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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now a week removed from the NFL Draft, and a week away from rookie minicamp.

Things are about to get busy on the field for the Titans, and OTAs are on the horizon.

Did I mention the NFL (and Titans) schedule release is expected this coming Thursday as well?

During a mini-lull, let's jump into this weekend's Titans mailbag for a quick check.

Also, for those who've asked for construction updates on the new stadium, I included a short clip below of what things look like on the east side of Nissan Stadium, as of Thursday night:

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Neil Martindale from Rochdale, United Kingdom
Question: Quick moan first, all these people moaning about our picks, one thing Tom Brady. Drafted 200 and something, greatest ever. Grading is all on paper. Let's see what they can do on the pitch. I remember drafting Alonzo Highsmith at 3 overall, always injured. Let's see them play. On to the question, what positions do you think the will concentrate on in undrafted free agents? Thanks Jim for keeping us informed across the pond.

Jim: You're right, Neil. I mentioned in here last week, I remember folks being upset about the Derrick Henry pick, and others questioning the Jeffery Simmons pick. Those folks were wrong. Those who hated the Isaiah Wilson pick? Well, they ended up being right. This year's draft will be filled with booms and busts. The reality is we won't know for a while, so it's premature for draft grades and hot takes. As for the undrafted signings, as you've probably noticed, the team hasn't officially announced them yet, instead waiting for the players to come to town to take a physical, and sign. I'm expected that to happen a week from now. But I've seen the list of reported names, and it includes at least two running backs, several defensive backs, two receivers, two tight ends, two defensive linemen, an edge rusher, several offensive linemen, and even a kicker, but some of this could change. And, some of the guys reported could end up being rookie minicamp invites, and not signings. That seems to happen every year. Keep an eye out for the official list within the week, and keep in mind, sometimes the invitees end up supplanting some of the signings after the first weekend.

James Hemphill from Port Glasgow, Scotland
Question: Hi Jim. My family are really looking forward to a night in Nashville in July. In the short time we have, my wee boy & I would like to see Nissan Stadium - do you know how we could arrange even 5 minutes to see the field? Appreciate any help you can suggest (as well as any must-do's in Nashville)!

Jim: Hey James. Hope you have a great trip. I know we've had tours in the past, but not 100 percent sure of summer plans, especially with the new construction. I've been told there could be tour dates for June and July, but I'd email before your trip. As for tips for your trip, I'd definitely enjoy the downtown area, and Broadway. A lot of activity there. The Parthenon and Cheekwood are more chill spots. Percy Warner Park is a beautiful place to take a walk, and explore. If the Nashville Sounds are in town, that could be a fun night at the ball park. If you like soccer, check out a Nashville SC game. My restaurant recommendation guy is Dave McGinnis, or "Coach Mac." He knows the best spots, and this is his list: The Southern, Kayne Prime, Bourbon Steak, San Anejo, Virago, Martin's BBQ. Personally, I've been to The Southern, San Anejo, and Martin's and I know all those are good. Another place I'd definitely recommend you going to is the new Fifth + Broadway, a shopping and dining complex that has food options galore. Have a great trip!

Cliff Redish from Des Moines, Iowa
Question: Hey Jim! I am super pumped for our draft class. I am really curious about your thoughts on the drafts of our division rivals. Are there any draft classes from the Colts, Jags, or Texans that make you think they did really well this year? Something we should worry about? What about if any of the division rivals draft classes that make you raise an eyebrow? Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Cliff. Like discussed earlier, we'll have to wait and see how these play out, not just here, but across the NFL. But I thought the Texans did a solid job adding pieces, on top of what they've done recently in free agency. I really like Laiatu Latu and Adonai Mitchell, nabbed by the Colts, and the Jaguars got a good receiver Brian Thomas. Heading into the season, I'm more than willing to admit the Texans are the team to beat in the division. But, remember, the Jaguars were the team to beat last year, and they didn't make the playoffs.

