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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We've reached the middle of June.

If all goes according to plan, we'll be zeroing in on the start of training camp this time next month.

To help pass the time, we'll keep cranking out these Titans mailbags, where the questions and comments continue to pour in.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Robert Lancaster from Nashville, Tennessee
I just have a few comments I would like to share.
I have cancer and was staying at the Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Nashville. This is a nice place for people who cannot afford transportation or a place to stay while being treated for cancer. We should all support this place it helps thousands. The Titans organization supports it a lot. I was staying at the lodge and the Titans fed us dinner. I am in a wheelchair and the players were giving out shirts, posters and other team items. Where I was sitting, I could not get my wheelchair to the table they were handing out the stuff. I sure wanted a poster or something, but I had a meal in front of me and did not want to make a fuss. About 5 minutes later Taylor Lewan came to my seat with a poster that all the players there had signed. He sat down with me and talked to me for over 30 minutes. This man took out the time to talk football with an old coach. It meant the world to me. I get angry when people down him as not being a leader. I look for him to lead this team this year to the Super Bowl. He is true blue and all our Titans are always helping our community win or lose. God Bless and please support our Cancer Society Hope Lodge. The Titans do. Titan up.

Jim: Hi Robert. Thanks for sharing this. It's great to hear stories like this. Take care of yourself and God bless.

Tim Akers from Nashville, Tennessee
Given the rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in with the social unrest and the NFL's stated intent to be more supportive of players social stances, do you think the Titans would seriously consider signing Colin Kaepernick as a back up QB? Thanks for what you do.

Jim: Hey Tim. Appreciate it. This has taken over as one of the most popular questions/topics in the mailbag. It's now in a neck-and-neck race for second with Jadeveon Clowney, following only the anthem debate. I've said this before: I haven't heard anything internally about potential interest in Colin. I know the Titans were one of the teams that attended a workout for him 2019, but nothing transpired. And so far this offseason I've heard plenty from the HC, GM and OC raving about Logan Woodside, who is in line to be Ryan Tannehill's backup. When I think of Kaepernick, I remember a guy who had some really good moments with the 49ers, and some so-so ones. And I also can't help but wonder how he'd do after not playing for so long. Keep in mind, Kaepernick hasn't played in a game since the 2016 season, back when DeMarco Murray was the Tennessee's No.1 running back, and Kendall Wright and Rishard Matthews were the starting receivers. So yeah, it's been a while.

Mike Hanneman from Platte City, Missouri
I've submitted this request to the commissioner three times in the last 3 years and have not received a response, therefore, I am reaching out to all 32 NFL teams with this to be considered and discussed. It makes sense and all fans agree. Every year the Super Bowl is played in February, please start addressing the Super Bowl champions as the "2018-Super Bowl Champions", Philadelphia Eagles as an example. They did not win the Super Bowl in 2017 so their Super Bowl banner is incorrect and confusing. It doesn't matter that their Super Bowl is for the 2017 season and it also doesn't matter to the fans. The Super Bowl was played in February and for the current year. It's time for this correction and change from the Roman numerals. The NBA and NHL both have seasons that also cross over from one year to the next and they are wise enough to celebrate and acknowledge the reigning champions for the year that the championship game was played and won.

Jim: I'll drop this one here, Mike. I'm sure Roger reads the mailbag and hopefully he'll get right on this ...

Chad Rozak from Plover, Wisconsin
Hi Mr. Wyatt I have been a Titans fan forever and will be till I die. I have two questions first is are they still trying to sign King Henry to a long-term contract? Second are they still looking to sign Clowney?

Jim: Yes, and yes.

Jake Campbell from Nashville, Tennessee
How is the Defense Coordinator?

Jim: Hey Jake. He's doing great. I'll tell him you asked about him. 😉

Scott Spurlock from Leander, Texas
No question just a comment or two (again) I've sent you a few drunken comments in the past.. refresher I have been a fan all my life.. Born in Houston back in 1962... And I think I mentioned how oddly I ended up Moving to Nashville about the same time the team did... Lived over in the Madison area off Beautiful "Due West" when you are driving on that road at sundown you know how it got it's name.. anyway... This is my stand on Politics and the kneeling stuff... I say if a player wants to kneel during the anthem as a protest .. fine go for it... This is after all a Free country. If a fan sees it and is offended. Fine get offended .. This is a free country.. if that fan does not want to continue to pay to see the game... Fine... This is a free country... if someone less offended wants to buy that other guys seat... Fine ... This is a free country.. Freedom comes with a bit of a price... I won't go into the military aspect and the men that died for that freedom.. But Men Died so we could be free.. and freedom comes with the price of letting other people have their freedom too... I am free to do stuff that might make you mad... all you should be free to do about it is get mad and do something else.. you should never feel so free to think your freedom means you can stop others from being free to do as they wish.. It's not as complicated as it sounds.. Freedom means you live in a place where everyone is free not just people who think and do exactly like you... so others are free to do stuff you might not like.... Big deal get over it.. or you are not as into this FREEDOM thing as much as you claim... As a great singer once said... "Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose, and nothing ain't worth nothing if it's free" .... so yeah that is my take on the kneeling stuff.. that said I'm glad i watch all my football the day after on NFL Gamepass I never see any pregame stuff can fast forward through anything I don't like... It's my freedom to do so.... Oh if you ever get a chance or maybe you have already seen it.. The ESPN thingy on Earl Campbell .. That was made during the years i worked at the University of Texas I saw that getting made.. Asked "Mad Dog Madden" (the Strength and Conditioning coach at UT) if that was Earl he said "Yep ESPN is making some kind of documentary about him." I just watched it the other day... all Oilers fans should check it out.. Thanks much Jimbro

