titans protected themselves here. Leading up to the preseason finale against the Bears, the Titans practiced on two fields. On one field, guys prepared for the season opener against the Browns, and on another field, guys prepped for the Bears. Taywan was on the field preparing for the preseason game against Bears. I'm sure he can relay a few things, but it's not like he was involved in the game plan for this Sunday.

Bill Wright from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Enjoy your space on I know you have answered this before, but where can fans find out uniform colors before game time each week? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Bill. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@jwyattsports). I tweet out the combinations every Tuesday. The team (@Titans) does as well.

Brian Spivey from Fort Carson, Colorado
Hey Jim. Hope your having a great day. I've been watching and listening from a far since I rejoined the Army but long-time fan, die-hard, love the team. I have a few questions: I've seen in the media, is there a QB battle between Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mariota? Mentally you think Mariota is ready to start this season? And, does Arthur Smith have something up his sleeve since take the OC spot? God bless you and the team everyone stay safe and titan up.

Jim: Hey Brian. First off, thank you for your service. Stay safe. As for your questions:
1- Marcus is the starter, and Ryan Tannehill is the back-up. That's what you'll see on Sunday, contrary to what some national reporters led some to believe from afar.
2- I do think Marcus is mentally ready. Listening to him on Thursday, he sounded refreshed, and ready to go.
3- Arthur is fired up and eager to show what he can do as an OC. He has a lot of weapons to work with. I think you're going to like his offense.

Jack Castonguay from Old Lyme, Connecticut
Hi Jim! Long-suffering Titans fan from New England here to say thank you for all you do to keep us fans in the loop and get us through the NFL offseason. But now, it's GAME WEEK! Going into week 1, I'm just so excited to watch this team compete. The roster is ripe with young players on both sides of the ball primed to take that next step, and I think that Vrabel and Co. have the Titans in a position to give a lot of really good teams a lot of really good games. With that being said, what fires you up about the Titans this year Jim? What makes you the most excited about the 2019-2020 Titans? Here's to hoping the football gods are on our side throughout the year and to seeing our boys in two-toned blue play in February! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Jack. I'm ready to get this thing going. I think the roster is as good as it's been in a long time, and I think leadership is good, from inside the locker room to the coaching staff. Does that mean 16-0? Well, probably not. But I'm excited to see how this is going to play out.

Todd Wilder from New Braunfels, Texas
Let's be real about this Sunday versus Cleveland. No one thinks we will win. No one wants us to win. And if we do win, nobody will care and everyone will talk about how the Browns had an off game.
None of that matters. You play for the city of Nashville, Tennessee and all Titans fans out there. You play for your families and for your coaches. But most importantly, you play for each other. Eddie George said it best.."Play with a controlled rage and passion." Do that for us on Sunday. Go ruin the Browns home opener.

Jim: Dang Todd, you've got me ready to suit up …

David Saavedra from El Paso, Texas
Hi Jim, I've asked some pretty standard questions the last two time I wrote you but right now I wanna ask you a sentimental one:
Do feel it this year? As in do you feel like this our year?
This season would be the 54th Super Bowl which would of course mean its would've been 20 years since our last appearance.
This is possibly Mariota's last season.
We have a running back ready to go all the way once again.
Talented players that we so missed last season due to injury are back again wanting to play.
Drafted players that are brimming with potential and wanting to show their stuff.
Coaching staff ready to revisit their past and improve forward.
Two Titans numbers that are beloved by those who call themselves titans fans are being retired with full honors.
Do you feel it this year? Cause I do.

Jim: Well, David, we're all about to find out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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