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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – A big chunk of the offseason is now in the rear-view mirror, and now we can start focusing on what's ahead.

Next up: The NFL schedule release.

We know the 17 games on the Titans schedule for 2021, but we don't know when – yet.

We'll find out the dates, times, and potential prime-time TV contests on Wednesday night.

Right now, let's dive into another mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Craig McDaniel from Columbia, South Carolina
Hi Jim, as a Titans fan from the beginning born and raised in South Carolina, it's hard to believe this is my first time reaching out to you. I'm really concerned that the Titans didn't do anything to address the defensive line in this draft. They had a terrible time getting any push and/or pressure last season. Have I missed any additions they've made to the d-line so far this off season? It just seems to me that was a glaring need.

Jim: Hey Craig. Thanks for finally diving in. The biggest move the team made on the d-line was adding former Colts defensive lineman Denico Autry, a versatile guy who can run the passer. He's going to help a lot. Two others, Woodrow Hamilton and Bruce Hector, were added before the draft. I know the team is banking on big Teair Tart to take a big step in 2021, with Jeffery Simmons and Larrell Murchison around him. A few other DTs, Daylon Mack and Jullian Taylor, will also be in the mix. And I expect another d-lineman or two the list of undrafted free agents signed by the team. That group will be announced later this week when they pass physicals. I do think the presence of Bud Dupree and some other new additions on the defense will take some of the pressure off the d-line, but I'm also not going to be surprised if there's more coming at the position either.

Donna Mansfield from Humboldt, Tennessee
In case of all quarterbacks get injured in a game who is the emergency back up QB that will to step in?

Jim: Hi Donna. I can't answer this for sure until we know who ends up making the team this year, but a guy like Cameron Batson could be an option. And I'm sure A.J. Brown would volunteer, but that would limit the team's big-play options at receiver if he did. Kevin Byard was also a high school quarterback. Did you know he's a lefty?

John Thomas from Russellville, Kentucky
Hello Jim. What is the best way to buy tickets to single games in the upcoming 2021 season? Thank You,

Jim: Hey John. Once the schedule is released on Wednesday night, there will be an option to purchase single game tickets. CLICK HERE for more information.

Simon Ashton from Leeds, United Kingdom
Hi again Jim! With the announcement of next season's schedule, do you think that (covid regulations being at an end hopefully):
a - there will be games in London, &
b- the Titans will be heading over here for a game?
It would be great if the Titans were to come over! Cheers.

Jim: Hey Simon. The Falcons announced last month they plan to serve as the home team for an October game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. The Titans, however, aren't on Atlanta's schedule in 2021. I haven't heard anything official regarding other potential games in London.

Africatitan Carter from Kenya, Africa
Jumbo Jim, A big hello from the most amazing and beautiful horn of Africa. Believe it or not, the Titans are well represented here in Kenya. I walk around with one of my many Titan caps and it's amazing how many people greet me with a HUGE Titan up. I have a theory that I would like you comment on. Concerning the recent draft, some have given us high grades while it seems there are many (especially fans) who were disappointed. My theory is this: First of all, having winning seasons means we draft at the end of the 1st round. And I believe to be one of the top few teams, a team must have a few elite players. And unless a team drafts in the top 10, it's hard to draft that elite talent. So, Jon and Mike rolled the dice with J Simmons and we now have a player who should of been drafted top 5. Last year well we lost that roll of the dice. This year we drafted a corner who has the qualities that once again should of been a top 5 pick if not for the injury issues. But, if he can end up playing without those issues popping up then we have drafted 2 elite players. I like that gamble. Next, after our defense looked absolutely terrible last year, I believe Jon and Mike sat down and said 'we have to dismantle our defense and totally rebuild it with players who have our mindset. Meaning they love football. They love playing tough football. With the 2 DL players we signed in free agency, the DL wasn't as big of a concern as the secondary. I believe we will look back at this draft and say it was one of the best in titan history. I believe all 3 of the secondary picks will end up being starters by year 2. The LB we drafted I believe will also be a starter in year 2. The DL we drafted who made a mistake on the night of the draft, has traits I love. His hand movements are outstanding. If he can learn from his mistake, I believe he also will be a starter in year 2. So my theory is Jon and Mike knew they had to blow up the defense and remake it with players who have a toughness that was missing. I believe they hit a huge home run. On offense, the OL picked in the 2nd round I can't wait to watch. Once again I think it's a home run pick. The 2 wr's I just can't tell. I like the size, speed, and toughness. But it's just so hard to know if that translates. If just 1 does hit, with the overhaul on defense, I believe we just witnessed Jon and Mike put our titans on the verge of another possible Super Bowl run in the near future. My theory is that the Titan decision makers knew they had to remake a defense without having tons of money or high picks. What they did under those circumstances I believe will go down as another music city miracle. I urge fans to set back and watch our defense go from worse to top 10 in one years time. I also believe Jon will add more offensive firepower through trades before the season starts. The experts will be singing our praise halfway through the season. Thanks for all you do and let Titans fans know they have just witnessed a roster makeover miracle.

Jim: It's good to hear from you in Kenya, and glad to hear the Titans are well represented there. It's obviously you have a good feel for the team, even from far away. Because you're on top of what the team was looking for, and what it did. Now, the Titans need some of these new additions, in free agency and the NFL Draft, to pay off in 2021 and in years to come.

