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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – And now it's officially on to the 2022 season.

With the conclusion of Super Bowl LVI, the 2021 season is now over for all 32 teams.

With the NFL Combine set to start in two weeks, and the NFL Draft now just over two months away, all teams are now preparing for what's next.

Did I mention free agency starts in a month?

We'll keep answering questions in here as we get ready for what's on the horizon …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Tom Angora from Rochester, New York
Jim…..I promise my last therapy session of this season. As I sit here jealous of the Bengals playing and not us I decided to watch a the Chiefs game again on my DVR. A few things that stood out:
1) Anyone who thinks that Tannehill should not be our QB is crazy. As bad as the Bengals game was for Ryan the Chiefs game was that total opposite. I think in retrospect of how Rodgers and Mahomes left the playoffs it demonstrates that everyone can have a bad game. Candidly even a guy who had a near perfect game Josh Allen was sent home too. Sometimes the football Gods are just messing with all of us.
2) It was almost eerie to see how similar the plays run in the Chiefs game were like the Bengals game. Specifically, Ryan threw the ball past someone jumping in his way but rather than an interception there was a 10 yard completion for a 1st down. In the end the point is sometimes weird stuff just happens. Penalties on the Bengals in the playoff game actually helped them (our first sack was negated due to their false start which ended up as a 50+ yard FG. That would have been a punt otherwise….and then the 12 men on the field penalty which led to the decision to go for 2 - 99 times out of 100 neither of those happen let alone in the same game.
3) Long-time fans tend to get too caught up in the overall history of the team. Yes we are all hungry for a championship but this incarnation of the Titans is not responsible for the shortcomings of the 2000 and 2008 teams. Yes the end for 2021 was disappointing but this group has to only answer for their own history which is pretty darn good. The team is progressing and I am sure Vrabel and JRob will win a championship. Thankfully Ms. Amy sees that too and will not allow it to be elsewhere (ask the Browns how that worked out to let that Belichick guy go to New England).
Take solace in the old axiom sometimes you have to lose to know how to win. Even greats like Jordan lost to the Pistons before finally getting the Bulls over the hump. It will happen for us. Titan up and be thankful for the great run for the past four years and buckle your seatbelts….the best is yet to come!

Jim: Good stuff, Tom. And you're right – the failures of the 2000 and 2008 teams have nothing to do with the current Titans, who are in a great place from a leadership standpoint with Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel. I've heard from a lot of folks in the last few weeks who are mad and want changes. I can guarantee there will be some changes this offseason. And I can promise you the GM and HC haven't been happy and content watching other teams play the last few weeks. Believe me, they want to win more than anybody. The mission now is to get better, and to be in the Super Bowl next year. The work to make that happen is now under way.

Charlie Spencer from Alpine, Utah
Hey Jim, I just want to start by saying thanks for answering everyone's questions!! But have you heard anything about Julio? Will he be back?

Jim: Hey Charlie. This falls in the TBD category. I thought Julio was in a good place at the end of the season. He had back-to-back solid games and was in a position to help more. But we all know his price tag for next year isn't cheap, and we all know he missed a good chunk of the 2021 season while injured. We'll get our answer in the next few weeks.

Moises Soto Jr from El Paso, Texas
Hello Jim. First question 1 when are the titans going to win a super bowl ???? 2 why did tannehill throw 3 interceptions in the playoff game. don't you think he should've learn from his first interception to be more careful especially getting intercepted AGAIN in the 9 yard line when they were about to score ??? 3rd question Do you think next year will be any better than this year cause i dont think so !!! i am an oiler /titan fan and have been waiting to long for this team to win at least 1 super bowl . They have had a lot of chances to go this past years but the quarterback really blew it this time NO excuses if the quarterback stays same sh..t is going to happen next year and the following don't you think ??? So the move from Houston to Tennessee After 20 years nothing good has been accomplished but the music city miracle wild card game and a super bowl they lost . Final question do you think titan fans are still excited to go and see them play next year and waste there time and money after the disappointing loss. ??? Sorry. For being negative but it's the truth . they were seeded # 1 and tannehill had 2 WEEKS to prepare for him to give the game away to the Bengals like that. 3 interceptions not 1 or 2. it was 3 . and now they are in the super bowl . and still no super bowls for titan fans to brag about. AFTER all this years.

