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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We've reached the end of March, and now it's on to April.

I'll spare everyone from hearing an early April Fools' Day joke, although we could all probably use some humor during these tough times in the world, right?

Let's kick off another Titans mailbag…

Hope everyone out there is staying healthy and safe.

Rahim Eidal Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Hello Jim!!!! This is my first time to write to you. I am a big fan of your work and it really helps me keep up to date with the Titans as I am not from America. I hope one day that I will make it to Nashtown to watch the Titans play!!! My question is about Clowney. I was wondering if the Titans would sign him. They need an edge rusher and shipping on Casey saved us money that we could use to acquire him. Although he is expensive do you think it is possible??? Much love Rahim

Jim: Hello Rahim. Good to hear from you. And I hope you can make it to Nashville one day. Clowney is the big-ticket item left out there, and I know a lot of Titans fans are keeping their fingers crossed. It makes sense for a number of reasons. The Titans need a pass rusher, and Clowney could make a difference. Mike Vrabel knows him from their days together in Houston. The move would give Clowney a chance to come back to the South and play closer to home. But it also has to make sense from a financial standpoint, and I'm not sure what Clowney and his agent might be thinking about now. He's shown that he's willing to wait. I'll say this: I'm not ruling it out, but I also won't be surprised if he ends up back in Seattle. Stay tuned.

Mike Jones from Hampton, Virginia
What's up Jim? Do you think Kalif Raymond will be involved more with the offense next season? He's fast with great hands and hard to cover. I know he run back the kickoffs but I think he's a good receiver

Jim: Hey Mike. I like Kalif, and he helped the team down the stretch last season. Behind Corey Davis, A.J. Brown and Adam Humphries, the Titans are looking for more playmakers/competition especially following the departure of Tajae Sharpe and Darius Jennings. I expect Kalif to compete hard in camp to give himself a chance. But I also expect the Titans to add more receivers to the room in the draft and possibly free agency. And we can't forget about Cameron Batson, who was re-signed earlier this month. Batson was on track to make the team last year before getting hurt, and he's similar to Kalif. Those two guys could very well end up competing for a spot in camp.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
Jim, hope all is well with you and your family. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you for bringing normalcy with your mailbag. It is a true blessing. I want to talk about some POSITIVE experiences due to the coronavirus. My wife and I went tailgating last week for lunch in a park with Daffodils blooming. We sat in the back of our car. The people around us were much more kind and friendlier than usual. We all kept our 2-yard distance {6 feet} from each other. We went for a walk and neighbors would stop their cars and chat with us. This never happened before. We bought 2 large pizzas and brought them to the police dept. and thanked them for their service. Just some things to share with everyone coming from someone near the hot zone. Know a couple of football questions. Do you think that JRob might wait out Derrick until this season is over to see how he does before offering him a long-term contract? I totally trust what JRob does. He seems to know the right thing to do. I was an avid Marcus fan, but the change needed to be done when Ryan took over. My hope is that watching from the sidelines, watching how Ryan was successful that he can learn from that, and if given the chance show what he can do from that experience. I again thank you for keeping us in the loop.

Jim: Hey Rick. Glad to hear your finding the positives during this epidemic. I have noticed a lot more kindness in the world during the last few weeks, and hopefully the world will be an even better place once we all get through this.
As for your football questions, I don't think the GM is wanting to dig his heels in with his star RB to prove a point or anything like that. I truly believe the team wants to get a long-term deal done with Henry, and now we'll have to wait and see if it happens. As for Marcus, I've said before I'll be rooting for him. He needed a change of scenery. He had a chance here and while he had some great moments, he wasn't able to establish himself as the QB of the future. He just didn't play well enough. The problem he faces with the Raiders is he may never get a chance. I like Derek Carr myself, and if he plays well then Marcus will remain the No.2 QB in Las Vegas. Unless, of course, Gruden, Mayock and company have something up their sleeves...

Marcus Cobbs from Baltimore, Maryland
Jim. Please tell Jrob and Coach that I LOVE what they are doing this free agency. I think defensively we are better off than people think. I do think we have a couple of holes like CB obviously. I think that the signing of Dzubnar was a steal. I would love to see him get some snaps on defense seeing ad though he earned All America honors as a LB in college. Vrabel loves versatility and I hope they can find some packages. I am on record saying that I believe that we will have the Number One Scoring Offense and that we will be the most efficient offense in the league. We are the only team that all 11 men on offense can catch the ball. I love the signing of Sambrailo. I'm looking forward to the draft and the rest of free agency to see how the team is built. One More thing, as I tell my friends up here, I believe that Ryan Tannehill is the new Drew Brees. What I mean by that is how Brees was so-so with one good season in SD and then went to New Orleans and because a Superbowl Champion and Hall of Famer. I believe Ryan is that for us. I hope so. WE NEED A SUPERBOWL. #Titanup

Jim: Hey Marcus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

David Siler from Thousand Oaks, California
Hey Jim hope you are doing well in these strange times. I read on that we paid Vic Beasley $9.5M with another $2.5M in incentives. Doesn't that just about wash away any savings we got in shipping Jurrell off to the Broncos. What was the thought process in that? Also, has there been any progress in resigning Logan Ryan?

Jim: Hey David. Beasley and Jurrell are different players at different positions. The decision to trade Jurrell was based on his big price tag moving forward and projecting what he'll do on the field. It was a business decision that really had nothing to do with Beasley. The team needs more pop on the edge, and the hope is Beasley will provide that burst. As for Logan, sounds like a holding pattern there.

Anthony Anthamatten from Memphis, Tennessee
Not really a question, more of an assurance to the Titans fans. I have followed this team since they moved to Nashville. I took a great photo of the Music City Miracle play from my seat. This team has heart. Through our ups and downs and all the changes, the Titans will always be a fun team to follow. Everybody from the ownership to the people who sell the hot dogs loves this team. Thanks for all you do.

Jim: Lot of positivity here, Anthony. Appreciate you taking the time.

Steve McQueen from Los Angeles, California
Do the Titans plan on wearing their Oiler uniforms in the near future?

Jim: Hey Steve. This continues to be a popular question. I still get at least one every week or so. I haven't heard anything in the works. I also get questions about wearing the oil derrick helmet, too, and this isn't doable now because the NFL has a rule wear teams can only wear one helmet. Unless the rule is changed or loosened up, the Titans can't wear the Oilers oil derrick helmets after making the switch from white to navy blue helmets.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
My mock draft for the Titans:

1. Yetur Gross-Matos (I like Gross-Matos 40 time more than Marlon Davidson's but I like Davidson's effort more. I figure Vrabel can get the most out of Gross-Matos)
2. I like C. J. Henderson but he won't be there for the Titan's 2nd round pick so I like Kristian Fulton or Noah Igbinoghene or A.J. Terrell.
3. Cesar Ruiz
5. Ke'Shaun Vaughn
7a. Kicker
7b. Defensive Lineman
7c. OG or ILB
Also bring in another Kicker and QB2 from FA.

Jim: Thanks for sharing Jimmy Dee. I've seen a lot of mocks with Gross-Matos to the Titans, but a lot more of late projecting an offensive tackle at No.29. Vaughn in the fifth would be a steal.

Have a great week everyone!

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