Bill McKinley from East London, UK
Question: Hello Jim from across the pond. It might be odd receiving a note from someone in the UK, but I visited Nashville years ago and went to my first and only American football game whilst there and have been a Titans fan ever since. I read the mailbag religiously and gobble up as much news as I can about the Titans. I know from reading your newsletter that this is your least favorite topic, but I am so annoyed that I just had to write to vent. I think the Titans have made incredible strides this off season and are now quite formidable. Yet, you would never know it by what one sees in the American press. had the Titians the other day ranked as the 30th best team in the league! Two steps up from the cellar! It really seems that when they lose it's because they are no good, but even if they win, indeed no matter what the team does well, it is brushed off as luck or comments are made like the team is a "fraud." It really makes my blood boil at the way some teams can do no wrong even when they lose and the Titans can do no right. Is it because other teams, like the Cowboys or Eagles or Giants are in big markets so there is an ulterior purpose in hyping them up, and Nashville is considered a small market so there is no incentive to doing so? I really just do not understand it and hope the team can make everyone eat their words this year. I really have to praise the team owner for taking the bull by the horns and making the changes needed to show everyone that she really wants to win. Have a great week Jim, and keep up your phenomenal work!

Jim: We've had great representation from the UK in this mailbag! Hope all is well. The team has made great strides, I think, and the mood in here has completely changed for the most part compared to the start of the offseason. But, you're right, Bill, I'm not the guy who is going to go around playing the no respect card. The Titans have to go out and earn their respect, and you don't do that by going 7-10 and 6-11 in back-to-back years. With all of the changes and new additions, I do think the team has a chance to be pretty good this fall, but some things are going to have to come together. The key is to have folks saying good things about you in January and February, not May, June and July. Thanks for writing in.

Raymond Farrar from St. Louis, Missouri
Question: Hello, J. W.! Well, the draft has come and gone and, like anything else in life, you have your positive and negative people in regards to it. I like it myself. Besides, the draft, in my opinion, is one big crapshoot because, until the games are played, you just don't know what you got. Now that the second round of free agency is among us, the Justin Simmons rumors surround the TITANS. Your thoughts?

Jim: I've heard plenty of rumors and reported visits as well, Raymond. I do expect the team to add a veteran safety at some point, it's just a matter of who and when.

Will Carrier from Ashland City, Tennessee
Question: I am curious when the Titans will be bringing back the family events like the Caravan. Would love for my son and daughter to meet some of the team since training camp is almost impossible to get tickets to. It was cool to see our QB at the draft party, but security made sure that my kids wouldn't be able to meet some of their heroes. On another note--we love the draft picks. Sweat should be a great nose tackle!

Jim: Wish I could tell you the Caravan is coming back, Will, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Al Rohrer from Farmington, Missouri
Question: Not really a question Jim, but just want to say, you amaze me at your ability to stay cool when some people come on here with insulting, irritating statements. I won't name any names but we probably all have one or two who would irritate the hell out of us if we had to deal with them.
I also want to say, I do miss Mike Vrabel. I was a big fan of his and loved to watch him pacing the sidelines and reacting to what was happening of the field. But I am just as happy with the new regime. Looks like these guys are making moves and going to get things done. I'm looking forward to this season.
But what I'm really looking forward to is getting these new guys on the field. I'm a big fan of both the big guys and about T'Vondre's DUI, he's a young college student. He's going to make mistakes, but we need to forgive that and give him a chance to move on. How many of us were lucky enough not to get caught drinking and driving when we were his age. Let him live it down. Big Jeff will come down hard on him it he needs it. I really can't wait to see DS on the line. Him and Latham both. I think we'll look back just before next years draft and think, "if we just pick as good as we did last year."
And for Ran and Coach Callahan and all of his assistants, go out there and kick some ass guys. I'll be sitting up here in Missouri, cheering you on. You too, Jim. I look forward to your posts every week the year around.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Al. I do welcome all opinions in here, and I appreciate everyone weighing it. I admit I shake my head at some of the overreactions, but hey, I love the passion, and that folks are willing to take the time to chime in. I understand there are some frustrated fans out there, and they have reason to be anxious, since this franchise has had its share of struggles, including the past two years. The last time walked through the lobby there was no Vince Lombardi in there, and that's what everyone is chasing.

Cosme Belmonte from CDMX, Mexico
Question: Hi Jim! It's a pleasure to greet you again. I really liked this year's team, many defensive players, "D-fenses win championships!", on the other hand it is clear to me that the offense will be very vertical, a lot of air play and Pollard will be an interesting offensive variant. Levis will shine through the air!
An affectionate hug and TitanUp! & Luv ya Blue! For ever...

Jim: Good to hear from you again Cosme.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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