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Scott.

Marcus Milling from Salmon, Idaho
After seeing several people's thoughts on kneeling during the anthem …
Why do some people seem to think this is about respect for the flag and the anthem? It is respect for freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that deserve respect here. If you take the flag as a symbol of those principles well OK, but don't forget it is not the flag, or the anthem that really matter, it is those deeper ideals, and what matters the most is all of us trying to live-up to those ideals in our daily lives as Americans. When someone protests in an honest attempt to recognize what they see as an injustice use your freedom as an American to have an honest (and factual) conversation with them, whether you agree with them or not. When any of us make this about a flag or an anthem, rather than the deeper principals of justice and self-determination, we are not really honoring all those who helped make our freedoms a reality: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, War Veterans, Martin Luther King Jr., all the history teachers out there who help us to understand our past, and the millions of others that have made sacrifices so we can get closer and closer to having the ideals in the Constitution be a full reality for all Americans.
P.S. I don't want to ask Derrick Henry to change anything, including his hair…have to have incredible respect for Mr. Henry's work-ethic and leadership.

Jim: Thanks for sharing your opinion, Marcus.

Will Jenkins from Kingsport, Tennessee
I completely agree with Randy from Hendersonville. I watch sports to relax and forget about life and just enjoy an event with friends. I am not watching this to have a political agenda, or a medical point of view or anything else pushed upon me. I am watching this to enjoy life, if only for a few minutes, as all sports that were first broadcast and played were meant to be, "a pastime" and a thing to be enjoyed and celebrated. I hate, whoo yes i used the word "hate" all this world mess that is going on. Sports have been the one place you could turn to, to let it all go for a bit, and just enjoy a little bit of life. If this continues, just like i think most Americans will do, we will just shut the TV off completely and if sports, and everyone else wants to push all this info at us all the time, then they will find out, just as the people paying to have it shown to us will, it is easily turned off. I love watching the TITANS/OILERS, i have for many years from Moon, to McNair to Mariota, to Tannehill, but i am just about to unplug completely. Just as those QBs went so has my TV, went from, DISH, to Cable to Antennae, and next is UNPLUG.

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, Will.

David Martin from Humboldt, Tennessee
Jim i read your column twice a week and I keep hearing about the flag kneeling and people not renewing their PSLs – it's a shame. People should consider someone else's life other than there's. SO WHAT IF U DON'T RENEW YOUR PSL MAYBE ITS SOMEONE ELSE TIME TOO OCCUPY THOSE SEAT IT COULD END UP BEING A BETTER ENVIRONMENT THANKS FOR LISTENING.

Jim: Thanks for writing in, David.

Douglas Springer from Saint Joseph, Tennessee
Dear Jim. My question concerns the present protests as it relates to players kneeling during the national anthem. Please consider a possible solution: Why not allow one minute of kneeling and silence, to show unity and support to a just cause. Then all could stand and respect the country and flag. This would seem to be an act to show both concern and respect to all concerned.

Jim: Appreciate your thoughtful reply as well, Douglas.

John Manioci from Rochester, New York
Thinking of flying to Nashville for the game against the Buffalo Bills/How do I find out if there are gonna be fans allowed at the game. (GO TITANS!)

Jim: Hey John. Wish I could tell you more here, but things remain in a holding pattern with a lot of unknowns. I'm going to keep leaving this quote Titans president and CEO Burke Nihill gave to The Tennessean on the subject of games recently: "We're preparing for a 2020 season on schedule and with fans. I don't say that without acknowledging that the NFL and the Titans will be following health and safety experts as they continue to analyze and navigate, and that may require adjustments along the way. In the meantime, I can tell you we've assembled a safe stadium committee. We meet once a week as a large group and several times more than that in subgroups. We're focusing on things like cleaning and sanitation, changes to processes related to concessions and entry and exit. And we're not necessarily trying to get to final conclusions about how things would work. We're just being sure that we're prepared and then start the thinking to be sure that we have a safe, healthy environment to welcome fans back to the stadium when the time comes."
As Burke said, the team is preparing for games, with fans. But a lot of things are being written down in pencil
✏️ (my preference always ), not Sharpie, during these uncertain times. Hopefully I'll see you in October …

Have a great week everyone!

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