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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – This time next month, we'll be in the middle of the NFL Draft.

Hard to believe, huh?

It's been a busy stretch for the Titans, and it's not about to wind down with the April 29-May 1 draft on the horizon.

Already, there's plenty to talk about and we'll keep it going in this Tuesday's Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Peter Tsomides from Saco, Maine
Jim I know you've answered questions from other fans saying that the Titans are not in any kind of a rebuild mode. From my point of view it looks like a total rebuild mode. When you let Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, the remaining receivers and the secondary walk I don't know what else you can call it besides a rebuild. It's very frustrating watching teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers resigning everybody that just won them a championship but yet the Titans can't even maintain the good pieces from last year and add to them to go forward. I understand re-configuring the defense but now it seems like the offenses suffering with the losses.

Jim: Hey Peter. The Titans are rebuilding the roster for 2021, just like every team in the NFL. But this isn't a "rebuild mode" like you see in college football. I know it's tough to stomach losing Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith. Same for Malcolm Butler, Dennis Kelly, Adoree' Jackson and Adam Humphries. But did you see the contracts some of those guys got? Because of the drastically reduced cap, the Titans couldn't afford to hold on to several of those guys, and in other cases, the team made business decisions based on cost and expected production. Is the roster being reshaped? Yes. In a perfect world, would the Titans have retained several of those guys? Yes. But teams that are "rebuild mode" don't spend $128 million in the first week of free agency while adding eight new players. The roster will look a lot different moving forward, but if these free agent signings pan out, and the team drafts well, I believe the Titans will be a contender once again.

Pernell Windom from Memphis, Tennessee
Hi Jim I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been watching the moves the Titans have been making on defense on paper they look great. I am going on notice and saying if everyone stay healthy this is going to be the year and we make it back to the Super Bowl. What do you think about that Jim?

Jim: Oh man, Pernell, I'm not going to say that. There's still a lot of work to be done on the roster. Hit me back in the fall …

Andrew Dench from Elkhart, Indiana
Love the defensive signings so far... Is Darrynton Evans going to be more involved this year? I had high hopes that we would have an awesome 2 RB system last year. I think it would help our game plan if he split carries 70/30 with Henry. Then teams would have to prepare for 2 different style RB's. Thanks for your time Jim.

Jim: Hey Andrew. I do expect Darrynton to be more involved. If not for an injury last year, I think he would have impressed you more than he did. Whether it's a 70-30 split remains to be seen – it's hard to take Derrick Henry off the field. But Darrynton is definitely a weapon who will be utilized more moving forward.

Cameron Rich from Athens, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I will keep it short and to the point. I believe we should take a look at DeVonta Smith. Would be a nice piece of the puzzle. This one might be worth putting in the ear of JR and Coach Mike.

Jim: Hey Cameron. I'll let them know about him. Played at Alabama, right? …

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Greetings Jim. I don't really have a question. I just wanted to send some prayers to my home state. With the tornado was bad enough and then the flooding on top of that you want to ask what is next??? Approximately 2 yrs ago Dayton got hit by several tornadoes in the same night 1 hit around a quarter of a mile from my house. We went a little over a week without power to me doing without power was nothing compared to what several others had happened or lost in those storms and when I hear & see what mother nature has done it sends a chill down my spine that I can't shake. Jim. I really don't know quite what to say other than praying for my great state of Tennessee with the pandemic, tornado and then flooding. I have several family members who live in Tenn and I visit quite as often as I can and I don't think there's a more beautiful place at least ways not in my opinion. My family is mostly on the eastern side of the state and didn't get hit as hard as Nashville. Well Jim I have a lot more to say but I am totally lost on how or what to say 1st ???? So for now I will say praying for my fellow men & women and my GREAT STATE OF TENNESSEE. God Bless. Thanks for all that you do and prayers for you and your family also and the WHOLE TITANS ORGANIZATION.

Jim: Appreciate the well-wishes, Scott. It's been a challenging year in Nashville for sure. Sadly, we also had a Christmas Day bombing downtown that caused a lot of devastation as well. I guess you could say the city is rebuilding there. But the city of Nashville, and the state of Tennessee, share resiliency. Thanks again, Scott.

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
Would it make sense for the Titans to add a veteran edge rusher such as Justin Houston or Melvin Ingram? Does DaQuan Jones still being on the market hurt or help his chances of returning to the Titans? It would be great to have DaQuan back in the Titan's locker room not to mention he does a lot of things that doesn't necessarily show up on the stat line.