Jim: It's time to move on from the playoff loss, Moises. There's nothing anyone can do about that game now. Today, Bengals fans are agonizing along with 31 other teams. And yes, I do think Titans fans are excited about the future. Why shouldn't they be? The team has posted six straight winning seasons, back-to-back AFC South titles, and four playoff appearances in five years. The team just locked up its GM and HC to contract extensions, and the core of a team that won 12 games in 2021 is set to return. If you're so miserable being a Titans fan, maybe bounce to the Texans and see how much you enjoy that

Steve Kwiczak from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Good morning. To be honest I have no questions for you today, what I do have is a statement to every Titans fan who leapt from the bandwagon after the loss to the Bengals. I get the disappointment I really stings. However the calls to replace Vrabel, his coaching staff, Jon Robinson and the QB is an extreme over-reaction and honestly just plain ridiculous. The truth of the matter is had we all been told as fans of the Titans, that we would get the ball back with about 2 minutes left in a tie ball game on our own 40 with both Foreman and Henry in the backfield and if I recall correctly 2 timeouts....We all would have taken that ....and placed bets on moving on to the next round against the Chiefs.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Steve.

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham
1.Can you think of a scenario where we could trade a player and our first round pick in exchange for 2 or 3 second round picks?
2.I know it is highly unlikely we draft up in the draft, but if we were to draft up who would you like to see the Titans draft up to get? This might sound crazy to some but i believe Ahmad Sauce Gardner is the next Deion Sanders. I was concerned on his rawness. I thought he was just another highly instinctive unskilled corner, until i saw him shutdown metchie and Jameson Williams. He is what we wanted Farley to be and could have been, but you should never draft a player 2 years removed from football especially with the serious spinal injuries he's had.
3.What do you think about signing TE Robert Tonyan in free agency and drafting WR George Pickens in the first round?

Jim: Hey Jordan.
1 – Can't envision that scenario.
2 – It's still early in the draft process for me. Ask me after the combine, and pro days. And, for that matter, after free agency – I want to see what the Titans do with the roster before the draft starts. Right now I think the biggest needs are at WR and TE.
3 – See the answer to 2.

Bear Butler from Memphis, Tennessee
: Hey Jim. I thought the Titans would be playing in (the Super Bowl) this year but then came along the Bengals lol. Anyways my hope is for the off season are keeping the defense intact as much as possible. I think they are definitely a superbowl caliber defense, one heck of a turnaround from last year. If you could pair this year's defense with last year's offense I think the titans would be bringing home the trophy, but losing Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, and Arthur Smith plus all the injured players this year. In the draft I would like to see jrob go after a burner at receiver, AJ Brown is great In my opinion the best receiver the titans have had since they came to Nashville, but the team still needs a track star that can take the top off a defense. And go for a big Gronk-ish TE and reinforcements for the O-line. As for QB, I like RT but I'm kinda on the fence, I was a diehard Mariota fan and didn't like it when the team moved on but the team did take a step forward, but there is still another step to take and I want to believe RT can get the team there but I don't know. If jrob or Vrabel were to consider a change at QB I wouldn't use a bunch of draft picks on Rogers or Wilson, since the media is down on the team whether they win or lose why not really give them something to talk about and see if Colin Kaepernick would like to be a Titan. He would probably be willing to take a lot less than Rogers or Wilson for a chance to play football again. Sorry for being long winded lol, thanks for your time.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Bear. And, I'd rather have Tannehill as the starting QB over Mariota or Kaepernick.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
Loved the item on Warren Moon. We went to the same High School (Alexander Hamilton) in Los Angeles. We were not in the same class as I am a whole lot older than he is as well as not as fit! LOL. Very humble man and is a great spokesman for the Titans and what they represent. He overcame many roadblocks in his life, but he "adapted, adjusted, and overcame" Just another reason for me to be a Titan fan.

Jim: Thanks, Allan. Warren is a great guy. I always enjoy seeing him, and talking to him. He has great perspective. Here's the Warren Moon story I did from the Super Bowl last week for those who missed it: CLICK HERE.