Paul Montalvan from Shelton, Washington
Hi Jim. Big fan of yours and of course the team for decades now. Don't really have a question for you but rather just a simple comment. Hoping people will realize that, like any other occupation, this is, for most players or coaches involved, their life's work. Good, bad or indifferent, give them a break. We all do our best and should be more supportive of one another. Especially in these times. Sure I question roster moves and such but ultimately it's the decision of the owners and the coaches and we should all be so fortunate to live in a time where we can kick back on Sundays and watch a good ball game or two. We have a solid team and I think every year bringing in these young players just rejuvenates the team as a whole. Thanks for your dedication to the fans and to the team. Titan up and let's hope for another great season!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time to send this, Paul. Best to you.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Hola Jim, me encantó el Draft le doy un A. Caleb Farley es un tremendo esquina con una tremenda velocidad de 4.28 en las 40, con gran tamaño y alcanzar. Dillon Radunz es un OT que seguramente será titular en el RT es un jugador muy rudo que en su último año no permitió capturas de QB. Monty Rice, es un appyador con velocidad laser 4.56 en las 40 que cubre de lado al lado el emparrillado y cubre bien contra el pase, además de que tenemos gran futuro con él y Long Jr. Elijah Molden es el mejor esquinero, jugando el slot un jugador de gran fiereza que me recuerda a Cortland Finnegan y a Blane Bishop un robó al ser tomado en el lugar 100 . Des Fitzpatrick está listo para jugar lo demostró en el Senior Bowl, es un jugador alto, inteligente, buen bloqueador, buenas manos que corre muy bien sus rutas y está listo para el papel de WR2 en el equipó, muy parecido física y atleticamente a Corey Davis. Rashad Weaver fue otro robó pues tiene calidad de segunda ronda, es muy fuerte, productivo, con un gran movimiento de brazo al estilo Howie Long, esperemos que salga bien de su problema en la Corté. Racey McMath me encantó, este chico tiene estatura, peso, velocidad de 4.34 en las 40 de una primera ronda, pero no jugaba al estar atrás de Justin Jefferson, Ja'marr Chase y Terrace Marshall Jr. es un Deep Threat y gran jugador de equipos especiales. Por último Brady Breeze es un excelente tackleador, con gran fuerza y carácter al momento de jugar, siempre está tras el jugador que trae el balón 20 pres de banca con 225 libras para su tamaño, nos indica que está fabricado de roca. Por último siento que nos falta un NT Naquan Jones de Michigan State, se me hace muy lento y Teair Tart no presiona al mariscal son solo Run Stuffers. En el TE me gusta Firkser, Swaim, Pinkney y el novato de Kansas State Briley Moore grandes manos y excelente atleta. Nuestro PK será Blake Haubeil que en OSU era muy seguro.

Jim: Es bueno saber de ti Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo. Creo que también es una buena clase de draft, con mucho potencial. Cuando Farley se recupere, y creo que será relativamente pronto, marcará una gran diferencia. Los otros que mencionaste tendrán la oportunidad de tener un impacto ahora y en los años venideros. Mencionaste muchas otras posibilidades, pero creo que la posición de patear está muy "por determinar".

Dylan Darien from Anchorage, Alaska
What's your opinion on the Titans Draft picks this year?

Jim: Hey Dylan. I like a lot of the players the team picked, and their potential. But the truth is we won't know for sure until a few years from now.

Joseph Pinzur from Hartsville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Thanks for reading and responding to all of us fans! More of a comment than a question:
I don't get why so many fans and pundits are so down on the Titans' 2021 draft class. If there's one thing us Titans' faithful have learned about JRob & Vrabel in the last few years, it's that they value a team-first attitude and good ol'-fashioned work ethic over a gaudy stat line. I know some people enjoy (or get paid for) prognostication; but I personally consider it a fool's errand to try to predict too much of a player's success (or lack thereof) months before they ever take an NFL snap. Titan Up!

Jim: I agree with you on this, Joseph. This is the case across the NFL. Like I told Dylan, it could be years before we really know how this draft class should be graded.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Is there any serious consideration being given to trading for Aaron Rodgers? He's not been any better than Tannehill in the playoffs since he won his only Super Bowl and his recent behavior makes him look like a spoiled brat.

Jim: Haven't heard any whispers on this, Harry.

Billy Holton from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hi, Jim, thanks for the great job keeping us all informed on everything Titans! I was enjoying my Saturday morning ritual of coffee and your mailbag, and it occurred to me that the roster is shaped a little unusual. They say teams are built through the draft, not free-agency, yet in JRob's tenure he has only resigned 2 of his draft picks to second contracts (Byard and Henry) with the exception of a one year contract with Jayon. His ability to identify talent is unquestioned, and I understand the salary cap constraints Covid has placed on all teams and choices to decline 5th year options that would have overpaid our 1st round selections according to production and market value. Yet the fact remains that only 3 draft selections have been resigned. Has JRob said anything about retaining our home-grown talent or being more judicious in our free-agent contracts in order to have the cap space to resign our guys going forward? Thanks for all you do, and congrats on your daughter's graduation! You must be extremely proud. TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Billy. You make a fair point, even if it is a little misleading because the GM's span ends up encompassing only two draft classes (2016 and 2017) since the classes of 2018 until now aren't due to get new deals yet. Just because the team didn't pick up Rashaan's fifth-year option doesn't mean he can't be re-signed. As for some of the others, Corey Davis, Adoree' Jackson, and Jonnu Smith from 2017 all got mammoth deals elsewhere, because the team had a certain value in mind that it wasn't going to cross. The cap situation, and the pandemic restrictons, had an impact on things, too. And with Jack Conklin, the Browns were willing to give him a lot more than what Tennessee could offer at the time. I think we could all agree those were solid picks, even if it's debatable to what degree, and under difference circumstances some of them would've been retained. And I still believe the GM would prefer to keep his own while supplementing the roster with free agents.

Have a great week everyone!

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