Jim: Hey Randy. I don't think the Titans are done adding edge rushers, I'll say that. As for DaQuan, the fact he's still available has to be viewed as a positive in terms of the chances of him coming back.

Bill Caldwell from Lebanon, Tennessee
Morning Jim. Spring has arrived. Time for hope. I am pleased with the focused approach the Titans are taking during this period of growth for NFL teams. Corey is a great player as a performer and teammate. But obviously to keep him would be too much of a financial hit. So cut your losses and move on. My question is about finances and lifestyle. We moved from California to Tennessee partly for those reasons. In your opinion how much does that factor in player's decision to sign with the Titans. Our tax rate provides a significant take home bump and the safe Tennessee environment must be attractive to many players, especially those with family. Looking forward to the next two months and the draft. God bless and thanks for your quality input.

Jim: Good to hear from you Bill. I definitely think Nashville is a big selling point, along with the fact there is no state tax. I'm biased, because I was born and raised here, but I think it's one of the best cities in the United States to live, and to raise a family. And over the years I've seen Titans come here, and stay after their playing days are over. Heck, people are moving here from all over the place. The city has taken off. So pair that with the fact the Titans are a good team with solid leadership in place and it has to be attractive to free agents.

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlan, Puebla México
Que tal Jim deseo este muy bien al igual que los suyos, muchas gracias por mantenernos informados de lo que pasa al interior de nuestro equipo the Tennessee Titans, quiero comentar que y reconocer que las contrataciones que han hecho son muy buenas en mi opinión y que me tienen ilusionado para enfrentar la próxima temporada, la semana hace dos semanas le escribí y le expresaba mi frustración al ver que perdiamos jugadores importantes y que aún no se hacían contrataciones de la calidad para sustituir las vacantes, ahora viendo cómo se han manejado en la agencia libre y contratando jugadores que superan a los que se cortaron en la mayoría de los casos, no me queda más que felicitar a JRobinson por tan buenas contrataciones. Solo le pediría a mi entender reforzar la línea ofensiva con un RT ( Schwartz ex chiefs ) un Safety y tal vez un NT. Gracias Jim y de nuevo felicitaciones a JRobinson

Jim: Hola Héctor. Espero que todo está bien con usted. Creo que los Titans han hecho algunos buenos movimientos, pero sé que quedan algunos huecos. Creo que la línea ofensiva seguirá siendo abordada más allá, y lo mismo desde el receptor, ala cerrada, apoyador, back defensivo y línea defensiva. Habrá muchas caras nuevas en el draft y todavía en la agencia libre, así que estad atentos. Gracias por escribirnos.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Hi Jim. There's a lot of talk about Elijah Moore and I want to say that IMO Elijah Moore is kind of smallish. Do you remember how Kalif Raymond got his clock cleaned trying to catch a pass? Smallish guys seem to get injured quite a bit. That having been said, I definitely think that the Titans need a starting caliber WR2.

Jim: Elijah Moore is kind smallish, Jimmy. He's listed at 5-9, 185, which is about the size of Tyreek Hill. I think you'd probably like him on the Titans roster, huh? Wes Welker had a pretty nice career, and Cole Beasley is managing well despite being "kind of smallish." Hall of Famer Steve Smith, well, he is kind of smallish, but his gold jacket seems to fit well. I'm not going to sell all the smallish guys short. I'd take Elijah Moore in a heartbeat.

Markees Serrano from Des Moines, Iowa
Hey Jim! I'm back. For the most part my last predictions and thoughts were correct! Jayon is back, Davis and Clowney we let walk but I was wrong on us resigning King! All in all I like what we did more than most and the signing of Dupree is huge! What I like most is J Rob has filled most needs so the draft we can take the BPA. I'd say our biggest needs now would be WR and CB with us also picking up some depth at TE, DL and EDGE! I think staff likes Firkser enough for TE not to be a huge need. What are your thoughts on our biggest needs and what do you think we should do in the 1st round. Kiper projected WR Kadarius Toney out of Florida to us and I've watched film, he's a solid route runner with some blazing speed and COD which fits something we haven't had but I'd probably prefer Terrace Marshall Jr out of LSU! Big Bodied WR with some speed and YAC ability like AJ! Hope all is well!

Jim: Hey Markees. There's definitely been a lot of activity. And you're right – the Titans are in a position to draft best player available because needs are still aplenty.

Have a great week everyone!

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