Veteran OT Michael Roos Contemplating Retirement


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – There might not be another player who has been as much of a staple to the "Titans Era" of this franchise as Michael Roos. For nearly a full decade, Roos has anchored the offensive line's most important position.

Until 2014, Roos had missed only a single game from 2005-13, playing in 143 out of 144 possible contests. The one game he missed wasn't even due to injury.

Roos missed Tennessee's Week 8 matchup with the Colts after having an emergency appendectomy. That ended a streak of 119 consecutive games played since being drafted by the Titans in the second round (41st overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft.

His near ironman-like streak came to an end in Week 5 of this season, however, when a knee injury cost him the remainder of the season. Being sidelined while the Titans struggled week in and week out would be difficult for any player, but especially one who has been a centerpiece of the franchise for so long.

"It's definitely frustrating," Roos said. "It's hard to sit back and watch and know there's nothing you can do. You kind of become a fan in some ways and it hasn't been fun to watch. You understand the frustration of everyone else."

Monday's "move out day" was a bit different for Roos, having been on injured reserve during the final months of the season. That didn't make it any easier for the 10-year vet.

Titans Online looks at the career of veteran offensive tackle Michael Roos, one of the NFL's true "ironmen."

"It's always terrible to do these days right after the season ends because that means that you're not in the playoffs," he said. "At the same time, having a season like this I'm sure a lot of guys want to and need to get out of here and get their mind off of it. It was a terrible season and it's time to put it behind you and get ready for next year."

There might not be a next year for Roos. He knew with his contract expiring this season he'd have a decision to make about his future in the NFL, and the knee injury might have sped up the process.

Roos has been at Saint Thomas Sports Park rehabbing for upwards of three hours a day during the week, but still says he is a couple months away from resuming football activities.

The knee should heal and his body should be ready for OTA's. The physical part of it is merely half of the equation though. The bigger decision for the left tackle will be whether or not he wants to go through the grind of another season from a mental standpoint.

"That's something I'm definitely going to have to consider," he said. "That's the bigger issue. If your knee is good to go and your body is good to go then you can go, but mentally after that many years you never know. I'm going to have to take some time to think.

"I think my mind will allow me to walk away before my body will. I think even if I know my body can do it, it's the mental part of it that's probably going to be the reason."

What does life after football look like for Roos? That's another thing he said he'll have contemplate. He's consulted with his longtime teammate David Stewart. The man known as 'Big Country' is ready for some company.

"He wants me to come join his side," Roos joked. "He wants a friend."

Reporters tried to get an estimate on a percentage scale for which way Roos was leaning, but he wouldn't give in -- not completely anyway.

"As of now I'm not under contract with anybody so it's all to be determined," said Roos. "If there's a percentage it would probably be more than 50 percent going that way (retiring) but it could change tomorrow."

This won't be the final article on Roos this offseason. There will be more news ahead on the one-time Pro Bowler and First-Team All Pro lineman from 2008. Whether it's his return to two-tone blue or riding off into the sunset, his contributions to the Titans' franchise are cemented in stone.


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