Clement Perry from Waxhaw, North Carolina
Hey Jim!! Hope you're doing well!! My question is, how do you think Coach Vrabel and Mr. Robinson will keep the Super Bowl window open? I guess it's a silly question, but I believe the pieces are there, and I'm really excited about the possibilities of continued success.
Also, who do I need to talk to to get some Titans stuff in our malls and stores? Especially since NC and TN are neighboring states.

Jim: Hey Clement. It's all about drafting well, developing players, and finding the right fits in free agency. And, about your best players playing their best in the games that matter most. That hasn't happened the past few playoff games, and if the Titans are going to take the next step, it's going to have to change. Good luck in the merchandise. I'm betting you're covered up with Panthers stuff there, huh? I'd check out the Titans Pro Shop at Nissan Stadium online for Titans gear. CLICK HERE.

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, México
Buenas noches Jim estoy muy contento por el premió de Coach del año a Mike Vrabel, súper merecido pues a pesar de utilizar a 91 jugadores en el año, logró ganar la División, ser el primer sembrado. Así es que por favor felicitarlo de mi parte ya que es el primero que lo logra siendo un gran logró que Bum Phillips ni Jeff Fisher pudieron ganar. Espero que Todd Downing logré mejorar el ataqué y volverlo menos predecible con Tim Kelly que ayudará mucho al igual que lo hizo Jim Schwartz con Shane Bowen. Una pregunta Jim cuándo crees que podamos ver a Eddie George nominado al Salón de la Fama de la NFL. Y Jim sigue disfrutando tu estancia en Los Angeles.

Jim: Estoy de acuerdo Alberto. Pensé que él también se lo merecía mucho y me gané el premio. En cuanto a Eddie, por una razón u otra, simplemente no está recibiendo mucho impulso hacia una inducción al Salón de la Fama. Es una pena porque creo que tiene un buen caso. Gracias y que tengas una buena semana.

Joe Noah from Olympia, Washington
I think a lot of fans are wondering if this team is afraid of getting a QB that will win them a Super Bowl. We passed on Payton Manning because we were high on Marcus Mariota. Payton went to Denver and won a Super Bowl. Then we don't go after TB12 because we are high on Ryan Tannehill. TB12 goes to Tampa and wins a Super Bowl. Now we have an outside chance to get Aaron Rogers and I know that the cap hit is an issue however from what i know is if a team wants a player bad enough to win a Super Bowl they will make it happen. So I guess my 2 questions are where will Aaron Rogers go to and win a Super Bowl for next year. Also is this team afraid of going after a top tier QB to take us to the next level?

Jim: Hey Joe. Mariota was a freshman at Oregon when the Titans entertained the idea of signing Peyton Manning. And, Manning chose the Broncos over the Titans. And, it's Peyton with an e. ... I'll be honest, you lost me after that intro

Douglas Wiggins from Kettering, Ohio
Jim, I'm sending you this so you could send it on to the NFL headquarters (rules committee). I have come up with a fair and exciting way for overtime. Overtime will consist of no more then 4 periods. The first overtime will be 1 minute. Teams will start at the opponents 5 yard line, the visiting team will have the choice of getting the ball, or which end of the field. Each team will get 1 timeout during the period. The teams must score a td and a two point conversion, no field goals or extra points. If the first team scores a td and the two point conversion, the opponent must do the same or the game is over. If the first team scores a td and misses the conversion , the other team can win by td and conversion.. If either team has used their timeout and an injury timeout occurs, the offence will have a 10 second run off. If the defense has used their timeout and an injury occurs, the offence will gain 10 seconds. If another injury occurs, another 10 seconds will be taken off and it could possibly run out the clock. Period 2 begins with a change of field position and the other team goes first. One play from the two yard line, make it and the other team must also make it. If they are tied after 4 periods then the game is a tie, unless it is a playoff game. Thanks for taking the time to do this, and I hope the NFL will take a look at it.

Jim: Hey Douglas. I'll pass this on to Roger when I see him next. Or, maybe I can just give it to Coach Vrabel since he's now on the Competition Committee.

Have a great week everyone!

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